• Show Date: 13/05/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Anthony Allen Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

West Country Dog Club

West Country Dog Club

13th May 2018

Judge Anthony Allen

My thanks to the society for inviting me to judge at the super open show. We hear so much that open shows are on the decline but this Club certainly seems to be bucking that trend with increased entries and a full committee. Many committee members were on hand and the show ran smoothly. My thanks must also go to my stewards who kept my busy ring running. I had some super dog to judge and in some classes had to make some really tough decisions. My thanks to the exhibitors for the warm applause they gave to class winners.

There were some super group winner with Best in Show going to Taylor and Taylor-Morris Pelenrise Chat A Lot JW (Siberian Husky). A young bitch just rising two years who came in to the ring with such attitude and that smooth and effortless gate so typical of the breed. I saw afterwards that she is granddaughter of the BVIS who I also thought was out of the top drawer. I will watch her career with interest. Running a close second and Reserve Best in Show was Odivane Mummy’s Boy at Fillipers (Schnauzer). Another I thought was out of the top class who was very typical of his breed, I loved his head, well-furnished to give that typical masculine expression. He is still a young chap but already has the drive from the rear and demonstrates that free easy moving gait. Another with great promise for the future in my opinion.

My Best Puppy in Show was Hunt’s Lauralee Huckleberry Finn at Carpaccio who just fitted my interpretation of a standard smooth. He went about his job well with a fluid action on the move and held his shape well. I like him a lot and predict he will have a bright future ahead of him. Reserve Best Puppy in Show was awarded to Grant’s Moretonia Passion Parade at Moorheath, just six months old she came in to the ring with attitude and verve, she just had that ‘look at me’ style about her that. I thought she was very promising and it was a close decision on the top spot.

Winning Best Veteran in Show and Best Champion was Taylor and Taylor-Morris Ch Siberiaskye Brite Borealis of Pelenrise JW ShCM (Siberian Husky). I thought her stunning as she came in to the veteran class, as with her granddaughter who went BIS. She has that effortless gate and has obviously not lost any of her verve as she got a little older. Great to see her today, thank you for bringing her out.

AV Veteran Dog (7 to 9 years)

This was a lovely set of classes to start off my days judging, I so love to see the veterans out enjoying themselves.

1st Drakesoak Twist Magic ShCM (Whippet)

I liked this chap, now nine years old, for his outline and balance. He has a lovely typical head and expression and moved around the ring with a lovely elegant action. He presents a good shape on the stack and has a good front assembly and well made quarters. Good depth to his rib and decent tuck up. I liked him a lot, this was a tough class and I thought he just had the edge over the Keeshond in second place in front construction.

2nd Plymkess Cool Dude ShCM(Keeshond)

As with the winner another grand chap enjoying his day out. Presents himself well on the stack, with a clean and balanced outline. In superb coat and condition. Good in profile movement but not quite as accurate as he came towards me which was the deciding factor. Another smart dog and a credit to his owner.

3rd Amberslade Singapore Sling at Amenbury ShCM (Australian Shepherd)

AV Special Veteran Dog (10 years plus)

1st Ch Ailort Highlander at Parvodene JW (Norwegian Buhund)

This 12 year old Buhund never stopped showing from the moment he came in to the ring. I found his head and expression to be typical with a masculine expression. Good overall construction, decent lay back of shoulder and balanced rear angles. Good through the rib and firm in loin. Super Quarters on him. Hard to believe he is 12 years old as he showed like a youngster and moved round the ring like a train. Clearly enjoying his day out, it was fabulous to see him in such good condition. Not surprised to read afterward that he has a title.

2nd Prince of the Five Valleys of Korbuk (Siberian Husky)

Another grand boy who was enjoying his day out. He was 12 and a half and as with the winner in great condition for his age. He certainly has not lost his drive on the move as. Super masculine in head, good front assembly. Slightly long in loin and not quite a firm in topline today. Quarters well angulated. In good coat.

