• Show Date: 20/10/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Anthony Allen Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Llandudno Canine Society

Llandudno Canine Society

20th October 2018

Judge: Anthony Allen

I was delighted to award Best in Show to Alonzobar Blac Chyna (Bullmastiff). This young lady walked in to the ring and just took my attention, only just over a year but has all the essentials at this age. She has effortless ground covering movement, with that sense of power called for in the standard. She was both symmetrical on the stack and had elegance about her that is required in a bitch. I am sure she will have a bright future ahead of her and I wish her well. For reserve Best in Show Tiobraid Solo Venture to Kilbourne (Deerhound), I particularly liked his head and expression, he also covered the ground with ease and had super head carriage.

For Best Puppy in Show the winner was Hopevalley Morning Rainbow (FCR) who had won through the breed under me earlier on in the day. All I would want from a Flat Coat at this age, not over done in anyway but balance throughout and super elegant movement that clinched the top spot, one whose career I will follow with interest. For Reserve Best Puppy in show I selected Erylan Zeus Roi Des Dieux (PBGV), another with plenty of breed type about him and a typical action on the move. Was fighting his handler on the stack a little which cost him the top spot, but another with plenty of potential.

Best Veteran in Show went to the most charming Pug Bringiton Mr Chang by Rarragem JW ShCM who just oozed attitude and ring presence, he came in looked at me and told me the top spot was his. Move round the ring as if he owned it with that typical gate. My pleasure to award him the top spot.

Gundog Group

This was a really top drawer group with some top flight exhibits. Winning first spot was Owlspoint King of Trouble at Brackenvale JW ShCM (Bracco), he had that perfect mix of breed type, typical movement and showmanship. I last judged him in a puppy group and he did well under me that day today I was delighted to see him as the mature finished article and he has developed in to the finished article. Delighted to award him this group and he was very close to top honours overall. In second place was the veteran Sh Ch Tayowen Touch of Elegance (Field Spaniel) who to me was typically a field Spaniel, she had won through a start studded breed class earlier on in the day and I thought just could not be denied this runner up spot. In Third place was Sh Ch Ravensett Jail House Rocks Alolfran JW ShCM (English Setter), another who I have judged before and has done well under me, lots to like about his but in this small ring he could not get in to his stride and wasn’t as fluid on the move as the first two, so had to be content with this place. In fourth spot was the very charming Sharouns Tickled Pink (Labrador), I don’t recall seeing her before but I thought she was lovely, excels in breed type and was right up my street. A super group, thank you all.

Puppy Group

Topping the puppy group was Hopevalley Morning Rainbow (FCR) wh1o had won through under me in the breed and group, I thought she was super. So together for a puppy with everything in the right place. She just strode out and I could not deny her the top spot. For Group Two I selected Bardings Bipolar Bear (Sussex Spaniel), who was the loveliest and cheekiest chap, bags of attitude about him, taking everything in his stride with real attitude. So typical of the breed at this age I could not overlook him. In third spot was Samelen Gi Blues at Alolfrana (English Setter), very smart on the stack with a good overall shape but needs to come together on the move a little but another with bags of potential. In fourth spot was Anisbrig Brora (IRWS) who I thought was charming, very young at seven months so giving a lot away to those in front but has that essential style about her.

German shorthaired pointer

1st Barleyarch Pringle

What a super young man he is just 10 months old but has quality stamped through him. Head is of a super shape, plenty of work in it and it should finish well. Clean in outline on the stack and very balanced. Good neck in to well set shoulders. Stands on good well boned legs and superb neat feet. Decent amount of depth to his chest for his age, ribs well sprung and firm in loin. Well put together rear quarters. Sound on the move. Needs a little more confidence to complete the picture and once he gets his head together I think he will have a bright future ahead of him. Best Puppy and Best of Breed. Sadly was unable to stay for the puppy group.

Retriever (Golden)


1st Golmas Guardsman

Well-made young man he presented a balanced picture on the stack. He has a masculine head with pleasing expression. Strong clean reach of neck leading on to correctly placed shoulders. Well made front construction. Stands on well boned legs and neat feet. Good overall body proportions, ribs springing nicely. Quarters well made with good width, stifles well bent and correct from hock to heel. Movement was true in profile, and fore and aft. He just stood out challenge and out moved the rest, I was delighted to award him Best Puppy and Best of Breed. Another who sadly was unable stay for the puppy group.

