• Show Date: 17/05/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: anthony oakden Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Devon County Agricultural Association

Devon County Show


Puppy D/B (4, 0)

1st Stanbury’s Inixia Ever Ready Eddie – most beautiful throughout I thought. Correct shaped head with lovely rounded medium sized eyes giving a lovely intelligent expression, fine muzzle and correct scissor bite. Ears are correctly set, are also firm and were mobile too. I also noticed the characteristic fringing just starting to grow. Really good to handle on the table with his body fairly long, top line level and firm, tail set on high and plume developing. I liked his fine bone and how he was constructed. Has good rib for his age and chest felt good . Liked his muscle tone too for a puppy. Coat was fine and silky and beautifully turned out for the show. Great character coming into the ring being alert and lively and he maintained his attitude both in his class and later on in the challenge. Sound action in all directions. Stood out today and first of several exhibits bearing this kennel name who’s type appealed. Great little dog. BOB/BP and PG4.

2nd Olof’s Tarnock Romeo Romeo – Unlucky to be outshone by first today but another attractive puppy just 6 months. Well grown, beautiful head, ear and eye. Level firm top line. Beautifully prepared and shows well, being animated on the move. Rather light footed and his action in all directions sound.

3rd Orchards Ablazzor Angel of the North – bit unsure of herself today which held her back. Liked her type and balance. Like to see her when she gets going. Really promising.

Junior D/B (2, 0)

1st Olof’s Tarnock Rock N Roll Rene – super mover particulary on the out and back being dead accurate. Typical in head. Becoming teenagery in body maybe. Fine bone. Excellent coat feel which was silky. Has fringing to his ears and a frill starting to develop to his chest. Just needs to now mature. Liked him a lot.

2nd Stanbury’s Inixia Fully Charged – sibling to Eddie and very much of his type of course. Appears much bigger and longer and needs to grow into himself. Not so firm in ear. Sound movement in all directions but not the precision of 1st today. Beautiful fine silky coat. Excellent presentation.

Post Graduate D/B (5, 0)

Good class with placings based on who I preferred on the day. Not as easy as I thought as I liked all.

1st Boughton and Stanbury’s Inixia Follower of Fashion – Really takes the eye for his beautiful balanced outline, expression and how he moved – soundly and typically. Excellent silky coat and A1 presentation. Beautifully schooled. Thought long and hard in the challenge preferring Eddie, overall but not a decision I took lightly. Another very attractive little dog. RBOB.

2nd Sparkes Pinkmead Twistin Time – gorgeous Phalene. Beautifully made with firm body, level top line and super hind quarters. Excellent back action. Not the lively outgoing temperament of others today.

3rd Malcolm’s Feorlig It Must’ve Been Love – outshone by 1st and out moved by 2nd today. Liked the overall picture otherwise.

Limit D/B (2, 1)

1st Standburys Inixia Lusscious Lucy – real baby but type from this kennel appeals. Developing in body of course still but I liked her head, eye and ear placement. Coat so typically silky and well prepared. She went well in all directions. Needs a few months as yet I guess but I preferred her against 2nd and 2nd is a beauty too.

2nd Olof’s Tarnock Rumour N Riddles- just preferring 1st on the day. Beautifully made with correct body proportions. Fine silky coat. Excellent mover and very true moving out.

Open D/B (2, 0)

1st Stanburys Inixia Glamour Girl- Another Inixia! Sibling to limit winner and same type, different colour (B/w). Moves very well going around and accurate on the out and back. More together than Lucy. I think a rival to Eddie in time.

2nd Orchards Ringlands Yoko’s Solo at Panspanyon – very pretty little dog and of course very mature. Shows well. Lovely body. Prefered the type of 1st.

Anthony Oakden.