3rd Komargo’s Crazy Diamond at Roopec (Schipperke)

AV Veteran Bitch (7 to 9 years)

1st Ch Siberiaskye Brite Borealis of Pelenrise JW ShCM (Siberian Husky)

Now this is a bitch that makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up, she came in with attitude and you can see she has quality stamped right through her like a stick of rock. Now nine years old she has not lost any of the key elements with age. Classic head piece, strong powerful neck in to well set shoulder. Excellent front assembly, stands on well boned legs and feet. Body of correct height to length ratio and quarters well developed with a good bend of stifle. On the move she just comes alive with a powerful driving action. Delighted to see her here today and make her both BVIS and Best Champion in Show. I was even more thrilled to see that my BIS winner is her granddaughter.

2nd Villenelle Clockwork Orange for Bilijees (Pomeranian)

Another one with longevity, rising nine years old. Gosh she had some attitude about her a real look at me character. Presented a clean outline on the stack, head feminine and appealing, well made throughout. Another good mover in the veteran class, smart action and was just unlucky to meet Brite Borealis in this class.

3rd Lavina Love of Grasampa (Whippet)

AV Special Veteran Bitch (10 years plus)

1st Vantonia White Sapphire for Magstari (Bichon Frise)

12 years young and this lady was in fabulous condition, I thought she was lovely on the move with a flowing action and plenty of drive. Super classic head with a beautiful expression enhanced by a lovely coat. Well made through the body. A real credit to her owner who keeps her in top class condition.

2nd Milesend Drama Queen (Shetland Sheepdog)

Another 12 year old in fantastic condition, beautiful head piece with a classic expression. Presenting a picture of balance on the stack and I thought on my first walk round she would be my winner. Unfortunately not quite the verve of the winner as she went round the ring which cost her top spot.

3rd Bonario Burlesque (Bracco Italiano)

AV Champion Dog

1st Ch Moretonia Kindle Fire (ETT)

Three year old dog who came in with attitude and told me he was there. Absolutely super on the move with a good balanced action, he drove round the ring as if he owned it. Good overall shape and size, presents a very balanced picture. Liked his head and expression which I thought was very typical, strong neck into a good front assembly. Body of correct proportion and super quarters on him. Coat in gleaming condition. Unlucky to meet Brite Borealis in the run of for best champion, clearly a very worthy title holder.

2nd Ir Sh Ch Malanis Pirate at Ameysford (IWS)

A super IWS who I think I did well as a youngster, pleased to see he has developed into a handsome mature dog. He head in particular is now fully developed and a classic shape, with a good eye colour and plenty of work to give his expression. Decent front assembly about him, ribs well sprung, perhaps a tad long in loin. Quarters well developed with good muscle tone. In super coat of tight ringlets. Smart dog on the move just was a shade untidy as he came towards me.

AV Champion Bitch

1st Ch Siberiaskye Brite Borealis of Pelenrise JW ShCM (Siberian Husky)

AV Puppy Stakes

1st Chellanda Who’s That Girl (Shih Tzu)

I loved the attitude on this young lady, she came in the ring as if she owned it. Just eight months old but full of potential. Super head and expression at this age, feminine and appealing. Firm through the neck into a well made front, stands on well made legs and firm well padded feet. Body well proportioned. Already has that typical breed action on the move with front leg reaching forward and clearly showing pads behind.

2nd Trixhund Paddington Bear(Dachshund Long Haired)

Another promising youngster just not quite putting his all in to it today and giving his handler a hard time. I like his head and expression, masculine and well defined. Good through the neck in to well placed shoulders and a decent front assembly. Legs well bones, has depth in forechest and a good keel on him. Quarters developing well with balanced angles fore and aft. Not quite the fluidity of the winner on the move but clearly sound and accurate.

3rd Graygees Skyhawk (GSP)

AV Junior Stakes

1st Pingarpoint Legolicious (GSP)

I last judged this young lady when she was a six month old baby and like her type then, now 15 months old she is growing up very nicely. Her head is well portioned and has good balance. Strong neck, in to a good front assembly and a decent amount of bone. Ribs well sprung and a firm loin giving a level topline. Quarters are developing well with a good moderate bend of stifle. Sometimes her markings can be a distraction on the move, once you can see through that it is easy to see she drives well off the rear and has a good profile action.

