• Show Date: 13/10/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Bev Dummett Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Grantham & District Canine Society


Many thanks to the committee for inviting me to judge this well run show and to the exhibitors for a bumper entry of quality dogs. There was a good atmosphere round the ring with plenty of applause.

GOLDEN RETS: I was pleased with the depth of quality in these well filled classes and some good dogs went cardless. It’s a shame we don’t adopt the FCI system of grading as then exhibitors would know what the judge thought of their dog, whether it be excellent, very good etc even if their dog didn’t get a placing. Makes it more worthwhile competing, in my opinion. , I was looking for a short coupled dog with good depth of chest and well sprung ribs, well off for bone and fit for purpose . I found this in the majority of exhibits.All had fabulous temperments.

Puppy (11, 3a) Wonderful class of pups to start the day. Found my puppy group winner here. 1st, BPIB , PG1, Sansue keep the magic, handsome lad loved his head and expression, looked good stacked and moved well for one so young. Had the qualities I was looking for and continuing showing later to take the puppy group. 2nd, Terra di Siena Lorenzo at Swanavon, Imp esp, another lovely lad with similar qualities as 1st, but just preferred expression of 1. This import will certainly be an asset to breeding programmes. 3rd, Baricia Emporio Diamond.

Junior, (13, 1 a) Another fabulous class. 1st Terra Fiora Vlanti Delimar, Imp, lovely cream bitch, liked her profile when stood and on the move, good depth of chest and rib,kind head and expression well handled to take this strong class and the next. 2nd, Peersbrook game set match, handsome boy, well off for bone, another with good chest and ribs, moved with drive, unlucky to meet 1. 3rd, Terra di Siena Lorenao at Swanavon.

Yearling (10, 5a) 1st, 2nd and 3rd, repeat from Junior class.

Post grad (11, 1a) 1st and BOB, Mavistan Nearco at Swanavon, 3 year old chap, in his prime, well balanced head with kind eye, good bone and substance, looked a picture stood and moved with drive, in good coat and condition, well handled. 2nd, Terra Fiora Vlanti Delimar, shame didn’t challenge for res BOB. 3rd Lamancha keep the faith.

Open (4, 3a) 1st and res BOB, Rocamoka Harbour lights, 4 year old lady also in her prime, full of type and well off for bone, lovely head and eye, preferred the dogs shorter coupling for BOB, shown in good coat and condition.

IRISH SETTERS: Small but quality entry. Junior, (3, 1a) 1 Glenvarna Santa Barbara, 2 Glenvarna Monterey, litter mates. Although the boy was more mature in body , he wouldn’t keep his head up on the move so lost his profile enabling his sister to take the class and BPIB. Both still raw but lots to like , loved their heads and profiles when stood.

Post grad (2, 1a) 1st and BOB Gwendariff in the limelight with Gilliegrae, handsome boy with clean, racy outline,good depth of chest, in lovely coat and condition, holds topline stacked and on the move. Well handled. Open, (abs)

WEIMARANER: More quality dogs in these classes. All fit for function. Junior ( 8, 1a). 1st, BOB and G4, Schonhund Showdolly, Quality girl, with clean reach of neck leading to good shoulders and correct length of back. Held outline when stacked and on the move, well handled and moved effortlessly round the ring. Liked her a lot. 2nd, & res BOB, Silberliss summer of love, another quality girl not quite as mature in body as 1st, but built on similar lines. Pleasing head with elegant expression. Moved out well holding topline, well handled. 3rd , BPIB and PG4, Almoor Macey Gray, promising puppy with lots of potential,

Post grad( 7, 1a) 1st and 2nd repeat of junior. D, Schohund show la dive loca.

Open. (3, 1a) 1st Schonhund Showsabatical, lovely girl by a dog I have often admired, Showvanist, he has passed his qualities on. Correct body proportions, elegant head, good length of neck and depth of chest, however on the day was roaching topline a tad on the move so lost out on BOB and res BOB, another day could be different. 2nd, Oakswarren Ice Maiden, well balanced body but I preferred forechest and shoulders of 1, pleasing outline when stacked and on the move. Nicely handled.

POINTERS; A variance in type in some classes. Junior, (4, 1a) The first 2 here were of similar type and mould, whilst the 3rd will appeal to other judges. We all interpret the standard in different ways and place emphasis on different breed points. 1st, BPIB, Fisherbloom Rencountered, black/ white boy, liked his outline, scored in shoulder placement and reach of neck, good depth of chest, good turn of stifle, well handled. 2nd Bradgate victory salute to Roughpoint, another classy b/w pup, just lost out to 1st on maturity as not yet sprung in rib and filled out in body, but has lots of promise. Also well handled and retained profile on the move. 3rd, Dacan sharp spear.

