• Show Date: 28/12/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Bethan Evans Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Ashbourne & District Canine Society

Ashbourne & District Canine Society

28th December 2018

CKCS Puppy

1st Miller & Ryan’s Cavallibrook Celtic Kiss Beautiful female  who is well balanced and oozing with quality. Large dark  eyes give her a lovely soft and gentle expression. Excellent forehand. Good body, well ribbed and short coupled. Moved well with a free driving action and her silky coat was presented to best advantage. Best of Breed & Best Puppy in Breed

2nd Watts’s Jamesbonny Master Lucus An attractive and well marked blenheim. Good head with nice eye and excellent pigmentation. Good body and short coupled with firm topline. Moved soundly once settled and shown in good coat.

CKCS Junior

1st Miller & Ryan’s Cavallibrook Celtic Kiss

1st in puppy class

CKCS Special Yearling

1st Watts’s Culverwood Belle Starr From Jamesbonny An exciting youngster with the most lovely head and gentle expression. Soundly made with well laid shoulder, short coupled and well ribbed. In first class condition. Moved out really well with a free, driving action.

2nd Whitman & Tarabad’s Khatini Amber Lynne Jw She too excels in head and expression with a lovely eye and excellent pigmentation. Very good forehand with well laid shoulders and well bodied. Moved well with a free sound action and shows to best advantage.

CKCS Post Grad

1st Mattock’s Pamedna George Harrison At Leybourne Very shapely and well balanced with a good head and expression. Short coupled and well ribbed. Moved soundly


1st Whitman & Tarabad’s Khatini Bark Obama Jw . Beautifull male, gorgeous head and expression. Large dark eyes and first class pigmentation. Good forehand with well laid shoulder and strong, well ribbed body. Moved out well with a smooth flowing action and plenty of drive. His soft, silky coat was spotless and gleaming

Maltese Junior

1st Welbourn’s Zumarnik Cheerleader An object lesson in presentation on this young female, with the most beautiful silky coat. Lovely head and expression with excellent pigmentation, dark oval eye and good neck and shoulders. Firm topline  good spring of rib with a strong cobby body. Coat of correct texture , nice tail set and carriage .Sound free mover. Best of breed & Best Puppy in Breed

2nd Bagguley’s Kenaiteen Love Affair This smart youngster scored here with his dark oval eye, excellent pigmentation and haloes. Attractive, masculine head, decent neck and good forehand. Well angulated hindquarters with some muscle. Good coat and presentation

Res Best of Breed

Maltese Post Grad

1st Bagguley’s Kenaiteen Love Affair

2nd in Puppy

Maltese Open

1st Bagguley’s Kenaiteen Love Affair

2nd in Puppy

Papillon Junior

1st Miller & Ryan’s Feorlig Smart Cookie This puppy has a great future. Pretty head, correct pigmentation, scissor bite and medium length of neck pleasing skull shape, good ear placement, lovely eyes and expression. Correct shoulders and front with fine bone. Well-balanced body and good well developed turned stifle and good tail plume with excellent fringing. Pleasing hindquarters. Moved with free flowing and smart movement . Will watch her progress with interest. Best Puppy in Breed and Res Best of Breed

2nd Lees’s Farthinghall Chose To Fly With Lafford Another beautiful bitch of excellent quality, good profile on and of the table, nice expression good dentition, correct scissor bite , correct length of muzzle with nicely defined stop , good pigmentation,  nice dark eyes, good spring of rib correct , level topline and correct tail set and carriage,  covered in a  well groomed coat of excellent quality. On the move showed good drive keeping a level top line

3rd Collins’s Jorgealin Fire Magic At Steeplehouse

Papillon Post Grad

1st Nash’s Ookimimi Just Imagine Elegant and dainty with a very pretty head and expression. Good neck and shoulders with level topline and well set tail. Sound on the move.

Papillon Open

1st Miller & Ryan’s Feorlig Wake Up Maggie Jw Very elegant and dainty with a lovely head and expression. Well fringed, mobile ears. Finely boned with well shaped feet. Good body with adequate depth of chest and good spring of rib. Silky fine coat. Keen and alert she was on her toes all the time and well deserved the Best of Breed

2nd Lees’s Lafford Penny Black Another beautiful papillion with a lovely head and expression with correct ear set and shape with good fringing and she is shown in beautiful coat and condition. Well bodied with a good tail set and carriage. Moved soundly and with style

3rd Wiggins’s Rozamie Monsieur Arthur For Scapafield Jw

Pomeranian Junior

1st Pickerling’s Leahcartoys Sprout Fury Pleasing for both balance and type. Compact and cobby with a good head and expression, dark intelligent eye. Coat of good texture and presented and moved to best advantage

2nd Light’s Goldenleas Little Missy A lovely puppy of good quality and type. Very pretty head and expression, well balanced and compact, well ribbed body. Very sound on the move and a lovely character displaying the activity and buoyancy called for in the standard. Best Puppy in Breed

Pomeranian Post Grad

1st Pickerling’s Leahcartoys Bella Bamino A well balanced bitch on top form and condition. Pleasing head, very good body, well ribbed with good barrel. Moves out well with a light pleasing action and her good textured coat is presented to advantage. Res Best of Breed

Pomeranian Open

1st Pickerling’s Billijees Dare To Dream At Leahcartoys A glamorous dog with a good head, fine muzzle and very good mouth. Decent depth of chest and well ribbed body with high set tail, good textured coat was presented to perfection. Strong hindquarters with good muscle tone. Very satisfying on the move with his sound light buoyant action. Best of Breed

Judge Miss B. S Evans