• Show Date: 08/04/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Becky Johnson Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla Club of Great Britain


8TH APRIL 2018

I considered it a great honour to be asked to judge at this show and would like to thank Terry Pearson and his committee for the invitation and the amazing hospitality throughout the day. Especial thanks to Gill Pearson for stewarding. Thank you to all those who afforded me the privilege of judging your dogs - I thoroughly enjoyed my day and meeting you all.

Veteran Dog (2)

1st Whiting - Ir Ch Hejocsabai Turul at Cragvallie (Imp Hun). Up to size but within the standard. Good head shape with slightly rounded skull and slight stop. Strong neck leading to well placed shoulder and deep chest. Would like a little more length in ribcage as he is more square in outline than my ideal. Level topline with slight slope of croup. Well made hindquarters with well placed hocks. Harsh coat. Moved on a good length of stride. BVD

2nd Whiting - Zoldmali Vadasz at Cragvallie (Imp Hun). Smaller size than winner and I preferred his height to length proportions. Pleasing head shape although slightly full in eye. Not quite the layback of shoulder as the winning dog. Well ribbed back and short loin leading through to correct bend of stifle. On the move he did not have the front extension of the winner.

Puppy (0)

Yearling (2, 1)

1st Spillane - Belatarr Jupiter. At just over 12 months this dog is plenty big enough for my preference. Good head shape with slight stop and strong muzzle. Clean neck leading through to well laid shoulder. Elbows close to brisket with straight forelegs and correct upright pasterns. Reasonable spring of rib. I would prefer a shorter loin. In side profile movement he showed a good reach of stride - just slightly close going away. Good coat texture.

Graduate (2, 1)

1st Mitchell - Herlinga Herbert. Two year old dog who for me is exactly the right size. Well shaped head with slightly rounded skull and moderate stop. A little upright in shoulder and I would prefer more depth of brisket. Excellent forelegs with upright pasterns. Correct topline and tail set with well made hindquarters. Excellent coat texture. Profile movement good - just slightly out at elbow coming in towards.

Limit (2)

1st Newman - Zoldmali Szeles Morganna JW. I was very impressed with this dog who has an excellent outline and the correct height to length proportions. Typical head with broad, slightly rounded skull and correct ear set. Clean neck leading to well laid shoulder and corresponding return of upper arm. Good depth of chest and well ribbed back leading to short loin. Excels in his hindquarters which are extremely well muscled and powerful. Harsh coat of correct length. Excellent bone and feet. Side profile movement shows correct forward extension. Just a little untidy coming in towards. BD and BOS

2nd Colllier - Belatarr North By North West ShCM. A size taller than the winner and not as well off for bone. Good head shape with clean neck and well laid shoulder. A little short in upper arm. Well ribbed back. I would like a little more moderation in the hindquarters. Slightly soft in coat. Good sound movement.

Open (4, 1)

1st Spillane - Balatarr Charlie Parker. Well balanced all through. Pleasing head - I would prefer just a fraction more breadth to the skull. Well laid shoulder and return of upper arm. Well ribbed back. Correct tail set and strong hindquarters. Coat harsh in texture - could just be a little shorter in length. Well boned. Moved well both out and back and in profile. RBD.

2nd Pearson - Lanspar Zokon, Smaller size than winner but well balanced and within the standard. Correct head shape and kind expression. Well laid shoulder. I would like a touch more angulation of the upper arm and a little more depth of chest. Well ribbed back leading to short, strong loin and very well made hindquarters. I would like his coat a fraction harsher. Moved well.

3rd Whiting - Ir Ch Cragvallie Zenit.

Veteran Bitch (2)

1st Johnson - Blantrimever Dancing Queen. Well balanced all through and correct height to length ratio. Good head shape with slight stop and kind expression. Clean, slightly arched neck leading to well laid shoulder and corresponding return of upper arm. Deep chest, well ribbed back and correct topline and tailset. Well made hindquarters used to advantage on the move. Her coat could be slightly harsher. In the challenge for BV I just preferred her outline. BVIS

2nd Wearing - Zoldmali Ubrez at Genlusa, Well balanced all through. Better in coat texture than the winner but not the forehand construction. Deep chest and well ribbed back. Good bone and feet. Not as settled on the move.

