• Show Date: 06/05/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: CAROL DUNFORD Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Seaham & District Canine Society

Terrier Group - Border Grad. 2 1st RBOB Mr Mrs D Lorraine Raleniro New Rose red grizzle bitch 4 yrs, good conformation and moved well on this hot day, good size for a worker, pelt harsh and loose, neat head with strong bite, well set ears and dark eyes. 2nd BP + TPGrp 1 Kat Scott Craigshield Fagan red grizzle dog 7 mths, bred from working stock, he certainly looks like he could do the job, racy, good conformation so moved well for a pup. Head is pleasing with solid scissor bite, well set ear, muzzle could be a bit shorter, pelt harsh loose, well presented, promising. Open 1st BOB Mr Mrs D Lorraine +Miss P Thomas Raleniro Second Time Around ShCM red grizzle dog 4yrs excellent size and conformation so moves soundly, masculine head with strong scissor bite, loose pelt, harsh coat, well balanced with enough length of body, correct carrot tail. Bedlington PGrad 1st BOB & TGrp 1 J Fletcher Janmark Just For J For Maevani 13mth blue bitch well presented, correct coat, lovely size just a slight rise over loin, well set tail, balanced head with good dentition, ears well set, correct conformation so moved lightly and covered the ground, pads clean and dark, nails needed a trim. Parson Russell (2-1) Open 1st & BOB S Kelly & Mr B Storey Pacolito Simply Strategic at Brizanrae ShCM tan/white broken coat 22 mths dog well balanced with enough bone and muscle, loose skin good coat, moved straight and true, wedge head with well set ears, strong bite. Welsh Open 1st BOB + BP + TPGrp 2 - L Ashton Cannyyatton Diggory Delvet From Kitesprite 6mth dog, a good size with bone still a raw youngster but moved well when collected, he has a good head with scissor bite, well set ears and dark eye, nice length of neck to flat shoulder, coat well presented, just a bit long in loin, great temperament. SCWT PGrad 1st RBOB Messers SMA Ward-Waker Eblanahalls A Fine Half 1yr dog just out of puppy, coat still to come, he is short backed, has enough bone, good mouth and dark eyes, ears well set, moved out strongly when settled, prefer a better tail carriage. Open (2) 1st BOB G & S Johnson Garsayno Gold Kipling ShCM 23mth dog lovely mature coat well presented, balanced conformation, enough bone, good square muzzle dark eyes masculine head, good shoulder moved out freely with drive, tail carriage could be better. 2nd Messers SMA Ward-Walker Eblanahalls A Fine Half. TGRP 1st Bedlington J Fletcher Janmark Just For J For Maevani, 2nd Mr Mrs D Lorraine + Miss P Thomas Border Raleniro Second Time Around ShCM 3rd Parson Russell Kelly & Mr B Storey Pacolito Simply Strategic at Brizanrae ShCM 4th SCWT G & S Johnson Garsayno Gold Kipling ShCM AVT Puppy (4-3) 1st Border Kat Scott Craigshield Fagan AVTO (3-2) 1st Border Mr Mrs D Lorraine Raleniro New Rose. AVTV (2) 1st Border Mr Mrs D Lorraine Stbedhounds Frank in Sense of Raleniro ShCM 10 yrs blue grizzle dog, in super condition with good dentition still, belays his age, moved out strongly still has a good pelt, super conformation a credit to owners. 2nd Border Mr Mrs D Lorraine Seymours Bubble and Squeak for Raleniro ShCM 8+ yrs red grizzle bitch another good bitch for her age, mouth still strong, well constructed body, just lost out to dog as not quite his movement today. JUNIOR HANDLING CLASS 12 – 16 YEARS 4 Entries – 1 absent 1st Daisy Mason – min Dachshund, very confident and well turned out, did not make any errors, showed her dog sympathetically on the table, and moved at the correct pace, kept her eye on the judge at all times, a well deserved win. 2nd Abby Davison – Italian, well turned out, but on this windy day her hair was distracting, hiding her face, some small errors, did not keep her eye on the judge, and needs to watch what her dog is doing while others are judged, but she improved during the class. 3rd Amber Ragan – Grt Dane, neat and tidy, handled her bitch very well for a slight young girl, and this was only her 3rd time out, she made some errors, not watching the judge, letting herself get between the judge and the dog, still has a lot to learn but I am sure that she will progress. I took sometime to explain the errors afterwards and hope that these young ladies will continue to be involved with the dog world in years to come. Judge Carol Dunford Quixol