• Show Date: 03/11/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Brian Smith Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Whippet Club Of Scotland

Whippet Club of Scotland Limited Show 

Many thanks to the Committee for inviting me to judge, for the warm welcome and hospitality and lovely gifts I was given and of course to the exhibitors for their support with such a super quality entry. Thanks also to my two Stewards who did an excellent job. I thoroughly enjoyed my day. The quality of the dogs was extremely high and in some classes I really was spoilt for choice. All dogs were in super condition although there were some with untrimmed nails. 


Puppy Dog (3,1a)

1. Grant’s Copperfire Billy Elliott. A very striking dark blue and white puppy dog who I liked a lot. Caught my eye as soon as he entered the ring. Shapely boy, good size, well laid shoulders running into good length of back. His quality was evident. Nicely balanced overall. Moved and showed well. Pressed hard for Best Puppy. Delighted to award him BPD & RBPIS.

2. Leitch’s Donpipique Walk The Line. Different type to my winner but still a beautiful pup. Well balanced all through. Moved true.

Junior Dog (1,1a)

Maiden Dog (4,0a)

1. Grant’s Copperfire Billy Elliot.

2. McGaw’s Zacs’s Boy What A Star. A bigger dog. Strong neck running into well placed shoulders. Good depth of rib, strong loin, well balanced. Moved true and sound.

3. Leitch’s Donpipique Walk The Line.

Novice Dog (5,0a)

1. Martin’s Cornstalk Sat Nav at Lorabar. Attractive dog. Liked his head. Good depth to chest. Nice topline and strong loin. Well muscled. Lovely overall type. Moved true and sound covering the ground effortlessly. Very nicely made throughout.

2. Kallus’s Ballenbreich Rygel. Very similar type, well constructed and nicely balanced showing a pleasing profile picture, with curves in all the right places. Nicely arched neck, good depth of chest and well angulated rear. Moved true.

3. McGaw’s Zacs’s Boy What A Star.

Graduate Dog (5,0a)

1. Martin’s Cornstalk Sat Nav at Lorabar.

2. McKenzie’s Courtborne Timmy at Aberlark (IMP NOR). Another lovely quality dog. Heavier type to 1. Good bone and substance. Strong masculine head. Good layback of shoulder, nice outline. Strong body. Well muscled. Moved confidently and correctly.

3. Kallus’s Ballenbreich Rygel.

Limit Dog (5,2a)

1. Poole & Winkley-Balmer’s Edenwhip Quantum of Solace JW. Very smart brindle dog in good condition. Lovely head with super expression. Neat well placed ears. Deep brisket with pleasing outline. Strong neck flowing into good shoulders and strong hindquarters keeping a good profile on the move. Delighted to award him RBD.

2. Leathart & Skelley’s Ringmore Dalrymple. Well balanced dog with super masculine head and neat ears. Lovely topline and underline with strong hindquarters. Well handled and a good mover.

3. Third’s Windfly Onner Blue Moon at Bruntsfield.

Open Dog (7,0a)

1. Poole’s Crosscop No Matter What. This boy is out of the top drawer, very eye catching quality fawn which I have admired many times from the ring side. Super head with excellent expression. Beautifully balanced and masculine, lovely make and shape, super outline, excels in neck and shoulder. Everything in the right place. Moved effortlessly around the ring. His silhouette is quite impressive. Perfectly presented and handled to show off the best of him. A pleasure to judge. Delighted to award him BD & BIS.

2. Cuthbert’s Whipplei Body Of Proof At Lunaire. A very attractive boy who I liked a lot. Heavier built than 1. Super attractive head. Strong neck into well placed shoulders. Shapely hindquarters used well on the move covering the ground with ease. Honest dog with no exaggerations.

3. Arnold’s Charles Cymone Synergy (IMP POL) ShCM.

Veteran Dog or Bitch (10,4a)

1. Martin’s Piersland Iron Man at Lorabar ShCM. I have judged this boy before and still like him. 7 year old light fawn, so attractive and elegant, shapely body in excellent condition. Everything in the right place. Good topline and tuck up. Shapely hindquarters completed the picture. Moved round the ring with purpose and drive. Beautifully made all through. Delighted to award him BVIS.

2. Thomson’s Berwicklaw Harbour Master ShCM. 9 years old. Another lovely dog in excellent condition. Similar comments apply. Very well balanced and still looking good. Unlucky to meet 1 today.

3. Thomson’s Scottish Girl By Berwicklaw ShCM.


Puppy Bitch (5,1a)

1. Downing-Christie & Christie’s Zigouse Caught By The Wind. Very attractive nicely constructed brindle girl, lovely to go over. Prettiest of heads with sweet expression. She has good bone, pleasing front and a nice length of neck flowing into good clean shoulders. The more I looked at her the more I liked her. Very impressive in profile movement. A very promising puppy. Delighted to award her BPB and BPIS.

2. Leslie’s Agrith Ailis White Heart. Another very nice puppy who I liked for type. Lovely to go over. Not as mature as 1. Appealing head, curvy elegant outline, moved out with purpose. She just needs time. Lots to like.

3. Grant’s Copperfire Steel Magnolia.

Junior Bitch (3,1a)

1. Arnold’s Lucrezia Lysandra Synergy (IMP POL). Very attractive bitch. Liked her as soon as she entered the ring. Pretty head with sweet expression. Moved very well with good front extension and plenty of drive behind. Shown in lovely coat and condition. Quality girl.

