• Show Date: 14/07/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Carol Moore Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Yeovil & District Canine Society

Yeovil & District CS


What a great show on a glorious sunny day, well done and many thanks to the Committee who worked tirelessly all day to make sure everything ran smoothly and certainly looked after judges and exhibitors. The high temperatures meant I did not move the dogs much and tried to make my decisions quickly, all the exhibits coped extremely well in the heat.

Irish Setter

Junior (2, 1abs)

1st McCabe. Clonageera Thrift. 14 month bitch with a soft expression and kind eye, balanced head and raised brow, clean through the neck leading to well set shoulders. Correct width of chest with plenty of depth of body leading to a broad rear. Rich red coat in good condition. Profile movement was good just looked a little close when moving away from me.

PGrad (4)

1st Prangle. Heathclare. American Dollar JW ShCM. Impressive male full of strength and maturity, enough length of muzzle and a pleasing eye a bit stronger in skull than I prefer and it did take me a few seconds to register what was unusual about his ears but they were well set and lying close to the head. Balanced angulation front and rear with the correct forechest and deep rib. Shown in excellent coat and condition he had lovely reach and drive.

2nd McCabe. Redclyst Cosette. Feminine bitch with a soft expression and gentle eye, narrow skull and muzzle gave a true Irish look balanced out by a nicely placed ear, good length of neck flowed smoothly in to well set shoulders, not quite as strong in front as 1st but elbows well let down under plenty of rib. Firm coupling leading to broad stifles gave true movement

3rd Randle. Forfarian’s Hidden Secret with Rionore

Limit (2, 1abs)

1st Partridge. Kerrydown Odds on. This dog was a little too strong throughout for me, squarish muzzle leading to a steep stop and broad head, good length of neck, shoulders laid back but his chest was wider than I would look for in an Irish. Deep chest under a sloping topline, very wide stifles, tight feet. Really rich red coat in fine condition, showed a good profile movement.

Open Dog (1)

1st Andrews. Millcroft Moon Riot. Gentle but in no way feminine head on this boy, soft kind eye, balanced ratios and lean cheeks gave him a lovely look. Elegant reach of neck leading to the best of fronts which was balanced out with a wide well-muscled rear. Firm topline standing and moving, showed great reach in profile but the bitch was that bit truer in rear action going away. RBOB

Open Bitch (6, 3abs)

1st Prangle. Heathclare Que Sera Sera. This bitch had lovely breed type, the most beautiful of heads, with a gentle quizzical expression, kind eye, lovely balanced head planes and well set attention grabbing ear. Flowing neck lead into a correct forehand with the right amount of forechest, pleasing amount of bone and substance, lovely spring of rib under a strong topline with a firm coupling and sweeping stifle. Move with elegance showing good footfall, true front and rear and a lovely profile action BOB

2nd Andrews. Millcroft Scarlet Moon. Very pretty balanced head with a nicely shaped eye, she was strong through the neck and shoulders with the correct depth and narrowness of front, Depp rib under a gently sloping topline, not quite as firm in coupling as my winner. Wide well shaped rear gave driving movement.

3rd Partridge. Kerrydown Octavia

English Setter

PGrad (2, 1abs)

1st Loakes. Goldbirch Wings of Desire JW ShCM. Where do I start with this girl she is certainly out of the top draw for quality and style, so feminine throughout without any over exaggeration. Her classic head has balanced proportions with the gentlest of expressions but with a bit of a twinkle in her eye. She flowed from tip to tail, firm level topline with plenty of rib underneath it, lovely angulation front and rear promised excellent movement and she didn’t disappoint, so balanced with lovely reach and strong drive. Put down in fabulous condition. BOB Grp 1

Hungarian Vizsla

Yearling (3)

1st Priestley. Silvestre’s Jolene. Compact bitch at the bottom end of the size range but of balanced proportions. Feminine in head with a good length of muzzle and well shaped eye. Clean muscular neck lead to a well ribbed body, shoulders laidback but a touch wide in front, firm topline with correct tuck up, well-muscled rear gave powerful action RBOB

2nd Wilkins & Littler. Kensteen Ash. Upstanding male with a strong outline, good backskull and earset just preferred the fore face of 1st. Well angulated front and rear with correct height to length ratios. Moved true not quite as strong in topline as my winner

3rd Challis Fowler & Yates. Vizslanya Illes

Open (1)

1st Challis. Highforce Future Legend for Vizslanya JW. My notes say ‘all male’ and there was certainly no mistaking this rich red golden for anything other than a boy, lovely head with correct stop and median line and alert expression. Clean through the neck and shoulder with correct return of upperarm, deep chest under a firm topline, correct topline and well-muscled rear gave a clean driving action BOB

Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla

Open (3, 1abs)

1st Walker & Beardshall. Lanokk Dorottya ShCM. Beautifully made bitch with a clean outline and harsh coat, kindest of heads, good length of foreface and large open nostrils, correct cheeky eye and well set ear. Strong clean neck leading to a nicely angled front, elbows well let down, straight in foreleg, plenty of rib under a firm topline, strong well-muscled rear gave a powerful clean action, Fabulous condition throughout she never stopped showing all day BOB Grp 2

2nd Aldridge. Gwaithmaes Aoife. Pretty little bitch with balanced head planes and a good length of muzzle, lovely reach of neck and laidback shoulder. Needs to mature through the body and not as strong in topline as 1st, profile movement was good but a little untidy coming towards me. BP RBOB PGrp 4

German Shorthaired Pointer

Open (1)

1st Cox. Viewforth The Rodders. Upstanding male who is at the top of the height standard but all in proportion. Masculine head with a kind eye and correct backskull, clean though the neck to a well set shoulder and straight front. Deep through the rib, correct amount of bone, firm in topline standing and moving with plenty of drive BOB


Junior (3, 1abs)

1st Roberts. Byphar Bombay Sapphire. A really eye catching youngster of 11 months, she has the most beautiful head and expression with lots of work in it and a soft well shaped eye, good length of neck flowing smoothly into laid back shoulder, enough forechest and good depth of rib under a firm topline leading to a strong coupling and broad well-muscled stifle. Her ground covering action was excellent in profile and in both directions. Shortlisted in a very strong group but still carrying a bit of puppy fat which counted in such hard competition but did not go against her in the puppy group BP BOB PGrp 1

2nd Deighton-Smith. Larkrise Blossom. smaller lighter bitch than 1st but nicely put together with a pretty head of balanced proportions and bright eye, clean neck and shoulder just a little immature in front at the moment, lovely topline and well shaped rear gave good drive on the move.

PGrad (3, 2abs)

1st Cuff. Silvernitjar Wagtail Waltz. Taller bitch with good sinewy bone, her muzzle was a little square for me but had a pleasing stop and backskull. Well set shoulder leading to a strong topline with deep ribbing underneath, well-muscled thighs gave drive but her front movement was not as forward as the puppy.

Open (1)

1st Tannahill. Wynbury Walter Jack JW ShCM. Mature b/w dog who is all male, Classic balanced head with a well shaped hazel eye. Strong, clean neck flowed into a lovely front assembly, firm topline held standing and moving, lovely beesting tail gave slashing action on the move RBOB

Labrador Retriever

Puppy (3)

1st Baker & Judd. Harpitts Minnie Mack. Powerful young chocolate dog with a masculine head and kind eye. Strong through the neck and shoulders with a good return of upperarm and deep chest. Clean well boned legs and lovely tight feet. Shown in hard condition, moved with purpose BP RBOB PGrp 3

2nd Mutter. Incantator Brizo Pretty black bitch with a dark eye, soft expression and well set ear. Good neck and shoulders, deep chest with plenty of rib, balanced outline. Moved well off good legs and feet but not quite the drive of 1st

3rd Quick & James. Farnfield Tamzaneti

Junior (2)

1st Goodwin & Bishop. Centenalee Ice Dancer at Yalebury. Very feminine, very pale yellow 16 month bitch with lovely dark pigmentation which really showed off her beautiful head, sturdy neck leading to well laid shoulders and enough forechest. Plenty of rib under a strong topline, firm coupling and strong rear gave driving movement. BOB

2nd White. Donacre Wiggle n Giggle at Lunarpet. Well made bitch with good head planes and a strongly constructed front assembly and plenty of rib, not quite as firm in topline as 1st and not quite the width of stifle. Moved true but she appeared to be feeling the heat a little

Novice (2)

1st Baker & Judd. Harpitts Minnie Mack (repeat)

2nd Kerry. Oceanwood Daybreak There was quite a lot to like about this yellow bitch but she wasn’t as together as my winner. Feminine head with a kind well set eye and ear, shoulders laid back and lots of well sprung rib under a firm topline. Wide in stifle a little out of coat, showed good reach on the move but not as strong behind today.

PGrad (1)

1st Baker & Judd. Harpitts Rumour Has It. Big powerful boy with enough bone for his frame, not quite as balanced in head as the younger dog but kind eye and well set ear. Strong throught the neck and shoulder and broad in chest. Firm topline leading to a broad well- muscled stifle which gave good driving movement.