2nd Crisansa Miss Everdine

A very pretty bitch with a lovely head and expression and excellent eye shape and colour. Strong and clean through the neck. Correct lay back of shoulder and front angulation would have just liked a little more return of upper arm and a little tighter in elbow a little. I liked her overall body shape, well developed forechest with good spring of ribs for her age. Loin of correct length, quarters well-made well bent stifles, top line correct and tail set on well. Just finding her feet on the move but has attitude about her. A nice type of puppy.

3rd Crisansa Gabriel Oak


1st Mulfield Sea of Dreams

Pale boy with a pleasing head with a masculine expression. An adequate reach of neck. I would have liked him a bit tighter in elbow. Good overall body proportions, still needs to drop in to his front and ribs needs to spring which he will do with time. Good length of loin. Quarters still developing with a decent bend of stifle. Coat was in good condition. Movement was positive and with drive. Good profile action, just a little untidy on the up and down today.

2nd Bowshella Bedazzled

I thought this lady was elegant with an OK front assembly, a tad short in upper arm. Standing on well boned legs. Good body proportions and quarters well made, stifles well bent. Coat not at its best today. Moved soundly.


1st Cesarka Pin up Girl JW

She presents a lovely shape on the stack and a super outline. I loved her head and expression, she is so pretty. Good through the neck, shoulders well place but a tad short in upper arm. Good depth to forechest and stands on well boned legs. Ribs well sprung and firm loin giving a level top line. Excellent well developed quarters, hocks well let down. On the move she had drive but today not the accuracy in her action of the main winner.

2nd Mulfield Sea of Dreams

3rd Mulfield Imperial Topaz


1st Cesarka Peggy Sue JW

She has a beautiful feminine head. Strong and clean through the neck, with correct lay back of shoulder. I liked her overall body shape, forechest good for her age, with an adequate spring of ribs. Correct length & depth to loin, quarters well-made well bent stifles, standing on well boned legs & neat feet, super level topline which she held on the move, leading on to a correct tail set. Fluid mover with a good action.

2nd Cesarka Limited Edition JW

I see this chap is half-brother to the winner and they are certainly both of a type. Upstanding dog with a good outline. He has a pleasing masculine head with a super eye shape. Decent front assembly, would have like a little tighter in elbow. Good overall body proportions, ribs well sprung and good length and strength to loin. Quarters well made with a good bend of stifle. Coat was in good condition. Movement was sound but not quite the fluidity of the winner today.

3rd Mulfield Sea of Dreams

Spaniel (Welsh Springer)


1st Menstonia Meteor

This young man I liked a lot, I thought him very promising for his tender age. I like his overall shape and size. I found his head very appealing with a good masculine expression, will hopefully finish well. Loved his clean neck in to correctly placed shoulders, with a good return of upper arm. Good width to his front for his age. Legs well boned and super feet. Ribs developing nicely and firm through the loin. Moderate quarters. Moved out well with a good action.


1st Sh Ch Menstonia Marksman ShCM

What a smart dog he is, stands out for outline and breed type. He has a super headpiece on him, enhanced by chiselling and lovely eye. Clean through the neck which led into correctly placed shoulders and a decent front assembly. Enough depth to chest, ribs well sprung and back. Quarters are well made with moderate angulation. Sound as a pound on the move with a good action in profile and fore and aft. Best of Breed.

Spaniel Cocker


1st Rockllocers Kanda

I liked this lady on the move, fluid with a good action. She has a good overall outline, her head is developing nicely plenty of work and should finish well. Short coupled and with well-developed ribs for her age. Quarters moderately angles with a good bend of stifle. Best Puppy and Best of Breed.


1st Rockllocers Kenquince Make Headway

Pleasing bitch, pretty in head with good chiselling and definition. I liked her over all shape, good angles fore and aft. Ribs well sprung and firm in loin. Not in her best jacket today and not quite the quarters of the puppy winner, nor as fluid on the move.

Spaniel (Field)


1st Sonnetend Faith

Very smart young lady of 22 months with a good shape and balance to her. I liked her head and expression which to me was typical. Good neck in to shoulders. Good front assembly, shoulders well placed and a good return of upper arm. Stands on good legs with flat bone, feet could be a little tighter. Well-proportioned body with ribs springing well, firm loin and level topline. Quarters well developed with a decent bend of stifle. Better mover in the class with a good action. Just needs maturity and some finish but thought she had a lot of potential.