2. Grant’s Veredon Knew You Were Waitin For Copperfire. What an eye catching girl, so elegant and lovely to go over. Fills the eye. Curvaceous and feminine. Absolutely spot on for size. Beautifully presented in gleaming condition. Moved out smoothly with a ground covering stride. I liked her a lot.

Maiden Bitch (6,3a)

1. Burton’s Adagio Altair (IMP SWE). Sweet feminine bitch with good head, neat ears, good length of neck running into well laid shoulders. Super for size. Deep in brisket with good topline and underline. Looked a picture stacked and moved out so well.

2. Grant’s Copperfire Steel Magnolia. Finer to 1, superb condition, lovely outline, feminine and good size, true on the move, sound and free. Beautifully presented. Elegant and graceful.

3. Dickson’s Silkspun Astral.

Novice Bitch (4,1a)

1. Burton’s Adagio Altair (IMP SWE).

2. Uytman & McKinstry’s Cornstalk Springtime. Lovely head with good neck and shoulder, plenty of depth with good rib. Good topline and rear quarters which she used so well on the move.

3. Dickson’s Glencoepeak Sunshine Over Silkspun.

Graduate Bitch (11,4a)

1. Glaholm’s Gazenorth Secret Identity. A super class and a joy to judge. Stunning bitch of excellent type, lovely head and expression. Good shoulder which showed on the move with excellent front reach. Deep ribcage with a lovely tuck up. So well constructed, a beautiful picture of balance and elegance. Flowing accurate mover. She is so nicely put together. Delighted to award her RBB.

2. Thomson’s Cornstalk Witchcraft By Berwicklaw. Another lovely girl who demands your attention in the ring. Very nicely made throughout. Balanced and typey. Moved with grace and ease. Similar attributes, just preferred head of 1.

3. Finch’s Jothryn Heaven Sent To Zenobia JW.

Limit Bitch (11,3a)

1. Smith’s Coynachie Call Me Crazy. Perfect for size, a lovely example of the breed. Feminine and balanced. Lovely lean head and dark eye. Excelled in overall body shape and construction. Moved so soundly and fluently with strong well angulated hindquarters. A quality girl.

2. MacBeth’s Liapau Ghost Warrior of Stenhound. A very attractive girl who really appealed to me. Super make and shape. Pleasing outline and strong hindquarters. Covered the ground so effortlessly. She holds herself very well on the move. Close decision.

3. Muir’s Citycroft Firenze For Loualba JW.

Open Bitch (10,3a)

1. Finch’s Danluke Lady Foxtrot at Zenobia JW & ShCM. I have judged this young lady before and she just gets better each time I see her. A picture of elegance. Excellent make and shape, unmistakably feminine, attractive head with sweet expression and neat rose shaped ears, dark pigment, perfect size, she oozes quality and femininity and was so pleased that she also moved correctly and soundly. Loved her type. Was delighted to award her BB, RBIS and BOS.

2. Smith’s Coynachie Crazy For Love. Another very striking and correctly made bitch. Lovely topline and good overall shape. Covered the ground with sound and free movement. Just preferred femininity of 1.

3. McKenzie’s Aberlark Cookies N Cream.

Judge: Brian Smith

Special Classes (Dog or Bitch)

Special Open Racing/Lure Coursing (25lb and under) (7,2a)

1. Leathart & Skelley’s Ringmore Day Lily. Nice shapely girl, good muscle, strong rear quarters, deep chest, moved true.

2. Dickson’s Glencoepeak Sunshine over Silkspun. Very similar attributes to winner. Well balanced. Both very nice whippets, just preferred outline of 1.

3. Third’s Tango Time of Bruntsfield.

Special Open Racing/Lure Coursing (over 25lb) (7,1a)

1. MacBeth’s Liapau Ghost Warrior of Stenhouse. Best Racing/Lure Coursing.

2. Leathart & Skelley’s Ringmore Dalrymple.

3. Leitch’s Silvibrin Orby.

Special Open Exhibit & Exhibitor Not Having Won a 1st at any Championship Show (3,0a)

1. Kallus’s Ballenbreich Rygel.

2. McGaw’s Zacs’s Boy What A Star.

3. Swan’s Morrelham Mejare at Cygnetsnest.

Special Open Solid Colour (12,7a)

1. Martin’s Piersland Iron Man at Lorabar ShCM.

2. Skelley’s Ringmore Fleur De Lys. Lovely girl with pretty head and neat ears, smaller type, nicely balanced overall and moved well.

3. Third’s Tango Time of Bruntsfield.

Special Open Particoloured (7,3a)

1. Cuthbert’s Whipplei Body of Proof at Lunaire.

2. Uytman & McKinstry’s Cornstalk Springtime.

3. Dickson’s Silkspun Astral.

Special Open Brindle (7,0a)

1. Martin’s Cornstalk Sat Nav at Lorabar.

2. Kallus’s Ballenbreich Rygel.

3. Arnold’s Lucrezia Lysandra Synergy (Imp Pol).

Progeny (1,1a)

Brace (5,2a)

1. Mr S K & Mrs E H Smith. (Best Brace)

2. Mrs V Leathart & Mrs A Skelley.

3. Mrs N Thomson.

Judge: Brian Smith