• Show Date: 14/09/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Carol Harwood Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Pennine & Scottish French Bulldog Association

Pennine & Scottish French Bulldog Association Open Show

14th September 2018

I would like to thank the committee for giving me the opportunity to judge this prestigious show. I would also like to thank all those who entered under me, for graciously accepting my decisions and for the constant applause for the class and top winners. Thanks also to my two lovely stewards who kept the ring running smoothly.

Minor Puppy Dog (3) 1st Seffer’s Boule & Onuba Sir Kaiser Catrelma (Imp) NAF - brindle full of promise, square head, dark expressive eyes with well-defined stop, correctly set ears, good nose placement with open nostrils, well arched neck set into good shoulders, short body with good topline and tuck-up, well boned, moves well. Best Puppy Dog

2nd Plimbley & Worthy’s Kuredeux Raggamuffin – promising puppy with good head and gentle expression. Good upturn of jaw and correct length and depth of muzzle, dark eyes, well placed ears, sufficient neck into well placed shoulders. Good rib and correct length to loin, moved freely.

3rd Coffey’s Ascensions Winston of Raglenary

Puppy Dog (2) 1st Ellis’ Eastonite Marko - lovely head with nicely shaped eyes set well apart, defined stop and correct ear placement, well-padded muzzle with open nostrils, good depth through the body with correct topline and well angulated hindquarters, straight front, moved freely, just needed to settle on table.

2nd Mott’s Bourgeoisie Bad Manners - good overall outline, pleasant head but would prefer more strength to muzzle, dark expressive eyes, good ear placement, good depth and well rounded ribcage with tuck-up, he needs to settle on the move.

Junior Dog (4, 1Abs) 1st Pleasance’s Katakia Last Man Standing JW - quality pied of good size and substance, he has a strong square skull with good width between the ears which are well set and carried, dark eyes and cheeky expression, strong neck flows into good shoulders, tight feet, deep chest and compact body, good angulation, moved with drive.

  2nd Gordon’s Rustibee Dock Of The Bay – was giving his handler a hard time as his mind was not on the job at hand, he does have a lovely headpiece and expression, strong body with good ribcage and he is balanced with good angulation but he needs to put more in on the move

3rd Mott’s Eastonite Motts Reality

Yearling Dog (3)

1st Small’s Merimna's Over The Moon – Well-built with lovely square head. Good width and length of muzzle with well padded cheeks and cushioned lips, good ribcage and depth of body, with ample tuck-up and clean lines, well muscled rear and moved well .

2nd Timms’ Izumis Eye Of The Tiger – nice type and balance, good large head with broad muzzle, dark expressive eyes, ample neck, deep chest, cobby body and good roach, would like him firmer in muscle tone, moved freely.

3rd Coffey’s Feniton Fredrick At Raglenary

Post Graduate Dog (2, 1abs)

1st Ellis’ Eastonite Marko – won puppy

Limit Dog (4)

1st Cund & Harrop’s Chelmbull Moon Walker – lovely balanced brindle with excellent muscle tone and full of character, masculine balanced head with dark well set expressive eyes and deep stop, good width between nicely shaped bat ears, broad lower jaw with correct upturn and lip placement, muzzle well padded, strong arched neck flow into well-set shoulders, deep well rounded ribcage and good tuck-up, strong rear, moved well. Reserve Best Dog.

2nd Timms’ Eastonite Maui JW - fawn with strong head with broad muzzle, dark expressive eyes, well set bat ears, deep stop and good padding, strong neck, good spring of rib and depth to body, standing of neat compact feet, moved freely but was a shade close behind.

3rd Ayriss’ Boulevaya Another Fine Mess

Open Dog (4, 1 abs)

1st Cund & Harrop’s Ch Chelmbull The Aviator – well-proportioned mature male who oozes quality, he has a lovely balanced head with dark expressive eyes of correct shape and set, his ears are of correct size and shape set high and wide apart on a square skull, his foreface has ample depth and width with well-defined cheeks and deep stop, well-padded muzzle and broad jaw with good turn up, he has a well arched neck of good length which flows into correct shoulders, with a well-constructed front assembly, ample width between the forelegs and standing on small compact feet, well sprung ribs with good tuck-up and correct topline, strong hindquarters, moved with reach and drive and full of character. Best Dog and Best in Show.

2nd Kasprowicz’s Daniello Easter Power Live JW ShCM – Fawn with plenty of substance and well balanced, deep square head with plenty of padding, strong neck set into good shoulders and standing on tight feet, has good width to chest and a well ribbed body with correct topline, not driving behind as much as winner.

3rd Small’s Merimna’s Better Than Words

Veteran Dog (2)

1st Worsley’s Son Of A Preacherman With Malpa - brindle, masculine head with gentle expression and well padded muzzle, well placed ears that he used well, straight front, cobby body, a shade longer than second but putting a little more in, moves freely.

2nd Mavro-Michaelis’ Shoebridge Buzet – in excellent condition, good size to head, expressive well set eyes, used his ears well on the floor, cobby body, well muscled, moved well but not putting all in.