2nd Deanery’s Winds of Winter TAF (English Springer)

A smart young English Springer who is developing in the right direction. Pleasing head and expression with a decent amount of chiselling to give a masculine expression. Strong through the neck which led on to a well made front assembly with a good return of upper arm. Body developing nicely with a good level topline. Moderate quarters with stifles well bent and hocks well let down. Moved out well to give him this place.

3rd Kasmein Hidden Agenda (Dachshund min-smooth-haired)

AV Graduate Stakes

1st Linkenlass Lucas (Beagle)

Head shape good with defined proportions and a good eye, perhaps a tad strong for my tastes but did not distract. Strong through the neck in to well set shoulders, body of good proportions, ribs well made and loin firm, level topline. Stands on well boned legs and good feet. Would have liked him a little tighter in elbow as he came towards me. Moved out well in profile with a good action.

2nd Mikundi Counting Stars For Tetsikarma (Tibetan Terrier)

This lady looked impressive on the stack but was not a fluid on the move today as the winner. Pleasing in outline with good overall balance. Head kind and expressive with a good eye. Finished with a coat in lovely condition.

3rd Bryntria First Steps (Whippet)

AV Post Graduate

1st Clydesbeck Solitaire (Border Terrier)

A very smart little three year old Border Terrier who I liked a lot. Good head and expression, super shape and size with balanced angles front and rear. Stood on super legs and well made feet. Coat in good harsh condition. On the move where she strode out well.

2nd True To You (Papillion)

Smart Papillion, good outline with a pleasing head. Ear well set to give that classical expression. Well made in body, not quite the front of the winner, nor the fluid action on the move today.

3rd Doveborough’s Dci Lewis at Gemrose (Pointer)

AV Limit Stakes

This was a fabulous class with (in my opinion) some top flight youngsters in it.

1st Maycourt Crimson Moon (CCR)

I thought this lady was very smart, I loved her head piece, correct wedge shape and a lovely melting expression. Good eye shape and colour. Well-made front assembly with strong neck in to correctly set shoulders. Super straight front and well boned legs and correct feet. Quarters well developed. Stifles well bent. In super coat with a tight curl. Scored on movement with a good profile action and fore and aft, holding her topline throughout.

2nd Erickachen O’Ruadh for Deltandamba (NSDTR)

Another very smart dog with a lot to like about him. He has a good balanced outline. Head of correct shape with a kind eye. Good through the neck, shoulders ok with a decent return of upper arm. Good depth of chest and standing on good legs and neat feet. Well made through the body with a good spring of rib and firm loin. Quarters well made with a moderate bend of stifle. Moved out well with that typical breed action.

3rd Pingarypoint Eye Candy JW (GSP)

AV Brunel’s Rainy Day Open Stakes

What a cracking class this was, some lovely dogs to go over and some tough decisions for the final four placing.

1st Yustin Z Jasne Hvezdy at Moretonia (Chinese Crested)

A very smart Chinese Crested who just excelled on the move. I found her head feminine with a pleasing expression. Good through the body, neck firm leading to a good lay back of shoulder and decent length. Firm topline and quarters well made. Well proportioned with balanced angles fore and aft which gave her the correct driving action.

2nd Trixhund Opium JW ShCM (Dachshund Long Haired)

Another one I liked a lot, pleasing masculine head and expression. Strong neck in to a good lay back of shoulder with a good return of upper arm. Decent depth to his chest and ribs well back, loin firm. Quarters well made. Good on the move in profile just a shade proud of his tail today.

3rd Sh Ch Droveborough Born to Bound at Gemrose JW (Pointer)

AV Crufts Qualified

AV Junior

1st Redclyst Maximus (Irish Setter)

A young Irish dog, not quite together yet but progressing in all the right directions. He has a clean outline, head is masculine with plenty of work, wouldn’t want it any stronger at this stage. Decent front assembly on him, with shoulders well placed and dropping nicely in to his forechest. Good through the body with ribs well back and loin firm. Quarters Ok for his age but needs to firm up a little. Need to find his feet on the move but has plenty of time for that.

