• Show Date: 22/04/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

South West Essex Canine Association


Junior (4, 1)

1st Denley – Zumarnik Dazzling Diva at Polonique (Maltese): Balanced head properties, gently rounded skull, well placed ears, very good pigment, good bite and sparkling dark eye with nicely defined halos. Good spring of rib, cobby body, all topped off with a lovely straight silky textured coat. Moved well displaying a balanced profile with a level topline and correctly carried well plumed tail. BAVNSC.

2nd Fredman – Edgewarebury Black Magic (Pekingese): Broad flat skull, open face and large lustrous eye, good open nostrils and well defined wrinkle. Wide ribs and pear shaped body, possessing a profuse black coat, good bone, heavy and well built. Moved well with a typical gait. ResBAVNSC.

3rd Monrose-Melinek – Rozinesestar Ross Superfly (Maltese).

Chihuahua L/C

Junior (3, 1)

1st Cater – Pixels Moonlight Express: Balanced head, domed skull, well defined stop, appealing expression and alert sparkling eye, good bite and well placed ears. Moved well maintaining a level topline.

2nd Cater – Pixels Love Charm: Nicely domed skull, correctly proportioned head, sparkling eye, well placed ears. Not so confident on the move.

Post Graduate (4, 1)

1st Lodwick – Pocoperro Leila: Smart performer, well rounded skull and definite stop. Large ears and good bite, alert expression, well placed sparkling eye. Good from all angles in movement showing good balance and proportions. BOB

2nd Milroy – Torre Del Pilar Eros Around Farthinghall: Had better head properties than 1, good soft texture coat, well constructed with a good profile on the move. Let himself down on the stand by being uncooperative for his handler.

3rd Wheeldon – Capevidles Stargazer.

Open (2, 1)

1st Lodwick – Pocoperro Alicia: Well proportioned head piece, good stop and sparkling eye, correctly placed ears, good soft coat, moved with confidence and a level topline. RBOB

Chihuahua S/C

Junior (1, 0)

1st Brown-Percival – Copymear Cactus Flower with Sandiman: All alone but a very good representative of the breed. Balanced head properties, good bite and stop, sparkling eye and domed skull with well placed ears. Very smart on the move maintaining level topline. BOB

Japanese Chin

Junior (1, 0)

1st O’Brien – Aleemia Starstruck: Nice eye and expression, well placed ears, large skull, good open nostrils, silky coat, front action a fraction loose otherwise moved OK. BP

Open (1, 0)

1st O’Brien – Godhemi Oklahoma at Dorcharday: A daintier version of the puppy winner and more typical of the breed. Nice expression and good head properties, silky coat and moved well on her hare feet. BOB


Puppy (4, 2)

1st Holman – Baromar Dubonet at Altina: Caught my attention as he entered the ring. Compact and short coupled orange/sable, lovely foxy head with bright sparkling eye, perfect bite, small neat ears, a short neck into well ribbed body and a wealth of coat. A free and accurate mover. BP, BOB

2nd Ciumakovaite – Baltijos Triumfas Angela Crème Elite: Very much a baby but pretty and a neat foxy head, nice eye and expression, small neat ear and good bite. Moved well on her cat like feet, just needs the coat to finish.

Junior (2, 0)

1st Holman – Altina’s Manhattan: Another that is well balanced and compact. An orange sable with neat ears, bright medium sized eye, good bite and appealing foxy expression. Good coat over a nicely ribbed body, moved well.

2nd Ciumakovaite – Baltijos Triumfas Angela Crème Elite.

Post Graduate (5, 1)

1st Holman – Altina’s Manhattan.

2nd Ciumakovaite – Baltijos Triumfas Angela Crème Elite.

3rd Hills &Smail – Vivica Fox at Toybox.

Res. Chopping – Cavabina Over The Moon at Goldfox.

Open (3, 0)

1st Hills – Toybox Lucifer Among Sharhazlah: Smart and compact Black, good bite, neat ears and sparkling eye. Ample coat covering a correctly proportioned body. Moved well on fine boned limbs. RBOB

2nd Holman & Roberts – Ch Misteriya Del Esto Orion at Altina: A stately cream/sable with a good bite, expressive eye and neat ears. Well coated and moved freely.

3rd Ciumakovaite – Baltijos Triumfas Angela Crème Elite.


Junior (2, 1)

1st Fredman – Edgewarebury Red Riot: A good solid boy, large expressive dark eye, nice broad round skull, good open nostrils, clearly defined wrinkles, broad and cobby body, well sprung ribs, moved well on strong legs. RBOB

Post Graduate (1, 0)

1st Saffer – Bilohka GI Baby at Ragemma JW: Square and cobby, this young lady commands attention with her appealing expression, sparkling dark eye and clearly defined wrinkles. Her open nostrils, soft ears and correct bite enhance the appeal. Her fawn jacket is a fine soft coat over a well ribbed body and she moves on strong limbs with the typical, slightly rolling gait. BOB

Open (1, 0)

1st Fredman – Edgewarebury I’m Your Man: Firm bodied, typical head and appealing dark eye, good nostrils and well wrinkled face. Nicely ribbed body, good black coat and moved well on strong legs.

AV Toy

Junior (3, 2)

1st Holman – Altinas Morgana (Pomeranian): Compact orange youngster, bright eyed and expressive, neat ears and good bite, very pretty with a good coat. Presented a balanced profile on the move which was confident and true.

Post Graduate (1, 0)

1st Wheeldon – Capevidles Stargazer (Chi L/C): A very appealing head and eye, good apple dome shape and defined stop, good bite and moved well maintaining a level topline on the move and standing.

Toy Group

Gp 1 - Saffer – Bilohka GI Baby at Ragemma JW (Pug).

Gp2 - Holman – Baromar Dubonet at Altina (Pomeranian).

Gp3 - Denley – Zumarnik Dazzling Diva at Polonique (Maltese).

Gp4 - Holyland – Dolgozhdannaia Udacha Kara (Russian Toy). Elegant and lively, fine red coat, lean muzzle, good scissor bite, large erect ears, nicely fringed, head carried proudly, fine boned, level topline and lively brisk and accurate movement.

Toy Puppy Group

Gp1 - Holman – Baromar Dubonet at Altina (Pomeranian).

Gp2 - Milroy – Farthinghall By Fly (Papillon). Just a baby but shows much promise, lovely texture coat, fine and dainty tri, balanced head, sparkling dark eye, large round tipped mobile ears, medium neck leading to a level topline. Moved with every confidence.

Gp3 - Denley – Zumarnik Dazzling Diva at Polonique (Maltese).

Gp4 - O’Brien – Aleemia Starstruck.

Brian Lees