• Show Date: 29/09/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Carol Benson Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Pwllheli & District Canine Society


29th September 2018 


Well run Open show with a small but interesting entry covering a good number of breeds. I found many quality dogs but quite a few exhibits had less than desirable bites. That said movement was generally good and there were good representatives of their various breeds. Temperament was exemplary throughout. Thanks must go to the organisers for all their hard work, hospitality and for putting on classes that might not always get the best entries but do give breeds that struggle to find classes a chance to show their dogs. I hope these breeds take notice and continue to support this society’s shows by entering their dogs. Thank you to my Steward who had already been working for previous judges and kept everything flowing so smoothly.  



Open (1) 

1st. Jones’ Lembas Faith At Serenjar 4yr Yellow bitch with gentle, balanced head, clean neck and flow into top-line, decent forequarters. Well sprung ribs and carrying the right amount of weight. Stifles well turned and muscled. Nice coat and condition. Moved out with style. B.O.B. 


Graduate (1) 

1st Adshead’s Afonbach Dance with dragons 12 months dog. Quite puppy-like still, a bit unsettled on move so difficult to assess but he has time on his side. Handsome head, eye and expression. Good coat condition, straight limbs, front and rear angles gave a balanced outline.  

Open (1)  

1st Adshead’s Danehaven Vermilion For Afonbach 3yr Bitch in excellent condition all through. Pretty face and alert expression, nice head shape and ear-set. Strong, clean neck. Well angled front and rear, straight limbs and lovely well rounded, tight feet with good padding. Made a lovely outline when stood and held it on move with good tail carriage and feather. B.O.B 



Graduate (2,1abs) 

1st Mantle’s Almanza Ain’t Nobody’s Business At Rhiewvalley (SWE IMP)  

14 month bitch. Gentle, feminine head with dark expressive eyes. Good flow of neck into top line. Needs to drop into her frame which she will with maturity. Well angled and good ribcage. Held herself well on the move with good free strides. 

Open (2) 

1st Hancock’s Castlerock Could It Be Magic For Garregwen This 10 year old bitch really caught my eye today both in her classes and the group. She didn’t put a foot wrong and kept showing beautifully. Lovely feminine head with clean planes and kind eyes. Good flow of neck into well laid-back shoulders. Well ribbed back and short coupled. Nicely angled forequarters and strong rear. Legs straight and lovely well arched feet. Everything in balance and held on the move, free flowing with good reach.  B.O.B & Gundog Group 2  

2nd Adshead’s Llantrussa Twist Of Fate 2 year dog. Masculine head, nicely moulded with gentle expressive eyes. Correct body proportions, in good coat and condition. Moved out straight and true. A very nice dog who needs a little more time to reach his best. 


Graduate (2) 

1st Danks-Kemish’s Teleri Summertime Blues Avec Alolfrana AI JW 15 month dog. Typical in head, gentle expression with dark eyes, good ear set, neck and shoulders. Lovely flow through gently sloping top line to tail. Deep through body with well sprung ribs. Well-muscled rear quarters. In good coat and condition. Moved with good drive and extension. 

2nd. Hughes’ Alolfrana U’are A Diamond 16 month bitch. Nice head and expression. Clean through neck into shoulders. Good body proportions. Moved well but not quite the drive of 1 today. 

Open (5) 

1st Danks-Kemish’s Rappatty Star Light Over Alolfrana JW ShCM nearly 3 years old bitch. Nothing overdone with this girl. Typical of her breed and making an eye-catching outline with her pretty, well-shaped head, enhanced by dark expressive eyes and good pigment. Well angled front and rear in balance. Lovely tight well arched feet. Moved out with drive, racy with good reach and extension B.O.B. 

2nd Danks-Kemish’s Alolfrana Hotter Than U’Know 17 month dog. Nice outline, attractive masculine well-shaped head. Dark, almond shaped eyes. Strong through neck into shoulder and gently sloping top line. Balanced profile on the stack which he held on the move, showing good drive. Correct body proportions. A quality dog but just preferred winner on the go round today. 

3rd William’s Alolfrana Quickstep To Lavansands. 



