• Show Date: 29/07/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Bev Dummett Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Dorset County Canine Society

Thank you to the committee for their invitation and wonderful hospitality. They were up against it as the weather turned from heatwave to torrential rain which accounted for some absentees. Big thanks to my efficient and expert steward, Chris, who kept everything running smoothly. I enjoyed my day.


Hungarian Vizsla: 1st and BOB, Wilkins & Littlers, Kensteen Ash, promising young dog, needs to mature up in body, but has lovely head, kind eye and expression, good reach of neck and depth of chest, well handled showing good profile movement. Fit for function.

Flat Coat Retriever,PG, 1st & BOB Leggs Clandrift dark lady, preferred her topline and substance to 2nd, racy, bright and happy girl full of quality, clean outline on the move. 2nd and res BOB, Knights Draketor Dartmoor fern, another happy quality girl, nicely moulded head, good neck and ribs, also fit for function. Carrying a lot of coat.

Curly coat retriever, open, 1st & BOB & Group 1. Mistlins Maycourt starman by Crookwood, shcm, my find of the day, took my eye on entering the ring. Handsome liver boy, with correct coat type, well off for bone and substance, wedge shaped head with kind eye, nice tight elbows, deep chest, powered round the ring to take top spot in a strong group.

GSP, Open, 1st and BOB. Cox Viewforth the Rodders, Sound boy, well muscled up and in good show condition, short backed, shoulders well angulated as were hindquarters, Handler could move slightly quicker so dog can move out a tad more to reach his potential gaiting.

Pointers, quality dogs present today making hard decisions.

1, Res BOB, Matthews Medogold Tartini with Sonham, have admired this bitch at shows and was pleased to be able to judge her and was not disappointed. Scored in head and outline, good layback of shoulder and upper arm and slightly more mature at this stage than 2nd who pressed hard all the way. Shown in rock hard condition, one to watch. 2nd, Rankines Fyldefair Apricot fudge, another quality girl, so close to 1st, liked her head and outline too, well handled to show her attributes. Both exciting propects for the future.3, BPIB, Byphar Bombay surprise, not as mature as first two, but completed a lovely trio.

PG, 1st, BOB & Group 2, Rankines Fyldefair Centrefold, this breeder certainly breeds to type, really loved this girl, b/w, classic graceful outline, lovely head,, neck and shoulders, flashy on the move, well muscled up. Another with a good career ahead of her. Open, abs.

Golden Retrievers, another quality breed here today.

1st , BPIB &puppy G1, Russells Rosinate Mirabelle, stunning pup of 7 months, lovely coat and condition, loved her head, kind eye and expression, scored in body over her sister. Correct body proportions, moved with power and drive. 2 Rosinate crystal clear, sister to 1, lighter in colour and bit longer in body at this stage, but both very promising and will change places many times Im sure. A good litter.

Junior,Clunie Warrentor Caipirinha, Liked overall profile of this girl, compact in body, lovely head, good coat and condition, shown with confidence, powerful mover. 2,Coles Rooksbury Phantasia, little unsure of herself as she had been frightened day before by fireworks, lots to like though, hopefully she will be back to normal soon. Sympathetically handled and shown in good condition. 3 Hockings, Kaspurgold Rizzini.

Yearling, 1st & BOB. Brewers Stracot Three wishes, gorgeous girl, short coupled, deep chest, well off for bone, level topline, cat feet, good coat and condition and well handled to take BOB and a group shortlist. 2 W Caaipirinha, 3, R Phantasia.

PG, 1st S Three wishes, 2, Smiths Eldersfield oly smoke, BOS, big chap, but too much of him for my taste, but has lovely nature, showed well, lovely coat. Strong bone, cat feet.

Open. 1st Res BOB, Clunie Warrentor Maplemoon, quality girl, scored in head and eye, compact body, good rib, waggy tail, loved her dark colour too. Well handled and moved with power and purpose. Close up to BOB.

AVNSC Gundog, Quality classes.

