• Show Date: 11/11/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Anthony Trinder Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Minehead & District Canine Society

I would like to thank the committee for inviting me to judge at this well run show. I would like to thank the exhibitors for entering under me and accepting my decisions, I enjoyed my day.


SY (4,1) 1, Smyth’s KADAKA KISSAGRAM, 18 month old dark gold bitch, sweet feminine head with soft, kind expression. Nice flow of neck into well-laid back shoulders. Well boned, straight front legs standing on correct, catlike feet. Nice front angulation which matches her rear. Beautiful topline held well when stood and on the move. Well-muscled backend which she used to advantage to drive around the ring. 2, Merrick’s STORMERICK CONSTANCE, a 14 month old blonde, a nicely balanced bitch, pretty head with a kind expression. A good topline which she holds well stood and on the move, well set tail and with good carriage. Sound mover with enthusiasm, she was certainly enjoying her day. Nicely presented and handled. 3, Hocking’s KASPURGOLD RIZZINI. G (2,0), 1, Clunie’s WARRENTOR CAIPIRINHA, 17 month old dark golden bitch. Well boned, but still feminine. Pretty head with soft melting expression. Correct lay back of shoulder and nice straight front legs standing on correct catlike feet. Good level topline which she holds well. Moderately angulated front and rear with a good length of leg. Moved well. I loved the connection between this bitch and her handler. Well presented and handled. RBOB. 2, Hocking’s KASPURGOLD RIZZINI, 15 month old blonde bitch with a pretty, feminine head. She has a nice flow of neck, down over her shoulders and holds a good topline. Nice tailset and with good carriage. Would prefer a touch more bone. Not as positive on the move as 1. Better sportsmanship required. PG (8,1) 1, Lewis’ LOVEHAYNE BIJOU AMONG FAIRWINDS JW, 21 month old blonde bitch. Pretty feminine head with a soft, kind expression. Beautiful flow of neck into well-laid back shoulders that continues into a strong level top line which is held well. Well off for bone with good front assembly standing on straight front legs with catlike feet. Beautiful angles front and rear giving a picture of beautiful balance. Correct tailset and carriage. Well muscled rear which she used to power around the ring. Well presented and handled. BOB. 2, Giltsoff Mrs V ENDELLION SPINNAKER, 3 year old medium sized boy. Masculine head with a kind expression, nice muscular neck sitting on well laid shoulders, moderate angles both front and rear giving a nice balanced outline. Straight front legs, with catlike feet. Nice strong topline with well set tail. Well muscled rear which he used to drive around the ring. 3, Royle’s LAMYATE LORD OF THE MANOR O (8,3)1, Merrick’s STORMERICK BOBBY SHAFTO JW ShCM, 5 year old male, well sized, with good bone. Masculine head with the kindest of eyes, good flow of neck into well laid shoulders. A balanced boy in a good coat. Strong topline with a good tail flowing off his back, which he used when moving. A good mover with reach and plenty of drive using a well muscled rear end. Well handled. 2, Armitage’s WARRENTOR PLUM DUFF OF NAKURU, 3 year old blonde bitch, pretty, kind expression. A nice sized, well boned bitch, with straight forelimbs stood on strong feet. Nicely angled in both front and rear. A level topline with a good tail carried well on the move. Nice mover would perhaps like a bit more drive. 3, Lees’ SILVERBARROW SECRET IN LACE BY DENMARELLA JW.


SY (4,1) 1, Farrar’s DONAMICK CREASTS OF WAVES FOR HENISSY, 11 month old chocolate bitch, broad but still feminine head with a kind, intelligent expression. Beautifully compact body with a super topline and superb angulation. Straight front legs stood well on well rounded feet. Correct coat. Well rounded body with good spring of rib, tail well set and well wrapped. Nice on the move. Stood out for me on the day pleased to award her BOB and BP. 2, Baker & Judd’s HARPITTS MINNIE MACK, 13 month old chocolate dog. Correct, broad head with correct expression but could definitely see mischief in his eyes today. Compact body with good angulation, super topline, tail carriage and tailset. Well sprung ribs. Nicely rounded feet. Let himself down on the move due to distractions moved better in the 2nd class. 3, Wilcox’s DONAMICK APHRODITE. G (4,1), 1, Baker & Judd’s HARPITTS MINNIE MACK. 2, Wilcox’s DONAMICK KIRA, Litter sister to the winner of the last class, 11 month old chocolate bitch, similar attributes to her sister however isn’t nearly as strong in topline. Nice and easy movement. 3, Jeffries’ TIAJA LOVE FROM KIMMY PG (5,2), 1, Wilcox’s DONAMICK EVERY DAY, 2 year old yellow bitch, pretty feminine girl with intelligent and kind expression. Nice muscular neck set on good shoulders. Strong, straight front legs stood on nicely rounded feet. A smaller, compact well muscled bitch with moderate angulation in great coat. Correct well wrapped tail. Moved around the ring with ease. RBOB. 2, Baker & Judd’s HARPITTS RUMOUR HAS IT, 2 year old chocolate male. Masculine head with kind intelligent expression, nice angulation in front and rear, with characteristic double coat. Stands on well rounded feet. Found him a little soft in topline. Well wrapped tail. Strong well muscled backend which he used to drive himself around the ring. 3, Jeffery’s CAROHALL DAY DREAMER AT MIBRIDGE O (4,0). 1, Farrar’s HENISSY ALL THAT JAZZ JW, 4 year old black dog, well boned, with a kind expression. Correct coat. A compact boy with good muscle tone. An adequate mover with good reach and drive. 2, Jeffery’s LEMBAS SWINGS BOTH WAYS AT MIBRIDGE, 5 year old male, masculine head with a kind expression. Strong muscular neck set on well laid shoulders. Straight front legs, not the roundest of feet. A compact boy with a decent coat. Not the best of toplines. Well wrapped tail. Movement was average, as I’d like to see more drive when moving around the ring. 3 Wilcox’s DONAMICK LETS DANCE. Anthony Trinder Judge