Graduate (1) 

1st. Danks-Kemish’s Ravensett Work Of Art At Alolfrana Attractive head on this 13 month old Orange Belton dog. Oval skull with well-defined stop and dark eyes. Clean through neck with decent crest and length, flowing into well laid back shoulders and level top line. Good spring to ribcage. Nicely angled front and rear with good muscle tone. Standing four square on legs of good length with neat feet. Moved with good head carriage, straight and true. B.O.B. 



Graduate (1) 

1st. Owen’s Anisbrig Brora Sweetest 6 month old bitch. Nicely shaped head, eye and dark pigment. So feminine all through and quietly confident. Still needs to drop into her angles but loads of promise. Good legs and feet. Moved well for her age. B.P.I.B. 

Open (1) 

Owen’s Anisbrig Tamdhu   4 year male. Striking outline on this dog and good coat and condition. Handsome head with nice eye shape. Clean strong neck into excellent shoulders and front assembly. Strong well-muscled rear quarters. Deep through body with good ribcage. Moved out with free strides.  Liked him a lot. B.O.B. 


Graduate (1) 

1st. Stokes’ Hawkfield Castaspell Over Guanabara JW 18 months bitch. Liked the overall shape and balance of this young black & white bitch. Lovely head with well-defined stop and alert expression. Clean, strong neck. Well-angled front quarters, body deep chested to elbows and well ribbed back. Strong top line. Good length to legs and well-padded feet. Good muscling and turn of stifle. Moved out with good drive and extension. B.O.B. & Gundog Group 3 



Graduate (4,1abs) 

1st. Moore’s Elgert China Girl For Gadhelic 2 yr bitch. Loved her head, eye shape and flow of neck into shoulder. Strong back and level top line with correct spring of rib. Good bone, substance and condition throughout. Correct length of leg and neat feet. Everything in balance, she kept drawing my eye. Good front action and rear drive on the move. B.O.B. & Gundog Group 4. 

2nd. McVitty’s Sonnetend Faith A lot to like about this young bitch. Still needs to drop into her frame. Good head and eye shape, nicely angled both front and rear. Movement steady and true.  

3rd Wheeler’s Sonnetend Careless Whisper D. 

Open (2) 

1st  Moore’s Elgert Sweet Little Lies At Gadhelic 4 yr bitch. Feminine head with kind eye. In good coat but just starting to blow. Balanced throughout.  Powerful mover with good legs and feet. Considered her for B.O.B. close decision but just preferred her younger half-sister today. 

2nd Wheeler’s Tayowen Touch Of Elixer 7 yr bitch. Nice head and gentle expression. Good body proportions giving a balanced outline. Moved well but preferred the slightly better drive of winner. 



Graduate (2) 

1st. Yacoub’s Laithmoor’s Red Grenadine  9 month dog. Well-shaped head with kind eye. Loved his expression and character. Good reach of neck into well laid-back shoulders. Correct top line and good tail carriage. Nicely angled front and rear, legs of correct length and well-rounded feet. Coat in good condition. He moved out with good driving action.  B.P.I.B. & Puppy group 2 

2nd. Thomas’s Glenbrows Fire Starter.  4 yr dog. Handsome head with kindly expression. Good neck onto decent front assembly. Deep brisket and good spring to ribs. Nice turn of stifle. Good legs and feet. Moved well. Just preferred the winner today for his overall outline and showmanship.  

Open (3,2abs) 

1st Philipson Sh Ch Menstonia Marksman ShCM 6yr dog Well balanced throughout with a handsome masculine head, kindly expression and good muzzle. Good length to neck and well-placed shoulders and good return of upper arm. Deep, compact body. Straight legs and neat feet. In good muscle tone used to advantage on the move. Positive, level and with drive.  B.O.B. 



Open (2,1abs) 

1st Harrison’s Glarus Sun Dance JW 6 yr dog. In good coat and condition. Nicely-shaped head with well-defined stop and expressive eyes. Strong neck into well-laid shoulders. Gently sloping top line. Good ribcage and firm well-muscled rear quarters. Moved out with purpose, drive and good head carriage B.O.B. 