Puppy, 1st and Puppy g3, Shiptons Field, Winterbourne true love for Mishules, lovely black puppy, so naughty at times but such a character, liked her head and noble expression, well chiselled. Correct dentition, good size and holds outline on the move. Promising youngster.

Yearling, 1st and res NSC, Mcallisters Lagotto, Mizani diorbe of Slovakia, eyecatching youngster, moved freely with drive, dense curly coat, compact in body with powerful handquarters, strong in bone. Liked this one a lot.

Open,1st and best NSC Powells Bracco Madreliaths Ommaggio, 4 year old quality bitch, just up to size but so powerful and fit for function. Liked her head and classy outline, well laid shoulders and good bend of stifle. Well handled. Flagged a bit in the group later, but made my shortlist. 2 Stones WSS Stedigan all in good time for Merrem, flashy lad, nice head and expression, gleaming coat, moved well holding topline, was unlucky to meet the Bracco and Lagotto, but these could change places on another day. 3 Hopkiln great Beatrice. Lagotto.

Gundog Veteran, what a class. All dogs looked so good for their age, credit to their owners, a pleasure to judge these oldies.

1st Rankines Tenshilling rags to riches at Fyldefair, stunning pointer that I have done well before and cant believe she now in veteran. Is the dam of my BOB and her sister and is certainly passing on breed type, classic profile on the stack, effortless movement and shown in hard condition. 2 Waldens Fielgar Majestic legend, 10 year old yank, in fabulous coat, moves out well holding correct gentle sloping topline, short back and good rib, head bit strong for my taste, but can see why he is having a stellar veteran career. 3, Stones Stedigan pipers piping for Merren, WSS, also quality exhibit, unlucky to meet the first 2. Another day.

AV Gundog, puppy, strong class. 1st Bakers Harpitts minnine mack, choc boy, substantial body, scores in head and forechest, lovely coat, otter tail well muscled up, moved out well with purpose, 2 Holloways Gordon, Lourdacre Headliner, rangy but promising pup, once fully mature will trouble the best for sure, liked his profile and movement. Just pipping a lovely pointer to 3rd. B B surprise.

Yearling, hard class as all at different stages of development. 1, Perry Weipowa lock & load, 2 Kerslake Kuantan Cosworth, 2 weimaraner boys, lots to like but I preferred the head and topline of winner but 2nd had slightly better rear today. Both well muscled up and fit for purpose. 3 Konakakela just meant to be, Irish Setter.

Group:1, Curly,2, Pointer, 3, Irish Setter Maples Siochanna celtic sapphire, eyecatching racy girl, well handled, in fabulous bloom, moved out well to take this place.,4, Weimaraner. Powell & Tatums Weltguish Amy, mature girl in her prime, correct body proportions, liked her outline especially on the move, fit for function, again well handled.

Puppy group, 1, Goldie, 2, Lab, Wallace Tiaja live in the sun, yes loved her, 11 months and maturing nicely, good bone and substance, moved well. 3, Field, 4, Rimmer & Phillips Tivalake youre the top, Nova Scotia. Completed a line up of quality pups, just not as forward as the winners, but lots to like. Lovely temperament. Res BOB Stakes, Pointer, M Tartini , just pipped the lovely Irish to take this.

Puppy stakes, what a great class, bodes well for the future. 1st Samoyed, Wilcox Dynar first love, Gorgeous girl, has happy Sammy smile, great coat and condition, correct body proportions for age, showed her socks to take this tough class and then went BPIS. Well done. 2 Greyhound, Howlett, Boggia Koulermos Inas fashion dedicated to Broughton imp deu, a breed I have always liked and this one is a stunner,nothing to hide here, brindle, classic outline and head, very well handled. Later won hound puppy group. 3 Field W true love for m.

Special Beginners stakes, wow, what a class and Im sure most of these wont be in this class for much longer. 1 Pointer, M Tartini for w s. 2 Silsburys Shih Tzu Jadoremy thunderbolt zuse shcm, what a stunner this lad was, groomed to perfection but a good dog under that coat, Well handled to secure his place. 3, Mullins Irish Setter Heathclare Duckies, fabulous Irish Setter.