• Show Date: 20/09/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Carol Moore Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Thame & Oxfordshire County Canine Society

Thame & Oxfordshire Canine Society


Thank you to the Committee for inviting me to judge at this prestigious show, a fabulous entry, especially for a midweek show, and some top quality dogs to judge. One point I was a little concerned over was the lack of muscletone on a number of dogs, as a working breed even if a gundog is not actually being used for that purpose it needs to be fit and muscled and not soft, this did affect my placings in a number of classes.


Puppy (2)

1st Hammond Seasham Love Bug. Eight month bitch with a flowing outline and correct amount of depth. She had a lovely feminine head with gentle eye and nicely shaped muzzle. Smooth through the neck and shoulder with a good layback. Strong firm topline held well on the move which she certainly did showing great rear drive from well-muscled quarters BP

2nd Rittscher Zakova Amrone Smaller frame than first and was carrying weight which spoilt her outline a little. Pleasing head with correct width of skull and well set ear. Adequate length of neck leading to well placed shoulders, fairly short back leading to well shaped stifles. Not the muscletone of the winner

SPYearling (4,2abs)

1st Braine Grenetrest Canterbury Bell. I was very taken with this striking young liver dog who has lots of ring presence. Really liked his type, nice deep chest, strong straight front and the best muscle tone. Excellent front and rear angulation. Moved soundly with great reach and a lot of drive. A handsome head though perhaps a tad more lip than I would have preferred but nevertheless could not deny his quality and it was a pleasure to award him BOB

2nd Stedman Indijazz Designer Genes. Much rangier dog than first and still has a deal of maturing to do, that said he has potential especially if his owner can get some condition on him. Pleasing head with soft eye, good through the neck and shoulder and a nice amount of bone. Powerful rear with good muscling

Limit (2,1abs)

1st Peebles Keigame Belle of All. Mature bitch of the correct size with pleasing bone and a good shape. Lovely head planes with a well set ear. Plenty of forechest and the correct shaped rib. Firm enough in topline with a well shaped rear. Moved true but firmer muscle would give a stronger drive RBOB

Irish Setter

Puppy (2)

1st Bougen Gwendariff Hot Ticket. She certainly is a hot ticket, so feminine with a really classic outline. She has that lovely quizzical expression with those soft unshelled almond eyes and low earset. Excellent reach of neck leading to long laid back shoulder, correct in front with plenty of depth without too much width of rib. Sloping topline and broad sweeping stifles finished a pleasing picture. Moved straight and true. BP

2nd Fox Kerryfair Special Diamond. Another lovely bitch with a sweet, refined head, dark eye with a hint of mischief and good backskull. Well put together throughout just not as balanced as 1st at the moment showing an almost level topline. Good bone and feet with broad stifles, not impressed with the damp conditions so a little more unsettled on the move.

SPYearling (2 1abs)

1st Baily Danaway Desert Song. Beautifully deep rich colour on this boy. Gentle but masculine head with a well set ear, good length of neck, firm through the topline with plenty of depth of rib. Strong rear quarters with a broad muscled thigh. Reasonably balanced on the move but another who seemed to be affected by the conditions

Open Dog (2, 1abs)

1st Andrews Millcroft Moon Riot. This boy looked familiar to me and looking back through my records I see I have judged him earlier this year and he impressed me in the same way this time. Gentle masculine head with the softest of expressions, love his neck and shoulder it all flows nicely through to a strong sloping topline, good depth of rib and wide muscled rear. He coped well with the conditions RBOB

Open Bitch (2)

1st Fox Millcroft Bubbling Moon. Feminine head with good length of muzzle and soft brown eyes under raised brows. Elegant arched neck leading into well placed shoulders with good angulation. Deep chest with plenty of rib and well off for bone. Strong tight feet with arched toes. Short coupling leading into strong hindquarters and sweeping stifles. Showed a lovely profile movement and plenty of drive which gave her BOB

2nd Andrews Millcroft Scarlet Moon. Another lovely looking bitch who pushed the winner hard but was not as balanced on the move as my top winners, she looked like she was not appreciating the blustery conditions. Very feminine in head and expression, clean neck leading smoothly into laid back shoulders. Deep ribs, firm topline and good coupling with sweeping stifles and well placed hocks

Irish Water Spaniel

Puppy (2 ,1abs)