Graduate (2) 

1st Collier’s Gardenstone Glamour Girl At Pepperbox JW ShCM (Cocker Spaniel) 4 yr bitch.  Lovely, feminine head, dark eyes with tight rims giving a gentle expression. Though not in her best bib and tucker today there was so much to like about her. Excellent front and rear quarters and a truly balanced outline. Happy disposition and typical cocker movement. B.A.V.N.S.C.G.D. 

2nd Thomas’s Tigerrock Super Ted. (English Springer Spaniel) 18-month dog. Good head proportions and kind eye and expression. Well-bodied and good bone. Beautifully presented in good coat and condition. Moved steady and true.  

Open (1) 

1st Collier’s Pepperbox Summer Time (Cocker spaniel) 4yr bitch. Lovely outline when stacked. Feminine head with good stop. Would prefer tighter eye rims. Good clean neck into excellent front assembly. Good turn of stifle. Nice body proportions with good ribbing. In full coat and well-muscled condition. Moved with drive. 



Puppy (3,1abs) 

1st Jackson & Catterall’s Golmas Guardsman (Golden Retriever). 9 month dog. One I have done well for before and pleased to see my predictions then for him are on course. Such an honest, typical Golden with nothing overdone and nothing I would want to change. Up to size and maturing in body. He has the gentlest though masculine head, correct eye shape, good muzzle and pigment with ears set on giving that typical gentle expression. Excels in reach of neck and fore quarters, level top line and tail set. Strong rear quarters and good ribcage. Legs straight, well-boned and of good length with neat feet. Moved out straight and true with style and great carriage.  

2nd Yacoub’s Laithmoor’s Red Grenadine (Welsh Springer spaniel). 

Junior (5,3abs) 

1st Griggs’ Mulfield Sea Of Dreams (Golden Retriever) 17 month dog. Handsome head and expression with dark eyes and pigment. Good muzzle and bite. Pale cream wavy coat in tip top condition. Excellent reach of neck into well laid shoulders and good upper arm. Well sprung ribcage and strong couplings. Good turn of stifle and leg length. Preferred him free stood as he dropped into his frame better. Moved out steady with good extension. 

2nd Sapsford’s Westkash Disco Diva (Golden Retriever) 17 month bitch. Not the most glamourous but an honest bitch with good construction. Feminine head with kindly eye and gentle expression. Good reach into well-constructed front. Nice lay back of shoulders and good return of upper arm. Well ribbed back and good rear quarters. Correct leg length and neat feet. Light gold coat awaiting a little more feathering to complete the picture. Moved with a level top line and good tail carriage. Pushed 1 hard but preferred his showmanship on the day. 

Open (2) 

!st Griggs’ Mulfield Sea Of Dreams (Golden Retriever) 

2nd Collier’s Pepperbox Summer Time B (Cocker spaniel) 

A.V. Veteran (5,3abs) 

1st Hancock’s Castlerock Could It Be magic For Garregwen (Flat Coat)  

2nd William’s Alolfrana Quickstep To Lavansands (Irish Setter) nearly 8 yr. Liked his head and expression, overall shape and balance. Moved out with style. Just unfortunate to meet winner in such top form today. 



(please see breed classes for full individual critiques)  

1st Jackson & Catterall’s Golmas Guardsman (Golden Retriever)  

I did think long and hard before awarding him the group but he stood out for me today. Wish he was mine. Gundog Group 1, Gundog Puppy Group 1 & B.P.I.S.  

2nd Hancock’s Castlerock Could It Be magic For Garregwen (Flat Coat) 

Amazed this girl is 10. So eye catching, well-made and sound. Pushed winner for top spot. 

3rd Stokes’  Hawkfield Castaspell Over Guanabara JW (Pointer) 

Another eye catcher who I really liked. Well-deserved her place. 

4th Moore’s Elgert China Girl For Gadhelic (Field Spaniel) 

So typical of her breed and never put a foot wrong.  



1st Catterall & Jackson’s Golmas Guardsman (Golden Retriever) 

2nd Yacoub’s Laithmoor’s Red Grenadine (WSS) 


Judge Carol Benson