• Show Date: 03/06/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Carol Moore Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Crewe & District Canine Association

Crewe & District Canine Association


A lovely outdoor show where thankfully the weather was sunny and warm making a real garden party atmosphere. The only negative for me was the limited ring size which meant the larger breeds especially struggled to get into their stride and with the heat I did not want to try them too many times. Thank you to the hard working committee for keeping everything running smoothly despite losing a few judges due to circumstances beyond anyones control. I hope both Carolyn and Graham are soon back at ringside fit and well. Thank you also to the exhibitors who accepted me as a stand-in judge.

Irish Setter Junior (3,1abs) 1st Walkers Thendara Soul Sister. 12 month bitch of lovely proportions, pretty head, good length of muzzle, kind eye with a soft quizzical expression, clean through neck and shoulders and enough depth for age. Strong topline leading to well shaped stifle. Moved collectedly pushed hard for BOB 2nd Smiths Shelindar The Red Scuderia Upstanding young male with balanced angulation fore and aft. He looked a little heavy for me and did not cope as well with the small ring on the move. Beautiful rich coat in gleaming condition. PGrad (2) 1st Horrocks Wyldfire Declan for Irchenwych. Mature male of correct shape and substance. Balanced head places with arched brow, lowset ear, good reach of neck. Deep chest of correct width under strong topline, firm coupling and broad thigh finished the picture. Managed the ring well on the move showing balance. BOB Group 4 2nd Smiths Shelindar The Red Scuderia Open (3,2abs) 1st Smiths Shelindar The Red Scuderia

Labrador Retriever PGrad (3,2 abs) 1st Jones Aalincary Pumpkin at Ladrow. Very pale yellow bitch good length of foreface, dark pigmentation and soft expression. Tidy in ear, clean through the neck and shoulders with plenty of forechest and a good spring of rib. Firm in topline and strong over the loin with a broad well shaped rear. Showed balanced stride on the move. Open (3,1abs) 1st Parrs Stoneavon Minnie the Moocher.Substantial Chocolate bitch with a good length to her leg and plenty of body to balance it out. Most appealing head, clean in cheek with a kind eye of perfect colour. Strudy neck lead to well laid shoulders, deep well sprung ribs under a strong topline, broad quarters and a correctly carried tail finished the picture. Her clean driving movement won her BOB Group 1. 2nd Jones Lembas Faith at Serenjar Absolutely full of beans today and determined to have fun. When she did stand still she showed a lovely outline with a pretty head and good angulation fore and aft, managed to move true once she settled

Cocker Spaniel Puppy (4,1abs) 1st Morris Riondel Caribbean Blu. I was very taken with this delicious 7 month b/r bitch, such a feminine head with a very happy expression in fact she was loving every moment of her time at the show I don’t think her tail stopped all day. She presented a lovely cobby shape with the best of fronts, correct return of upperarm and lovely layback of shoulder. Really good depth of body for one so young and strong rear quarters which she put to good use on the move, lots and lots of puppy fluff at the moment promises a beautiful coat in the future. BP BOB Group 3 Puppy Group 1. 2nd Prydderchs Rockllocers Kanda. Pretty b/t bitch, lovely dark eye and good back skull. Nicely set shoulders with a pleasing amount of forechest, firm in topline and a strong rear with a good width of thigh. Not as positive on the move as my winner 3rd Nutters Annaside’s New Moon

Junior (3,1abs) 1st Morris Riondel Candyman. Solid b/r male puppy of 7 months, lovely square outline, beautiful head and expression with lovely flow of neck and return of upper arm. Firm topline with plenty of rib underneath it, strong loin and broad rump. Moved out well with a good tail action. 2nd Prydderchs Rocklloacers Sary. Very pretty golden bitch, such a sweet head with lovely expression and lowset ears. Good angulations front and rear and enough depth of rib for age, just a little long coupled. Showed good drive from the rear but not as tidy in front action as the winner

PGrad (3, 1abs) 1st Prydderchs Rockllocers Caramel Biscuit. Eye catching gold with the softest of heads and a lovely expression, correct in front assembly with good width and depth of brisket. Strong rear angulation but tended to drop her rump on the stand which spoilt her outline a little. Showed good rear drive on the move 2nd Nutters Annaside Harvest Moon. Kind masculine head, dark eye and lowset ear, not as positive in front as 1st but has plenty of rib and a firm loin, good width of thigh and tidy feet. Move out well

Open (3, 1abs) 1st Morris Riondel Murphys Law. :Substantial blue of good quality and type. Masculine head with width of muzzle and good deep stop, pleasing reach of neck and depth of forechest, nice spring of rib under a strong topline, angulated rear with well muscled quarters. Sound and happy in movement keeping his top line when moving. 2nd Prydderchs Rocklloacers Sary (repeat from Jun)

AVNSC Gundog Puppy (3, 2abs) 1st Hargreaves IRWS Ianbro Kamino Sapphire. Very raw young lady with a pretty head showing good head planes a soft dark eye and well set ear. Good reach of neck flowing into shoulders, lovely pearl white coat with rich red patches she still has lots of developing to do both in body and movement BAVNSC Puppy

Junior (4,1abs) 1st Donnellys GWP Kimmax Knock Yourself Out. Excellent harsh coat on this upstanding male, loved his head with a masculine kind look, plenty of foreface with a clean lip and good beard. Strong through the neck and shoulders leading to a well set front, deep chest and strong topline. Won this class on his strong driving movement BAVNSC 2nd Davies Gordon Setter Hernwood Athena at Herrera. Substantial bitch with a deep rib and correct front. Dark eye gave a cheeky expression. Firm topline and wide stifles not standing or moving as positively as 1st 3rd Kellys English Setter Alolfrana Memphis Rock

PGrad (9,5abs) 1st Roberts Pointer Kanix Othello Striking b/w male with a clean outline, expressive eye in a strong head, good length of neck leading to balanced angulation, plenty of rib and correct bone. His ability to cope with the confines of the ring made him stand out in this class 2nd Astburys Pointer Millpoint Simply in Step with Darbury. Well made dog with a classic head, laidback shoulder, deep in rib and strong in loin. Not as positive on the move as the winner 3rd Kellys English Setter Lakecastle Prince Consort

Open (6,3abs) 1st Kirbys Pointer Pipeway Master Design. Graceful curves were the picture here, pleasing head with a kind eye but all male, well set ear and lovely neck leading to a pleasing front assembly, firm topline and broad thigh with clean legs and feet, moved out true 2nd Weavers Pointer Anniezu Lovely Day. Pleasing head with a kind eye and well shaped muzzle, a touch heavier in ear than 1st Great depth of body under a strong topline, wide well muscled thighs would love to see him with room to stride out. 3rd Roberts Kanix Dantes Inferno

Gundog Group 1st Labrador Stoneavon Minnie the Moocher 2nd Golden Retriever Bowshella Razzle Dazzle 3rd Cocker Spaniel Riondel Caribbean Blu 4th Irish Setter Wyldfire Declan for Irchenwych

Gundog Puppy Group 1st Cocker Spaniel Riondel Caribbean Blu 2nd Golden Retriever Winell Indiana Jones of Alandiagold 3rd IRWS Ianbro Kamino Sapphire

Judge Carol Moore (Gadhelic)