• Show Date: 30/09/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Carol Harwood Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

South East & East Anglian Tibetan Spaniel Society

South East & East Anglian Tibetan Spaniel Society Open Show

 on the 30th September 2018

Thank you to the Officers and Committee for inviting me to judge at this well organised show and for the wonderful hospitality. Many thanks to my two super stewards for keeping things moving so efficiently and to the exhibitors for a fabulous entry of 88 dogs, the great sportsmanship and friendly atmosphere around the ring made for a very enjoyable day.

Minor Puppy Dog (2)

1st Steed’s Gianni Its Gollant - Such a promising youngster, very mature for his age and was full of confidence in the ring. Lovely masculine head, with good pigment and correct shaped eyes set fairly well apart, good pigmentation and width and depth of chin with correct length to muzzle. Well laid shoulders and hare feet. He maintained a level top line on the move with a well carried tail. Sound and positive movement. Best Puppy Dog and Reserve Best Dog in a lovely line up.

2nd Beveridge’s Gianni Its Denzil - A well-made puppy, little brother to winner and has many of the same attributes. He has a masculine head without being coarse, with good pigmentation and a correct shaped eye. His movement is positive holding his topline at all times

Puppy Dog (2, 1 abs)

1st Beveridge’s Gianni Its Denzil – 2nd in previous class.

Junior Dog (2, 1 abs) 1st Hall’s Balgay Kitang Po – mature boy, with a masculine head, well set ears, good eye shape & skull-muzzle proportions, excellent pigmentation, nice cushioning on the muzzle with good width of jaw, correct neck, hare feet, good body and has plenty of substance, well carried tail, moved well when settled.

Graduate Dog (2)

1st Hall’s Balgay Kitang Po – 1st in junior dog.

2nd Rolfe’s Malia Dorje Lhakpa For Trollius - Masculine dog of nice size. Well balanced head with blunt muzzle and good chin, dark well shaped eyes and a pleasing expression, good mouth, good earset, slightly longer than winner with good ribcage but I would prefer more covering, he was slightly roaching over the loin, carries himself well on the move but preferred hind movement of winner.

Post Graduate Dog (3) 1st Springett’s Rhubisk Legend In Gold at Pawprints - Masculine dog of good size with a nice head with correct stop and well shaped eyes, blunt square muzzle which was well cushioned, good body and tailset, just not putting all in on the move.

2nd Rolfe’s Malia Dorje Lhakpa For Trollius – 2nd in previous class.

3rd Sheppard’s Velrok Zephyr

Limit Dog (6, 2 abs)

1st Lilley’s Knattings Riverdance to Kensing J.W. - Well balanced male of good size with a lovely head and expression, dark eye of correct shape, clean blunt muzzle with strong chin and correct mouth, strong neck set into well laid shoulders, good body proportions, well muscled hindquarters, moves well but was not as settled in the challenge for best dog.

2nd Osborn’s Quailmoor the Wizard’s Spell J.W. – nicely balanced throughout, nice head with well set eyes, but I preferred the expression of winner, good length of muzzle, good bone and body and standing on lovely feet, moved freely.

3rd Brandrick’s Yllastel Schumi at Lillinca

Open Dog (5, 1 abs)

1st Thornely-Taylor’s Ch Alfie Beau at Saxtead – extremely well balanced throughout, his beautiful head is small in proportion to his body and he has lovely dark eyes and a very appealing expression, he really uses his well set ears to advantage, good length of muzzle with excellent cushioning, lovely mouth and has plenty of width with good depth of chin. strong neck set into well laid shoulders, standing on hare feet, well covered body and a very good spring of rib topped by a lovely jacket which was well presented, correct tail set and strong well angulated hindquarters, moved soundly holding a good topline, he pulled out all the stops in hot company to win Best Dog and later Best in Show.

2nd Ellingford & Cooper’s Amcross Going Dutch J.W. – beautifully balanced with a lovely head and dark eyes, good ratio of muzzle to skull, plenty of chin and cushioning, good neck and shoulders, and hare feet, good body and tail set, lovely coat, moved freely but not holding his topline as well as winner.

3rd Simper & Scoates’ Wellbarn Here Comes Havoc

Special Vintage Bitch (5, 1 abs)

1st Short’s Ch Samalyn Swansong by Malia J.W. - such a feminine bitch, in fantastic condition for 11 ½ years, lovely head of correct proportions, good eye shape and appealing expression, correct length of muzzle with width and depth of chin and excellent ear set and placement, beautifully balanced throughout, correct topline, well angulated fore and aft, every inch a showgirl, Best Special Vintage in Show.