Open Bitch (4, 2abs)

1st White. Lunapet Sweet Honeysuckle. Yellow bitch with a good length of leg, pretty head with a well set ear and good width of skull. Clean through the neck and shoulder with plenty of well sprung rib, showed true movement but not quite the drive of the younger dogs.

2nd Goodwin & Bishop. Centenalee Pollyanna at Yalebury. Pretty yellow bitch a little shorter in the leg than 1st and not as balanced in head. Lovely front assembly with a good spring of rib and well shaped rear. Showed strong movement.

AVNSC Gundog

Grad (4, 1abs)

1st McAllister. Mizani Diorbe of Slovkia. 16 month cream Lagotto with a pleasing head, correct length of foreface and skull with bright intelligent expression. Shoulders laid back with balanced return of upperarm, enough depth of body for his length and tidy rear. Crisp curls finished the picture along with his smooth movement. Just felt he was not as finished as the open winner

2nd Merrick. Tiverstone Statesman at Stormerick. Baby ESS who was clearly making the most of his time in the ring. Well shaped head, clean bright eye with lowset ear and good depth to muzzle. Still very raw in body but everything is in the right place, managed to show a good profile movement

3rd Barnes. Saxonbejaz Lucy Anne A lovely clean moving Sussex who was just a little too lean at this time

Open (3)

1st McAllister. Hopkiln Great Beatrice. Really typy bitch with the best of heads and a keen eye, clean through the neck and tidy in front she presented a lovely balanced outline with correct ratios. Brisk movement off good legs and feet, seeing her free standing so well in the challenge was a pleasure BAVNSC GUN

2nd Merrick. Tiverstone Stirling Castle at Stormerick Upstanding b/w ESS with a strong outline, nicely shaped head with lowset ear his expression was affected by spectacles. Balanced conformation but not as steady on the move as 1st

3rd Barnes. Saxonbejayz Lucy Anne

AV Gundog


1st Martin. Ferndel Fooling You of Meadway. WSS Very pretty baby of just 6 months, good length of foreface and a cheeky expression, her ears looked a touch heavy at the moment but she has plenty of time to grow into them, Lovely shoulder angulation and corresponding rear, she showed a tidy driving movement. Rich red and pearly white coat finished the picture


1st Clunie. Warrentor Caipirinha. 12 month Golden Ret with a pleasing outline, Feminine expression with lovely pigmentation and a kind eye. Good angulation fore and aft and show plenty of reach and drive on the move.

2nd Wareham & Dustan. Lornajoe General Gilbert. Strong minded Clumber who really made his handler work. Liked his make and shape and lovely square head, plenty of depth and rib and when he put his mind to it he showed very strong movement

3rd Brewer. Stradcot Three Wishes


1st Silvernitjar. Wagtail Waltz (Repeat)

2nd McWilliams. Fernstone Speckled Wood L/r Cocker with a pretty head although a little small in proportion to the rest of her, good length of neck, was carrying too much weight which made her roll when moving but showed a parallel rear action.

3rd Barnes. Saxonbejayz Lucy Anne


1st Tannahill. Wynbury Ailsa Classy B/W Pointer who really shone on the move, she had a lovely curvy outline with a balanced head and kind eye. Laid back shoulder and pleasing amount of forechest. Strong topline lead to a well-muscled rear which gave true driving movement. BV Gundog

2nd Johnson. Devonivy Diamond Cut by Niallgold. Very handsome Golden Retriever who stood and moved beautifully, Gentle expression from a balanced head, pleasing front assembly firm topline and broad well muscled rear. Pushed the winner hard with his driving action but just a touch heavier than I would like

3rd Hunter & Beardshall. Tossneer Nell

Gundog Group

A very strong group I found it difficult limiting my cut to the nine I pulled out

Group 1 English Setter. Goldbirch Wings of Desire JW ShCM Lovely to see she got to the final 3 for BIS

Group 2 HWV. Lanokk Dorottya ShCM

Group 3 Clumber. Anbrook Olivia Rose at Fiverites . Soundly constructed with a good leg to body ratio and true ground covering movement

Group 4 Golden Retriever. Largymore You’re My World JW ShCM. Lovely outline standing and moving with a quality head and expression

Gundog Puppy Group

Puppy Group 1 Pointer. Byphar Bombay Sapphire. Delighted she also got to the final 3 for BPIS

Puppy Group 2 Golden Retriever. Stormerick Constance. Another excellent youngster who showed good reach and drive. In beautiful condition

Puppy Group 3 Labrador. Harpitts Minnie Mack

Puppy Group 4 HWV. Gwaithmaes Aoife

Judge Carol Moore (Gadhelic)