• Show Date: 15/04/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Carol Moore Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Camberley & District Canine Society

Cocker Spaniel 

Puppy (1)

1st Lundins Omennes Forever Yours. Six month b/r tri, very pretty little bitch, feminine head with a dark eye, good length and depth of muzzle and chiselling around the eye. Pleasing angulation front and rear with good bone and depth of rib. Moved out with a solid merry action. BP PG4

PGrad (4,3 abs)

1st Lockwoods Zakova Firedancer. Substantial golden bitch with a lovely outline. Feminine in headwith a well developed back skull and soft eye, flowed smoothly into a strong topline and broad well made rear. Showed a strong driving action with good propulsion. BOB

Limit (1)

1st Colliers Pepperbox Summertime. B/r bitch with good head planes and a kind well shaped eye, lowset ears, clean arched neck, plenty of depth of rib and a broad rear. Not quite as positive in rear action compared to the previous class winner.

Open (3, 2abs)

1st Colliers Pepperbox Summertime


Junior (2)

1st Wallers Isfryn Lady Godiva at Firegow. Won this class on her overall balance, positive movement and rich colour. Pretty, feminine head of good proportions with a warm well shaped eye. Good length of neck, strong in topline with plenty of rib underneath. Broad well muscled thighs gave a driving movement.

2nd Taylers Julita Rhyne. Very raw young dog with a pleasing well balanced head, excelled in front and upperarm with a deep chest. Good width to stifle clean through the hocks, needs to settle on the move but has plenty of time

PGrad (4)

1st Woodhams Glynell Jiffy. Well made dog with a pleasing outline full of breed type in excellent coat and condition. Masculine but kind head with a soft eye and well set ear. Reachy neck leading to a lovely front assembly, elbows well let down, correct bone and good feet. Strong flowing topline leading to a broad muscled rear. Moved true front and rear. BOB GP4

2nd Bennetts Helgen Romeo the Lover. Strongly built dog with a square muzzle and kind eye. Not as firm in topline as 1st but deep in rib with a well made front and good quarters. Moved with strong rear drive.

3rd Wallers Isfryn Lady Godiva at Firegow

Open (2)

1st Woodhams Tobermyn Minstrel Boy. Strong boy who was determined to enjoy his day out. Once he set his mind to the job he showed good reach and drive around the ring. Masculine throughout with a well shaped eye in a balanced head, firm through the neck, laid back shoulder and deep rib, wide well muscled stifles finished the picture

2nd Stones Stedigan All in Good Time for Merrem. Lovely head and neck, well balanced with a soft eye and nicely placed ear. Good angulations front and rear with plenty of depth of rib. Not quite the positive driving movement of 1st


Junior (1)

1st Whitefords Llanstinan Up and Away. Six month choc bitch full of bounce and enthusiasm, pleasing head with balanced muzzle to skull and tidy well set ear. Sturdy neck, flowing into a strong topline. Good return of upperarm, plenty of rib and well muscled rear. With a bit more practice she will settle into her showing, she did settle more to moving in later classes. BP

PGrad (4,2abs)

1st Lewis Gamesmere Strawberry Moon. Chocolate bitch of good size and substance, strong in bone with good feet and clean legs. Balanced angulation front and rear with plenty of rib in between. Strong steady mover.

2nd Whitefords Llanstinan Up and Away. Much more settled here, practice will certainly get the best from her

Limit (1)

1st Whitefords Llanstinan Up and Away (repeat)

Open (2)

1st Goodmans Lulukella’s Kiss and Tell JW. Stylish black bitch, not overdone in any way. Sweetest of heads with a melting expression, balanced in foreface with a nicely shaped skull and well set ear. Flowing outline, well placed shoulders, correct upperarm and good brisket. Deep powerful chest with plenty of lung room. Firm in loin and rear quarters with correct amount of angulation. Moved true with lovely reach and drive. BOB GP2

2nd Whitefords Llanstinan Up and Away (repeat)


Junior (6, 1 abs)

1st Cobdens Pendan Zewe to Alozia. Six month l/w bitch with a flowing outline. Excelled in front and shoulder. Pretty balanced head with correct eye colour and well shaped muzzle. Lovely depth and balance for one so young, very positive rear action on the move, just lost out on BP by being such a baby coming towards me.

2nd Roberts Byphar Bombay Sapphire. My notes say ‘a bit of a handful’ she certainly had flair and flamboyance, presented a lovely profile, very feminine head with a good length and depth to muzzle. Deep in rib with plenty of back rib and a cracking rear, at the moment her front is not as finished but she has plenty of time on her side.