1st Hempstead Diddymowg Sweet Gingrbread at Cuvana. Lovely young bitch with plenty of depth to her colour. Really liked her size and shape, she should fill out into a classy girl. Kind, wellshaped eye, correct amount of foreface in a definitely feminine head. Really liked her front angulation and strong topline, she has the promise of a good rib. Showed a very happy disposition on the move BP

Limit (3)

1st Hempstead Riverforest Irish Eider at Cuvana. Eye catching young lady who didn’t disappoint when I put my hands on her, in firm condition with plenty of muscle, enough weight and condition to show the correct width and moved with a rolling motion but maintain excellent reach and drive. Large open nostrils set in a good length of muzzle with a cheeky expression, strong in neck with a pleasing shoulder, correct length of back and powerful rear. BOB

2nd Hempstead Nyllaup Star Anise at Cuvana. Another good bitch with a pleasing outline, kind head and strong neck. Clean boned well angled front, plenty of well sprung rib. Not quite the width and strength of 1st at the rear but showed good reach and a clean profile movement.

3rd Robinson Stanegate Burnt Biscuit at Foulby

 Open (2)

1st Hempstead Diddymowg Turquoise Storm at Cuvana. Mature eye catching male with a good width of skull and intelligent eye. Pleasing front construction with a lovely layback of shoulder, deep well sprung ribs and broad thighs finished the picture. Another who won on his firm muscle tone, showed plenty of free moving drive. Excellent condition and curl to his coat. RBOB

2nd Willoughby SHCH Foulby Va Va Voom. Substantial dog with plenty of body but not as well muscled as my winner. Classic head of the correct proportions with a correctly shaped eye. Broad in front with laid back shoulder and a great spring of rib. Lovely strong rear which gave true movement just lost out on condition


Puppy (1)

1st Ward Akwamar Moonstruck. Seven month, big, rangy boy who needs to fill his frame. Wide open nostrils and good length of muzzle leading to a well shaped backskull. Long neck leading to clean shoulders and good forechest. Very much a disjointed baby on the move but nothing too untidy and should settle in time. BP

Limit (2, 1abs)

1st Ward Akwamar Tamar. Mature bitch well up to size. Good head structure but could do with a touch more definition. Great front assembly with plenty of forechest and depth of rib. Could be firmer in topline but enough width of thigh. Moved steadily.

Open (3, 1abs)

1st Hazeldine, Crowther & Alcorn Hundwith Chortle with Hookwood. Presented in a firm, toned condition with clearly defined muscle which this girl used to advantage on the move. Strong outline with a balanced head and intelligent eye. Firm neck flowed smoothly into well set shoulder, deep chest with plenty of rib under a firm topline leading to a nicely set tail. Showed a lovely flowing movement with plenty of drive. BOB and I hear Grp 1 and a well earned RBIS

2nd Finch Int SHCH/NL/LUX CH Silvestre Last Tango with Silberliss JW. Pretty bitch of a lighter frame that 1st but really well put together. Classic head, clean powerful neck leading balanced angulation front and rear with pleasing bone and feet. Just not quite as forward going as my winner RBOB

AV Harvest Brace Stakes

1st Weyman – ESS. Well matched, eye catching pair standing and moving with good breed type and plenty of pizazz on the move.

2nd Church – Jap Spitz. Moved out well together just a slight difference in size but very similar in expression.

3rd Benton – Smooth Collie

4th Westgate – Havanese

AV Veteran Stakes

A fantastic entry of 33 dogs and despite the chilly wind a really great ring full of veterans who were all a credit to their owners, all put down in wonderful condition I was seriously spoilt for choice.

1st CH Kashiba Oh No Not My Baby ShCM. Striking Borzoi of nearly 10 years, so elegant and sound on the move. Beautiful refined head with good length and narrowness to the skull and the happiest of expressions. Shoulders well laid back with the correct width at withers, graceful lines throughout in fabulous coat and condition and to top it all off it was easy to see she was really enjoying herself

2nd Nightgold Blackavar. Loved the size and shape of this b/w Pointer, she had the graceful curves looked for in this breed, a pleasing eye set in a balanced head with a firm neck leading to a well constructed front. Kept a strong topline on the move which she did with a slashing action from her beesting tail.

3rd CH Starzak Solid Gold Ez Action JW ShCM

4th Armatan Thunderbolt ShCM

Judge Carol Moore (Gadhelic)