2nd Winterbourne True Love For Mishules (imp Swe) BJW 18

Judged this bitch a few weeks ago. Head is pleasing, plenty of work in it so should finish well. Good front assembly on her, shoulders well placed and standing on good legs with flat bone, feet need to tighten a little. Body of good proportion, ribs springing nicely and firm through the loin. Quarters well made, stifles moderately bent. Just wouldn’t play ball on the move and was untidy as she came towards me which gave Faith the edge.

3rd Valdine Field of Dreams


What a super class to judge with some top flight exhibits, it was an absolute pleasure and placings could easily change on another day. Today however the winner was the seven year old bitch.

1st Sh Ch Tayowen Touch of Elegance

She has a super head piece on her, typical field in shape with defined chiselling and a kind eye. Strong through the neck in to well set shoulders. Stands on correctly flat boned legs, feet OK. Well made through the body, ribs well sprung and a firm loin. Perhaps a shade more covering than I would have wanted but at seven years old I forgave that. Balanced rear angles with stifles well bent. Super action on the move, wished she would have used her tail a little more. On the stack she just looked a picture and was exactly what I was looking for in a field. So took the class, Best of Breed and later Group 2. I was not surprised to see that she afterwards that she has her title.

2nd Sh Ch Elgert Take A Bow with Tayowen JW

Another super exhibit. As with the winner I thought he had a super head and masculine expression. Again as with the winner well made with a good front assembly. Good depth to chest and well boned legs. Body of Good proportions, ribs well sprung and firm loin, held his topline well. Not quite the rear of the winner. Moved out well, good action and footfall.

3rd Elgert Sweet Little Lies at Gadhelic

Spaniel (Sussex)


1st Yorkham Yule Love It at Bardings

Very typy bitch who excelled on the move with a good action and that typical Sussex roll. Head is appealing a very feminine with a lovely kind eye. Super neck in to shoulders and a good front assembly. Body of goo proportions with ribs well spring, her lion was firm and a level topline. Quarters are well developed with good rear angles. Well-muscled up and in really firm condition. The mother to the super puppy who stood second and not quite got all her coat back since the litter but clearly she has passed on her positive virtues. Thank you for bringing her. Best of Breed.

2nd Bardings Bipolar Bear

What a cracking puppy this young man us. Good shape about him, head piece has plenty of work in it and already has a super expression. Good over all shape and size and well boned legs on him. The best but was is attitude, he just loved the ring and all the attention. Moved liked he owned the ring and won Best Puppy and later Puppy Group 2. I will follow his career with interest.



1st Pipeaway Master Design

Another really typy dog with a super outline. Typical head and expression which was correctly proportioned. Decent front construction, neck well proportioned, would have just like a little more lay back of shoulder. Good depth of chest. Well made through the body with ribs well sprung firm through the loin. Super quarters with well bent stifles and hocks well let down. A little untidy on the move today as he came towards me. Best of Breed

Retriever (Nova Scotia Duck Tolling)


1st Afonback Dance with Dragons

A nice youngster with lots of potential. She has a pleasing head piece and a good overall shape. A good lay back of shoulder, stands on well made legs and feet. Body developing well with ribs and loin where you would expect them at this age. Needs to drop in to her front which she will do with age. Did ok on the move, had plenty of enthusiasm, just needs to settle in to her front action.


1st Danehaven Vermillion for AfonBack

A nice outline on this bitch, feminine in head and expression with correct shape. Good through neck and decent front assembly with the correct lay back of shoulder. Ribs well sprung and firm in loin. Stifle well bent and good rear angulation, coat in good condition. Moved out well. Show in good coat and condition. Delighted to award her Best of Breed.

Bracco Italiano


1st Owlspoint King of Trouble at Brackenvale JW ShCM

A smart young dog just two years old and put together nicely. Pleasing head shape, well developed with divergent planes. Good eye shape and colour that gave a masculine expression. Correct through the neck with super front assembly, shoulders sloping. Standing on well boned legs. Good through the body, ribs well spring and correct depth of chest at this age. Well-made hindquarters and once he settled he had that typical elasticity in movement. Best of Breed and later my pleasure to award him Group 1. A smart dog that will have a bright future ahead of him I am confident.