Post grad,(4) 1st Pennystone Shamrock, lovely o/w girl, really liked her head and reach of neck. Hold lovely outline, has good depth of chest and good tuck up. 2nd, Millpoint some like it hot, just out of puppy so lost out in maturity of body to 1st, but holds classic outline both stood and on the move and one for the future for sure. 3rd Bradgate take to the hills.

Open, (6, 2a). Quality class, was splitting hairs between the first 3. 1st, BOB & G3, Fydal Caprio at Salmonmist JW, quality o/w chap, loved his outline, so classic with depth of chest and tuck up, whilst maintaining topline. Well muscled up and shown in hard condition. 2nd and res BOB, Medogold Tartini with Sonham JW, b/w I have judged recently and still love her, so unlucky to come up against 1st today who just pipped her on maturity as more finished in body. Another with classic outline, good shoulders and neck and lovely head. One who will reach the top Im sure. 3, Meadowpoint spirit of love, completed a stunning trio.

AVNSC Gundog, Wow, the day got better with even more wonderful dogs in these classes.

Puppy, (4, 2a) 2 gorgeous pups, both enjoying their day out , which is how it should be. 1st BP, Clumber Suelynda Tomahawk over Dimenglo, 8 months old, but already showing promise, dignified head and expression on this boy, liked his depth of chest and shoulders, long but balanced in body and moved out well. 2nd Italian Spinone, Trepur Luthien Tinuviel, o/r, pretty head and expression, nice in outline, thick skin and good coat texture, at that leggy stage but lots to like and also shows promise. Nicely handled.

Junior (8, 3a) All 5 could have taken this class such was the quality, today 1st and Res BNSC was the English Setter, Wansleydale magic rose, orange girl whom I have admired earlier in the year, in fabulous bloom today and showing her socks off. Loved her head, so feminine, presents a good outline and moved so well. 2nd Flat Coat ret Lizzlog brewing bettie, racy girl, who also presented a classic outline, kind head and expression, well muscled up, typical wagging tail, just not as mature in body as 1, 3rd: GWP, Beechillawn Amarillo starlight of Shirostar, stunning girl, so unlucky to meet winners.

Post grad (8, 2a) 1st Sussex Spaniel Narddamway chasing the pace, scores in head and expression, at 4 years old coming into her prime,strong boned and well muscled up moved as a sussex should slow with a roll. 2nd, Irish red white setter, Corranroo Clooney of Annagh, happy chap, strong muscular body with well laid shoulders and deep chest, nicely handled. 3rd,WSS Bichere Essex skipper.

Open (8, 3a) What a class and here I found my star of the day. 1st, BNSC, and Group 1. The fabulous Bracco, Owlspoint trouble at Mill. Have admired this boy before and was so pleased to be able to judge him. Full of breed type from his nose to tail, has typical bracco head and powerful body, Really came into his own on the move today, professionally handled, Should make up for sure. 2nd, Irish red white, Gilliegrae swift n’chic, classy girl, feminine head, good through neck, shoulders and body, in lovely coat and condition, pressed hard for res Bnsc. 3rd, GWP, Beechillawn Im free with Shirostar.

Gundog Veteran, (5, 1a). 1st Pointer, Meadowpoint spirit dancer, almost 10 years but doesn’t look it at all. b/w, with classic pointer outline, good chest, shoulders and tuck up. Moved like a youngster. 2nd Goldie Putjade picture a sunset over Valsims, also 10 years old, in lovely coat, good in body but just loosing topline a little. 3rd Lab, Mattand goldfinger. All owners should be proud how well these dogs are for their age.

Gundog Import, (1) Slovakian rough haired pointer, Stormdancer Coral, what a lovely girl, often the import dogs get overlooked but this one really takes your eye. Loved her shape and profile, shoulders well laid, scores in ribcage and hold topline. Good coat texture. So well handled she comes alive on the move and this earned her a group shortlist.

GROUP: 1st Bracco, 2nd Hung Vizsla, Sh Ch Vizslanya Vivmany by Highforce, easy to see why she is a champion and gave the Bracco a good run for his money. She has that look at me appeal and full of show attitude whilst being full of breed type. I admired her dam when I used to show in the west country and can see she has passed on her qualities. 3, Pointer. 4 Weimaraner. I also shortlisted the GSP and Slovakian RH Pointer, also considered Irish Setter and Goldie.

PUPPY Group, 1st Goldie. 2nd Hung Vizsla, Dallandor apple of roughshoot. 7 month old, so feminine, has lots of promise at this stage, moved out well. 3, GSP, Easesprings Oberon at Nuash, just 6 months old, liked his shoulders, chest and body proportions. Change of handler for final run round put him ahead of the stunning weim pup . 4 Weimaraner. Also considered Clumber and Lab pups.