Minor Puppy Bitch (6, 2 abs)

1st Krall’s Jafrak Putting On The Charm - very pretty 6 month-old fawn bitch. Feminine head with lovely appealing expression, dark eyes, well placed bat ears which she used to advantage and padded muzzle, correct turn up of jaw with good nose placement and wide nostrils. Strong neck set into well placed shoulders, good front and feet, correct topline with slight rise over loin, good depth of chest and spring of rib, well angulated, moved well and with such character. Reserve Best Bitch, Best Puppy Bitch and Best Puppy in Show.

2nd Timms’ Eastonite Moana - pretty bitch, she has a balanced head and dark eye and lovely expression, correct stop, wide jaws and plenty of cushioning, strong neck on well-placed shoulders, plenty of rib, good front and rear, moved well. Preferred size of my winner.

3rd Ayriss’ Katakia Little Dynamo at Boulevaya

Puppy Bitch (5, 2abs)

1st Cook’s Jaquietus Careless Whisper – fawn in lovely condition, she has a lovely head and eye with cheeky expression, well set bat ears which she used to advantage, strong neck of correct length and well arched and set into a nicely constructed front and shoulder, well made body with good topline, moved freely.

2nd Timms’ Eastonite Moana - 2nd in minor puppy 3

rd Beardsell’s Copper Coin at Newlaithe

Junior Bitch (3)

1st Burgin’s Tartanpride Tease Me Jessiemai – pretty fawn with well developed head and dark eyes with a pleasing expression, plenty of cushioning and correct turn up of jaw, strong neck well set into shoulders, good ribcage and topline with depth to body, well balanced and sound on the move.

2nd Garratt’s Marchmanor Hot Or Wot – fawn with a cobby body, well balanced head with dark eyes and lovely expression, well set ears which she used, strong neck, good tuck up and topline, hard muscle tone, moved soundly but needs more animation.

3rd Porter’s Tartanpride Pleasure Me


Bitch (9, 2 abs)

1st Smith's Xentique B'witched For Taffique – Compact and balanced, good head proportions with dark expressive eyes, good ear placement, defined stop and broad well-padded muzzle, correct nose placement and open nostrils, arched neck and good front, well made body, deep and with nice topline, well-muscled and sound mover.

2nd Maxwell’s Eastonite Page Three Girl – lovely shape and well balanced throughout, good head proportions with dark expressive eyes and well set bat ears, good bone and body, well-muscled, needs more animation on the move.

3rd Seffer's Boule And Onuba Rachelle Catrelma (Imp)

Post Graduate Bitch (6, 1abs)

1st Porter’s Tartanpride Eyez on Me – Fawn, bigger girl, with strong skull which is square and flat with good distance between the ears, well set eyes and deep stop, she has a lovely depth and width to the foreface and correct upturn to the underjaw, strong arched neck, good rib and tuck up with well angulated hindquarters, moved freely but front needs to tighten.

2nd Burgin’s Braylah Sheeza Cracker Jessiemai - smaller bitch, pretty with a pleasing quality head, lovely dark round eyes, good bat ears, plenty of cushioning, open nostrils, well arched neck, neat feet, plenty of rib, good outline when standing, moved freely.

3rd Thornton’s Dinkum Diamond

Limit Bitch (3, 1abs)

1st Porter’s Ardhub Slap and Tickle at Tartanpride – balanced pied, she has a deep wide muzzle with nicely turned underjaw, well set nose with wide open nostrils, dark eyes, well developed cheeks, rounded bat ears which are set correctly and used all the time, cobby body with good tuck-up and topline, strong muscled rear, moved freely, just needs to tighten in front.

2nd Pleasance's Katakia One And Only JW – nicely proportioned pied bitch, well marked, with balanced head and dark eyes and well set ears, well cushioned muzzle and open nostrils, strong neck, cobby body with good spring of rib, tight feet, balanced angulation, moved soundly but had no animation at all.

Open Bitch (5, 2abs)

1st Sharp-Dixon & Reyes’ Gwynsel Crazy In Love With Queenslake - very feminine brindle bitch, nice size, compact and with good bone. Head in balance to her body, dark eyes with melting expression, well set bat ears with good carriage which she used to advantage, good width of jaw with good turnup, well cushioned muzzle and wide nostrils. Strong neck of ideal length and set into good shoulders, well-rounded rib cage, good topline and tuck up with strong loins, well-muscled rear with good bend of stifle, moved soundly. Best Bitch and Reserve Best in Show.

2nd Gordon’s Labanjo Parisienne at Rustibee – another pretty girl who has a well balanced head and dark eye with a lovely expression, well defined muzzle with a good upturn of jaw, open nostrils, good front and plenty of bone, strong neck set into good lay of shoulder, well sprung ribs, gentle roach, strong hindquarters, moved well but just not putting all in standing.

  3rd Smith & Fawcett’s Boremlyn Heart of Glas at Zilnor

Veteran Bitch (3, 2 abs)

1st Mavro-Michaelis’ Shoebridge Vouvray what fantastic condition she is in at over ten and a half years old, she is well balanced with a feminine head and expression, excellent ears, well-padded muzzle, excellent ribcage and short body, standing on compact feet, moved freely and with purpose and showed her socks off. Best Veteran Bitch and Best Veteran in Show.

Special Open Fawn Bitch (2, 1 abs)

1st Garratt’s Marchmanor Hot Or Wot – 2nd junior bitch.

Carol Harwood (Judge)