• Show Date: 19/05/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Ashley Place Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Royal Welsh Agricultural Society


Puppy dog

1st Ms C Price Wheelspin Silver Shadow Among Silkdance Loved this young dog’s classic type, good head and neck leading to well laid shoulders. Curvy outline and good depth of chest for his age. Perfect front and rear movement holding his top line well. This dog is one to watch in the future. BPIB

2nd Ms AH Handley Alysando’s Rainbow Skies Fawn bitch of a nice size, slightly shorter coupled than 1. Ultra-feminine with plenty of curves. Sound on the move.


1st Mr K, Miss E, Mrs Z Owen & Brodie Wolfcastle Hot Gossip Avec Ebonique Attractive bitch with a feminine head and kind expression, tidy front and good length of rib holding a strong top line. Good rear assembly and with plenty of muscle. She was shown in tip top condition and moved with ease which saw her top the class.

2nd Mr AK & Mrs V Lewis Wolfcastle Hope N Dream’s at Luckhurst Pretty bitch with a lot to like, long neck and well laid shoulders, curvy outline which was held well on the move.

Post graduate

1st Mrs A Peacock Drakesoak Hot Toddy This fawn and white bitch caught my eye as soon as she etered the ring and she did not disappoint on further inspection. Beautiful head and expression. Excellent front assembly and good length of rib. Strong rear giving her a very easy daisy cutting action. My find of the day, pleased to award her best of breed.

2nd Mrs C Richards-Healion Clynecourt Colour Me Classy Liked this bitch a lot was just unlucky to meet one today. Balanced throughout with a good curvy topline. Moved true coming and going, shown in top condition.


1st Mrs MB McConkey Barmoll Baileys On Ice Feminine bitch, sweet expression and good head. Good neck flowing into shoulder. Well filled front, curvy and correct size. Moved well.

2nd Mrs C Richards-Healion Clynecourt Colour Me Cool Feminine bitch with great ring presence, good front and rear assembly. True coming and going although lost her topline a little when moving.

Open dog

  1st Mrs & Mrs PR, Ms SR & Mrs H Glithero , Philo & Waugh Layways Northern Lights Over Coppershell Attractive male, covering plenty of ground. Masculine throughout without being coarse. Good front assembly and well filled chest. Flowing top line into strong year which gave him plenty of drive around the ring.

2nd Mrs GW James Drakesoak Halloween Twist Different type to one, balanced throughout. Good depth of chest and curvy underline. Moved well.

Open bitch

1st Mr J & Mrs V Turnbull Turnstone Mama Mia Classic bitch of a lovely size, feminine head and good length of neck. Neat front assembly and flowing curvy top line. Balanced throughout and of a lovely type, easy mover.

2nd Mrs A Peacock Drakesoak Hubble Bubble Brindle and white trim bitch of a nice size, beautiful head and ultra feminine throught. Move with correct daisy cutting action.

Ashley Place