2nd Young’s Barrowgreen Polly Perkins - 13 year old in lovely condition, well balanced head with correct chin and moderate width of skull, lovely eyes placement and nice expression, well made body with good spring of rib, moved well.

3rd Tapp’s Velbri Velvet

Veteran Bitch (10, 5 abs)

1st Steed’s Ch Gianni Itsa Party – 8 year old feminine bitch with lovely outline, pretty head and a lovely expression, with short blunt muzzle, well set ears, good neck and shoulder, correct bowed front and hare feet, good body and topline, moved well and holding her outline. B.V I S.

2nd Baillie’s Baskwood Kara Angki Chi - 9 year old who has a lovely head and expression, well set eyes but preferred shape of winner, well set ears and carriage, good chin and well cushioned muzzle, well made and nicely proportioned body and standing on correct feet.

3rd Tapp’s Velbri Virginia

Minor Puppy Bitch (2, 1 abs)

1st Andrews’ Chenrezi You Have A Friend – nicely balanced throughout, pretty head and expression with good cushioning and plenty of chin, good eye placement, well covered ribcage of good depth, correct tail set, moved freely.

Puppy Bitch (5, 2 abs)

1st Steed’s Gianni Its Posh Totty – absolutely loved this very striking and beautifully balanced youngster, she is so feminine and has a beautiful head, with well set dark expressive eyes that sparkle with mischief, lovely ear set and lift, and with a blunt well cushioned muzzle and plenty of chin, strong neck set into good shoulders, excellent body with good coverage and topped by a lovely jacket, moved freely holding her topline. Best Bitch, Best Puppy Bitch, Reserve Best In Show and Best Puppy in Show over her litter brother.

2nd Osborn’s Quailmoor Guinevere – nicely balanced with a pretty head and good pigmentation, has good eye shape, muzzle is nicely cushioned and she has good depth of chin, she scores in feet, but I would like more body and her top line on the move is not as good as 1.

3rd Andrews’ Chenrezi You Have A Friend

Junior Bitch (2, 1 abs)

1st Osborn’s Quailmoor Lady Of The Lake – feminine puppy, nicely balanced throughout with a pleasing head and expression, good depth to chin and well cushioned, good front and feet, would like more rib and covering, good tail set and carriage, moved freely.

Novice Bitch (5, 2 abs)

1st Osborn’s Quailmoor Guinevere – 2nd puppy bitch.

2nd Simper & Scoates’ Amcross Parti Pyro - Another feminine bitch of nice type, well balanced head with correct chin and moderate width of skull, nice expression, good reach of neck, would like more rib and covering, carries herself well on the move.

3rd Tyler’s Mulltyr Dakini

Graduate Bitch (7, 2 abs)

1st Thornely-Taylor’s Balgay Mi Belle At Saxtead - Well presented feminine Bitch who scored with her carriage on the move, moderate well shaped skull, dark oval eyes, good lift to her ears, nice body proportions, good front angulation with just enough bowing, strong hindquarters and excellent tails carriage, moved freely keeping her outline.

2nd Osborn’s Quialmoor Lady Of The Lake – 1st Junior Bitch

3rd Andrews & Sheppard’s Chenrezi Movie Star

Post Graduate Bitch (13, 5 abs)

1st Thornely-Taylor’s Balgay Mi Belle At Saxtead – 1st Graduate Bitch

2nd Piper’s Tibblands Golden Honey - feminine Bitch of nice size who scored in overall balance, nice head with well cushioned muzzle, dark eyes, good front angulation with reach of neck and correct body proportions, good topline and tailset, moved freely.

3rd Brandrick’s Matsura Specially Maid For Lillinca

Limit Bitch (9, 3 abs)

1st Tapp’s Yllastel From Me To You Velbri J.W. - ultra feminine with lovely headpiece which is small in proportion to her body, lovely dark eye of correct shape, nice length of muzzle with good width and depth to her chin, strong gently arched neck, correct front with gentle bow and hare feet, moved well with good reach and drive. Reserve Best Bitch.

2nd Thornely-Taylor’s Balgay Mi Belle At Saxtead – 1st in Graduate Bitch

3rd Stevens’ Rhubisk Dressed To Impress

Open Bitch (3, 1 abs)

1st Simper & Scoate’s Clydum Dream Chaser - feminine throughout and with good proportions, lovely head with correct skull to muzzle proportions, well set eyes but would prefer a better shape, good chin but would like more cushioning, clean neck, good body and coat, moved freely holding shape.

2nd Short’s Malia Yuan Zhi J.W. – she has a feminine head that is small in proportion to her body with a lovely expression but would prefer a better eye shape, good topline and hindquarters, standing on good hare feet, just not quite the rear movement of winner but lovely carriage on the move.

Carol Harwood – Judge