2nd Bevanray Shirley (Rottweiller)

Young Rottweiller who was learning her job so not quite as together as the winner. Her head was pleasing, with good definition and shape. Good depth to muzzle and broad skull, good eye shape and colour. Strong powerful neck leading on to a decent front assembly, shoulders well laid back. Body well proportioned and developing well, decent amount of depth to her for her age. Quarters coming together, moderate stifle and hocks well angulated. Needs to get it together on the move to complete the picture.

AV Post Graduate

1st Glendraterra Blithe Spirit (Fox Terrier Smooth)

I liked this bitch a lot and thought she stood out in this class. I like her head an expression. Skull well made, gradually narrowing as the standard calls for. Clean through the neck with shoulders well laid back. Good depth to chest and short back. Loved her attitude in the ring, decent amount of drive and front action to give her the class.

2nd Magstari Heart of the Ocean (Bichon)

Three year old Bichon show is immaculate condition. She has a good overall shape, head was pleasing accentuated by a super coat to give correct rounded appearance. I liked her in outline and she moved out well.

3rd Neerodan Just in Time (ETT)

AV Open

1st Tetskikama Stargazer ShCM (Tibetan Terrier)

A lot to like about this chap, super outline, balanced angles with good overall shape. I liked his headpiece, masculine in expression with a good eye. Good clean reach of neck which led in to a well assembled front. Well made in the body with ribs well back. Quarters are well made with stifles well bent. Coat in good condition which added finish to him. Moved out well with a good action.

2nd Maycourt Crimson Moon (CCR)

3rd Lavina Love of Grasampa (Whippet)

AV Special Beginners

1st Graygees Skyhawk (GSP)

A very smart GSP with bags of potential. Still young and developing, her head is pleasing with a feminine expression and a good overall shape. Good front assembly with a clean reach of neck in to well set shoulders. Stands on well boned legs and neat feet. Good body proportions, short coupled and quarters well made with a moderate bend of stifle. Sound on the move.

2nd U La La Modus Vivendi (Cocker)

Cocker Spaniel, again a young one so not yet together. Head is pleasing, decent amount of chiselling and good eye colour. Front assembly OK with good angles front and rear, stands on well boned legs and neat feet. Ribs well sprung, a tad long in loin. Quarters moderate, with good angulations, needs a bit more muscle tone to complete the picture. Sound on the move but not the accuracy of the winner today.

3rd Flyenpyg Snazzy Sniffer (Labrador)

AV Brace

1st Mr EJ, Miss A J and Mr KD Coggins and Adams (Pointers)

These two definitely looked a pair, very similar in type and style. Most importantly they moved out well together with, same pace and good drive.

AV Bred by Exhibitor

1st Madreliath’s Asta (Weimaraner)

She was only a young lady but a lot to like about her, loved her head and expression, very elegant. Well made neck in to a correctly assembled front, standing on good well boned legs, just needs her feet to tighten a little. Body developing well with ribs springing and a firm loin. Quarters have well bent stifles and she has a good height to length ratio. I liked her a lot and thought her very promising.

2nd Yetsikarma Lola Stargirl (Tibetan Terrier)

Another bitch of good type and balance, head well proportioned and plenty of work to give an appealing expression. Strong through the neck which led in to a decent front assembly. Well made through the body. Accurate on the move with a good action, but not quite the verve of the winner today.

3rd Grasamampa Bewitching Bessie (Whippet)

AV Not bred by Exhibitor

1st Adnerbs Brew Ce Bonus (Whippet)

Now this chap presented with the typical clean lines that I was looking for in a whippet, very elegant and full of gentle curves. I like his head piece which was well defined and gave a masculine expression. I liked his overall shape with decent angles fore and aft. Good action on the move but just getting a little tired at the end of the day so not quite giving his all.

2nd Prince of Five Valleys of Kobuk (Siberian Husky)

3rd U La La Modus Vivendi (Cocker)