3rd Matthews Medogold Tartini with Sonham

PGrad (5, 2abs)

1st Hazeltine & Welchs Pytchley Chasing the Dream for Hookwood JW Well made b/w of substance. Typey head with depth of muzzle and good backskull, finished off with a kind well shaped eye. Lovely forehand with angulated shoulders and good return of upper arm, deep in rib with plenty of bone but in no way coarse. Strong well muscled rear gave driving movement which won him BOB GP3

2nd Rankines Fyldefair Apricot Fudge. Giving a lot away in age in this class but everything flowed smoothly, sweetest of heads with a cheeky expression and well set ear. Pleasing neck leading to well laid shoulders, nice amount of rib under a strong topline. Lots of muscle gave a strong driving action which earned her BP

3rd Mabers Hookwood Summer Nights

Open (2, 1 abs)

1st Baker & Baker-Roulliers Desfrisa Flirtini JW ShCM. Striking b/w bitch with a pleasing outline, balanced feminine head with correct planes. Clean through the neck and shoulder with a good spring of rib, broad stifles and clean bone finished off a pleasing picture. A little heavier in ear and not as positive in movement as my BOB

Spanish Water Dog

Junior (1)

1st Donaldson, Glaysher & Palumbos Rainethyme Mirror Image from Prizelands. What a cracking young dog, fabulous breed type, sturdy body, strong short neck, lovely shoulder angulation, elbows well let down, plenty of spring of rib for one so young. He has a gently, well shaped eye with balanced head proportions and correct length of muzzle. He was a joy to watch on the move with a strong brisk action. Will watch his progress with interest. BP PG2

PGrad (2, 1abs)

1st Donaldson & Glayshers Prizelands Sweet Truffle. Br/w bitch of correct make and pleasing profile, kind expression with a gentle eye of right colour and shape. Strong neck, good layback of shoulder and lovely forehand. Strong topline with plenty of rib underneath, well bone legs and feet give true tidy movement. BOB

Open (2, 1abs)

1st Donaldson & Glayshers Prizelands Adormidera Jacsen Solo B/w dog, well up to size and for me not quite as balanced as the bitch when it came to BOB. Kind in eye, correct amount of stop and balanced skull. Excels in front with plenty of forechest, slightly longer in back but well made rear gave a strong action.

AVNSC Gundog

The quality throughout these classes was exceptional, a number of dogs in here were worthy of a group placing.

Puppy (4)

1st Osborns Elgert Gold Dust. Field Spaniel with bags of personality and attitude which makes her handler work hard but well worth it. Feminine in head with lovely proportions and a soft cheeky, well defined eye giving a noble expression finished off with long lowset ears. Super front with well laid shoulders and excellent return of upper arm. Correct spring of rib with depth and forechest under a firm topline. So typical on the move, true coming and going and a joy to watch in profile, lively and happy while covering the ground. BP PGrp 1 BPIS

2nd Rivetts Leader Line Indi. Twelve month black American Cocker, nice size and substance with a strong outline. Correctly balanced head with good chiselling and well set forward looking eye of good colour. Shoulders well laid back, enough bone and rib. Moved out with style.

3rd McAllisters Mizani Dirobe of Slovakia

Yearling (6, 2abs)

1st Caffel & Kavanaghs Hushwing Louboutin to Doberway. GWP won this class on her strong positive movement. A little taller than I prefer but well made with a strong outline. Balanced head with plenty of backskull. Clean through the front with a good spring of rib and broad well muscled thighs giving powerful action. Good harsh coat

2nd Cruickshanks Topaeris Shadow. Italian Spinoni bitch with a pleasing head and soft eye. Enough bone and substance with plenty of rib and strong angulation. Moved with a steady ground covering stride.

3rd Sellwoods Jack Di Montericco (imp Ita)

Limit (7, 2 abs)

1st Goodes Owlspoint King of Trouble at Brackenvale JW ShCM. Bracco Italiano, what a fabulous example of the breed this boy is, oozes style and type without exaggeration, from his big spongy nose to the tip of his tail he shouts Bracco. Big kind eye set into lean cheeks, the correct amount of stop and lots of brain room. Strong through the neck and shoulders with good forechest, broad through the front and following through with plenty of rib. Broad thighs gave a powerful elastic movement. Well earned BAVNSC Gp1

2nd Hazeltine, Crowther & Alcorns Hundwith Chortle with Hookwood. Weimaraner bitch of good make and shape. Honest outline with a pleasing balanced head, clean reachy neck and well set shoulders. Plenty of depth and spring of rib, clean bone and feet. Moved true but not the drive of 1st.

3rd Sellwoods Leone Di Montericco (imp Ita)

Open (6)

1st Luczynskis Baladeva Scarlet Letters for Kanara Black American Cocker bitch. This girl looked familiar to me and checking back over my records there is no surprise to see I have done her well in the past. Feminine head of correct proportions strong stop with plenty of chiselling, forward looking dark eye of correct size and shape. . Excellent reach of neck flowing smoothly into gently sloping topline. A strong rear gave driving movement

2nd Osborns SHCH Reedmace Sweetbriar Floss for Elgert JW ShCM (Imp Nld). Beautiful Field Spaniel bitch with a gorgeous head and well shaped eye. Excellent conformation throughout with plenty of rib and correct angulation. Shown in good coat and condition, she was a little excitable on the move but showed strong drive when she did manage to settle

3rd Rivetts Geenawell Black Knight

Gundog Group

Group 1 Bracco Italiano Owlspoint King of Trouble at Brackenvale JW ShCM

Group 2 Labrador Lulukella’s Kiss and Tell JW

Group 3 Pointer Pytchley Chasing the Dream for Hookwood JW

Group 4 WSS Glynell Jiffy

Puppy Group 1 Field Spaniel Elgert Gold Dust

Puppy Group 2 SWD Rainethyme Mirror Image from Prizelands

Puppy Group 3 Golden Retriever Rooksbury Phantasia Nicely made puppy with the kindest of heads, well made throughout with driving movement.

Puppy Group 4 Cocker Spaniel Omennes Forever Yours

Judge Carol Moore (Gadhelic)