• Show Date: 21/10/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Bev Dummett Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Cocker Spaniel Club Of Scotland

Many thanks to the cocker club for inviting me to judge at this well run show held in lovely surroundings. The Scottish hospitality was first class and topped off with a lovely gift. Thanks also to my efficient stewards and to the exhibitors for bringing quality dogs making for some tight decisions.

Veteran dog, (2) 1st Craigdean Callimakokr At Luanshya, blue roan, 8 years young, handsome head, good reach of neck with correct lay back of shoulder, good bone and substance, moved well holding topline, lovely lad in immaculate coat and condition. 2nd , Kirlinjis date to stare, another lovely 8 year old blue/roan, similar to 1 but just preferred overall balance of 1,nice head and expression, again good reach of neck, moved with purpose. Had some of his progeny winning later on which shows he is throwing type. Both dogs a credit to their owners.

Minor Puppy dog, (4). 1st and BPIS, Craigdean willie nelson, handsome headed blue roan, good reach of neck and well placed shoulders, well off for rib and depth of chest,tight feet, happy mover, in good coat and condition. 2nd, Misperros Starquest, another lovely blue roan puppy just not as mature in body in 1st, presents good profile, compact and square with good neck and shoulders, also moved well. 3rd, Charbonnel time n tide.

Puppy dog, (2, both a).

Junior dog, (4, 2a). 1st and Res best dog, Pearkin pokeman at Luanshya, gorgeous orange/roan boy, handsome in head, liked his expression, so well balanced in body, good neck and shoulders, correct topline and tailset, in fabulous coat and condition, well handled and learned afterwards these wins gave him his JW. One destined for great things. 2nd, Ryallcourt tan about town at Scomar, tri dog, lots to like, well off for bone and substance, good front and depth of rib, gleaming coat, very close to 1, but on the day I just preferred head of 1. 2 quality dogs.

Yearling dog, (2) same results as Junior dog.

Novice dog, (1) Ryallcourt tan about town.

Grad, black/ red/liver etc dog, (1) 1st Briconess solar flare, dark gold dog, nice head but would prefer softer expression, compact in body and well off for bone, moved well holding topline, tight feet, nicely handled. In lovely bloom.

Grad, AOC 1st Pearkim pokeman at L.

Post grad dog, (2, 1a) , 1st Kirlinjis made you look JW, and I certainly did. Lovely head and expression on this blue roan, scored in shoulder and rib, compact in body, nicely angulated behind and holds topline on the move. In fab condition. Close up for top honours. See he is son of 2nd in veteran.

Limit dog, (1) 1st Totenkopf Dutch Magician JW, Quality black boy, masculine head, good length of neck and correct lay of shoulders, well off for bone and substance, moved with drive and in good coat and condition, also close up for top honours.

Open dog, (2), 1st and BIS, Gallingos Goldfinger, Gorgeous gold boy, handsome head and expression, all male, loved his profile when stacked and on the move, good depth of chest and rib, nicely angulated, tight feet, moved with drive and happy wagging tail, first class handling and presentation, I was pleased to award him the top spot in a close run contest. 2nd Totenkopf Magic touch JW, correctly marked B/T boy, again all male and I see is sire of limit winner so is passing on his qualities, well balanced throughout, moved merrily with drive, just preferred size and coat of winner.

Veteran bitch (2) 1st and Best veteran in show, Kirlinjis Ghostly glow, Wow what a cracker, 13 years young and showed like a youngster, full of breed type, compact in body,lovely head and expression, moved out with drive and wagging tail. 2nd Shoogsea Peach striesand, o/roan, slightly longer cast than 1st, but has good body and bone, nicely angulated, gleaming coat and condition, well handled. Like the boys, both a credit to owners.

Minor Puppy bitch (6, 3a). 1st and BPB, Culburnie nice n square of Kenwad, and she certainly is. Blue roan pretty girl, scored in head and expression, good length to neck, moved well holding level topline, lovely silky coay, nicely handled. 2nd Shoogsea bibidi bodidi boo, o/r girl, bit longer cast than 1 and more heavy in head but lots to like, well laid shoulders, good rear angulation, moved with purpose. 3rd Lynwater sea kale, completed a trio of exciting pups.

Puppy bitch(5, 3a) 1st Culburnie nice n square. 2nd, Carmelfair ma Cherie of Rosecourt, pretty girl, good bone and body, compact, moved out holding topline, just preferred outline of 1 but very close up. Nicely handled.

Junior bitch,(2) 1st and Res BIS, Totenkopf Ditch divine and she certainly is divine, Classy black girl, feminine head with soft expression, well off for bone, compact in body, holds lovely outline on the move, tight feet, in good coat and condition and headed a line up of quality bitches. 2nd Carmelfair true colours, larger girl than 1st and slightly heavier in head for me, scores in chest and body, well angulated rear, nicely handled, moved with drive, happy girl.

Yearling bitch (2) 1st Kenwad guchi boo of Donherl, Pretty headed blue roan girl, kind eye and expression, compact in body and good neck and shoulders, for me tailset little high, well handled. 2nd Lynlochan Classic moment, tri roan, longer cast than 1 and stronger in head, but has good bone and substance, well laid shoulders and good angulation, in lovely coat and condition.

Maiden bitch (3, 2a) 1st Lynwater minuet, nice blue roan, would prefer more length to foreface but has kind eye and expression, good spring of ribs and length of neck, has time on her side, well handled.

Novice bitch, (2) 1st T Dutch divine, 2nd Lynwater Symphony, pretty headed o/roan, well boned, compact in body, deep chest, moved with purpose, unlucky to meet 1 today, her day will come I’m sure.

Grad bitch, black red gold etc, (2, 1a), Kenan Lorona black girl with shiny silky coat, substantial body, liked her head, neck and shoulders, moved well but little proud of her tail.

Grad bitch AOC, (2,) 1st Kirlinjis made you stare, pretty blue roan, kind dark eyes, square muzzle, compact in body holding correct profile on the move, good rear and angulation, in good coat and condition, well muscled up. 2nd, Elroamy bottoms up at Misperros, another pretty blue roan, not the coat of 1st and not as positive on the move, but again has kind eyes and expression, deep chest, well laid shoulders and good rear. Well handled.

Post grad bitch (4) 1st Kirlinjis dare to be made, gorgeous blue roan, sister to 1st in previous class and very similar, has more furnishings so more the finished article, moved with purpose holding lovely outline, close up for top honours, another day. 2nd Della Fiumana time to rock, Imp, nice size and shape, little out of coat as not long had a litter, liked her head, neck and shoulders . moved with drive. 3rd Lynwater Clotted cream .

Limit bitch, (3, 1a) 1st Craigdean Pandora, lovely balanced blue roan, cobby body, good bone and substance, good angulation, nice tight feet, in lovely bloom. Holds topline on the move. Another close up for best bitch. 2nd Carmelfair Calabrianna, pretty girl, but just slightly preferred head of 1st, compact body and well off for bone, moved with drive holding topline and wagging tail. Little more coat will finish the picture.

Open bitch, (2) 1st and res BB, Meden agan love me do, quality black girl, has super front assembly with good depth of chest, holds correct outline on move, in fabulous coat and condition, pushed junior winner hard and was splitting hairs for the final decision. Professionally handled. 2 Misperros silver lining at Carmelfair, light blue roan, finer than 1, has good overall body shape, nice head and expression, well sprung ribs, well rounded rear and moved with purpose. In lovely coat and condition.