• Show Date: 17/06/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Bridget Croucher Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Japanese Spitz Club

to the committee and exhibitors for the warm, friendly welcome.  I thoroughly enjoyed my day. 

Minor Puppy Dog 2 (0) 

1st:  Bliss Charney Tamotsu – a very promising puppy.  Correctly shaped head with pleasing expression.  Good pigment.  Good ear set.  Well balanced with good firm body.  Correct coat.  Moved happily – RBD &  - BPIS. 

2nd:  Mott/Newton Anlemar New Beginnings – not as balanced as the winner but another with good body.  Happy dog who used his ears to advantage giving a typical expression.  Needs to strengthen in movement. 

Puppy Dog 1 (0) 

1st:  Turners Mayumi’s Simply the Best – 10 months with profuse coat.  I liked his head, good ear set, correct muzzle.  Well bodied.  Needs to strengthen in hind movement. 

Junior Dog 6 (0) 

1st:  Bliss Charney Chandresh – I liked his overall size and balance.  Lovely head and expression.  Excellent ear set, good muzzle.  Correct neck, good firm body, correctly made all through.  Good topline and tailset.  Very alert.  Flowed around the ring with a light, true gait.  Lovely dog and delighted to award him BD and BIS. 

2nd:  Bambridges Tartiko Singapore Sling – another of pleasing shape – in heavier coat than the winner.  Good ear set, alert.  Good body, correct topline, good feet.  Moved steadily. 

Novice Dog 3 (0) 

1st:  A New Beginnings 

2nd:  Turners Anlemar Noble Tadashi of Mayumi – pleasing head shape, good ears, deep chest, good coat, Ok for balance.  Unruly on the move but eventually managed to concentrate and keep 4 feet on the floor! 

Post Graduate Dog 4 (1) 

1st:  Bliss Glamglows Does It with Style at Charney – a well balance dog with lovely dark eyes, lovely expression.  Good ear set, correct body, good topline, pleasing feet.  Moved correctly, a pleasing exhibit. 

2nd:  Stokes Motts Super Trouper at Tundrasteppe – heavier than the winner.  I liked his head and expression.  Just wouldn’t relax and show himself off.  Moved OK but would have been such a different picture if he had been relaxed. 

Limit Dog 2 (0) 

1st:  Bliss Charney Secret Brilliance – I liked his shape and balance.  Pleasing head – would prefer a slightly darker eye.  Good ears.  His correct movement and presence won him this class. 

2nd:  Turners Anlemar Bold as Brass oy Mayumi – heavier dog in full coat – a steady mover.  Correctly shaped head, good pigment, correct earset.  Just needs a bit more oomph. 

Open Dog 1 (0) 

1st:  Maslowski & Craig-Woodwards Dunlins Noble Viking of Houndbrae – mature dog in excellent coat.  Good deep body, correct topline, good feet.  Well constructed throughout.  Moved correctly. 

Minor Puppy Bitch 3 (1) 

1st:  Gunns Anlemar Thumbelina – pretty baby with such a sweet expression.  Lovely pigment, good ear set.  Good body for age, correct topline and tailset.  Moved  with style.  Best Puppy Bitch. 

2nd:  Mott/Newtons Anlemar Moving On – litter sister to winner but not as forward.  A happy baby enjoying her day in the showring.  She moved happily – just needs to lose her puppy fat to give a more balanced outline. 

Puppy Bitch 2 (0) 

1st:  Turners Mayumi’s Too Hot to Handle – bags of character.  Pretty head, good body, pleasing coat.  Moved OK but handler would benefit from a looser lead to enable the exhibit to move more naturally in front. 

2nd:  Prouts Kessaku Tantrums and Tiaras – sweet bitch of lovely shape.  Good head and expression.  Excellent topline.  Out of coat and movement let her down on the day. 

Junior Bitch 4 (0) 

1st:  Bambridges Kessaku Betty Boop – of lovely size and shape.  Pretty head, good pigment, correct ear set.  Lovely coat, good topline and tailset.  Correct feet.  Moved correctly. 

2nd: Frasers Tawvale Daichi – another of good type.  Good topline, decent body, good feet.  Pretty head, alert expression.  Couldn’t match the winners movement today. 

Novice Bitch 2 (0) 

1st:  Mott/Newtons Cavitz White Diamond – full of mischief.  Good size and shape, correct neck, level topline.  Moved when and as she wished! 

2nd:  Nicholls Anlemar Over the Page – lots to like about this one.  Good shape, correct topline, a bit out of coat.  Reluctant to move after a bad experience but with lots of encouragement she will hopefully enjoy her showing once again. 

Post Graduate Bitch 3 (0) 

1st:  Bliss Charney Asterodea – full of quality.  Sweet head, lovely dark eyes, good ears, super alert.  Correct neck set on to correct shoulders, good body, level topline, good tailset, good feet.  Lovely light movement – BB. 

2nd:  Turners Glamglows’s All that Glitters at Mayumi – another pretty girl of heavier type than the winner and with more profuse coat.  Good head, correct pigmentation.  Would prefer better hind movement. 

Limit Bitch 5 (1) 

1st:  Bliss Charney Star Magnolia – a well made bitch with good expression and correct ear set.  Correct topline, pleasing coat.  Well bodied.  Moved very truly. 

2nd:  Nicholls Cavitz Take It Easy – not quite the head of winner but pleasing expression.  Alert with good ear set.  Correct topline.  Moved happily. 

Open Bitch 4 (0) 

1st:  Prouts Kessaku Sugar and Spice – up to size but pleasing head with good dark pigmentation.  Good ear set.  Very alert.  Excellent feet.  Correct topline and tailset.  Good body, by far the best mover in this class. 

2nd:  Frasers Tawvale Ami – of nice size with a very pretty head.  Good topline and balance.  Pleasing coat.  Somewhat lethargic on the move. 

Veteran Bitch 1 (0) 

1st:  Stokes Ch Devaldemar Krystal Charmer at Tundraseteppe – lovely exhibit.  Super coat, pretty head, excellent ears.  Good firm body, level topline. Good feet.  Moved so truly.  RBB 

Sp Beginners Dog 2 (0) 

1st:  G Making a Statement at M 

2nd:  A Bold as Brass of M 

Sp Breeders Dog (1) 

1st:  M Simply the Best 

Sp Beginners Bitch 1 (0) 

1st:  G All That Gillers at M 

Sp Breeders Bitch 1 (0) 

1st:  M Too Hot to Handle 

Brace 1 (0) 

1st:  Church – beautifully matched pair, so well schooled, a pleasure to watch them go round together. 

Junior Handler – 6-11 years 

1st:  Ryan Hook – a real showman making the best of his dog at all times.  Well done. 


Bridget Croucher - Judge