PB (3, 1)

1st Bendikas - Holsan Electra. At 11 months old this bitch is plenty tall enough for me but she is well balanced. Good head with breadth of skull and slight stop. Clean neck with well laid shoulders and correct depth of chest for her age. Strong topline leading through to well made hindquarters. Coat could be a fraction harsher. Excellent movement both fore and aft and when viewed in profile. BPIS

2nd Pearson - Lanspar Emba. I preferred the size of this bitch who decided to treat the ring like an adventure playground! Excellent head and expression. Good depth of chest and length of ribcage. Well boned with correct pasterns. I would like more harshness to her coat. Not as settled in movement as the winner.

YB (4, 1)

1st Summerfield - Miadsc Eternal Flame Excellent for size and overall balance. Correct head shape with slightly rounded skull soft expression. Good layback of shoulder and corresponding length of upper arm. Well ribbed back leading through to strong hindquarters. Excellent bone and feet. Coat of harsh texture. Well off for bone with good feet. Moved with good length of stride. Not the maturity to go further today but will watch her with interest.

2nd Holman Electra

3rd Johnson - Miadsc Eternal Star

GB (4, 1)

1st Jameson & Waites - Blamtrinever Bloomer. Well balanced all through. Head of correct proportions with slight stop and soft expression. Clean neck leading to well laid shoulder and correct depth of chest with elbows close to the brisket. Strong topline with correct tailset. Good bone throughout with correct pasterns and feet. Better in coat texture than 2nd placed bitch. Scored in profile movement.

2nd Bendikas - Holsan Wirestone from Morganna. Fractionally lighter in build than the winner but well balanced all through. Excellent head and expression. Well laid shoulder - fraction short in upper arm and not the depth of chest of the winner. Well made hindquarters. Accurate movement. Not quite the harshness of coat of the winner

LB (1)

1st Pryer - Herlinga Helewise. Excellent for size and overall balance. Well proportioned head with slightly rounded skull and moderate stop. Just a fraction full in eye. Clean neck. Excels in her forehand construction with deep chest and elbows close to her brisket. Well ribbed back. Correct topline and tailset. Strong, well made hindquarters with good hock placement. Plenty of bone. Moved well both fore and aft and in profile. Harsh close fitting coat. Another who pushed hard in the challenge.

OB (5)

1st Ch Morganna Star Anise JW ShCM. What a treat to judge this bitch. Beautifully balanced all through with absolutely nothing exaggerated. Excellent head - slightly broad, rounded skull with the softest of expressions. Clean neck leading though to well laid shoulder and corresponding length of upper arm. Her chest is deep with elbows tight to the brisket. Well ribbed back with short loin and slight tuck up. Strong well muscled hindquarters with well defined second thigh and well let down hocks. Coat of excellent texture. Movement accurate both fore and aft and in profile she displayed forward reach and plenty of rear drive. Although she didn’t always quite hold her topline this was outweighed by her many other attributes. BB and BIS.

2nd Summerfield - Ambermoore Tanzanite Blue at Miadsc. Another top quality bitch who I liked very much. Excellent head and expression. Not quite the length of neck of the winner. Well laid shoulder with correct length of upper arm. Well ribbed back. Strong topline and correct tailset. Excellent coat texture. Moved well on good length of stride. RBB and RBIS.

3rd Pike - Herlinga Zaffron to Zilvarson.

SWB (3)

1st Blamtrinever Dancing Queen (1st in VB)

2nd Collier - Sh Ch Belatarr Mahalia Jackson ShCM. 4th in quality open bitch class. Up to size but well balanced all through. Good head and expression. Well made forequarters with correct depth of chest. Strong topline. Would like a little more moderation in hindquarters. Coat a fraction on the soft side. Moved soundly on a good stride.

3rd Wearing - Zoldmali Anizs At Genlusa