Retriever (Flat Coated)


1st Hopevalley Morning Rainbow

Super type of bitch who caught my eye from the start. She is just coming up 9 months old and has all the essentials. Moving with a super gate which made her stand out. Head of good shape and proportion, with the correct definition, pleasing eye shape with a good dark colour, and has that really mischievous look in her eye. Clean reach of neck into well laid back shoulders and return of upper arm, good depth to chest for her age. Excellent bone and super feet, and strong hindquarters all developing as they should. She is a really nice type of bitch and if I can be bold if she keeps developing in this way she will have a bright future ahead of her. Best Puppy, Best of Breed, Puppy Group 1 and later Best Puppy in Show.

2nd LLantrussa Twist of Fate

Well made boy two year old, well up for size but balanced. Head masculine but a little much for my tastes. Well made through the body. Clean neck in to a good front assembly, shoulders well laid back and good return of upper arm. Decent spring of rib and a firm through the loin. Quarters OK with a good decent bend of stifle. Well bone legs. Moved out well but a little proud of his tail today.

AV Import


1st Aelia De Champna of Philisha (Portuguese Pointer)

Smart dog almost square in appearance. Masculine head with broad skull and well defined stop, converging planes and good finish to foreface. Neck strong and fitting well into shoulders, good return of forearm and depth to the forechest. Ribs well sprung and back to a firm and loin, slight slope to the topline and well set tail. Quarters developed and in hard condition. Fluid in action and covered the ground well.

AVNSC Gundog


1st Berkerby What a Day (Clumber Spaniel)

This you lady was 14 months old and lots to like about her. She scored in this class in movement where she had a good typical action. Head pleasing, good for her age but needs to break a little to complete the picture, which she should do as she matures. Good front assembly on her with a decent return of upper arm. Stands on well boned legs. Body well proportioned, ribs springing nicely and a firm loin. Quarters well made and used to advantage on the move, just a tad proud of her tail.

2nd Anisbrig Brora (IRWS)

This young lady was just a baby but has bags of potential about her. She has a lovely head piece on her with a melting expression. Plenty of work in her head so should finish well. She has a good overall shape and outline, with good angles front and back. Well boned for her age and lots of attitude about her. Not quite the fluidity on the move of the winner today so lost the top spot. Later delighted to award her group 4. Good luck with her.

3rd Brecalde Goshawk Girl (HWHV)


1st Sh Ch Crieda Eagle with Sophalba ShCM (Italian Spinone)

Super outline on this chap and just has those key elements of the breed, a solid dog, squarely built with strong bone. I like his head a lot, masculine with a kind expression, correct divergent planes and a good eye. Strong through the neck in to a well set front assembly. Stands on well bone legs and super feet. Body of correct proportions with well made quarters. Sound on the move with a good action, just would have liked a little more drive and that cost him further consideration in the group. I am not surprised to see that he has his title. Best AVNSC Gundog.

2nd Anacapa Just Jack (ESS)

Good dog that I liked a lot. He has a clean outline on the stack. His head is masculine and balanced with defined chiselling. Powerful neck, front construction is good, with a good lay back of shoulder. Good length of body, ribs well sprung and a muscular loin. Hindquarters OK, hocks well let down. To nitpick today I wished he had more fluidity on the move, his movement was sound and of the correct action he struggled to get in to his stride

3rd Hochopepa let’s Go Crazy with Sophalba

AV Gundog


1st Hopevalley Morning Rainbow

2nd Barleyarch Pringle

3rd Golmas Guardsman

Junior (5,3)

1st Wansleydale Chartreuse For Hathermere

Young orange boy who is pleasing in outline, just at that in-between stage at the moment. Masculine in head, good reach of neck and well angulated front assembly, although I would like a little more lay back of shoulder. Ribs well back and good finish to the croup. Movement was accurate which gave him the class.

2nd Winterbourne True Love For Mishules (imp Swe) BJW 18


1st Sh Ch Tayowen Touch of Elegance

2nd Alolfran Quickstep to Lavansands

Masculine head with a lovely eye and expression. Clean neck and shoulder line, I would just like a little more lay back. Decent return of forearm and good depth to chest. Level topline, adequate bend of stifle, moved OK.

3rd Alofran Channe

Stakes classes

AV Puppy Stakes

1st Bardings Bar-K Truffles (WH Dachshund)

I liked the overall size and shape on this young lady, but I really loved her attitude. Her head is of a good shape and she has a kid eye. Strong through the neck into a decent front assembly, stands on well boned legs, would have like a shade more keel. Good height to length ratio and quarters are developing nicely. Moved out well to take the class.

2nd Samelen Gi Blues at Alolfrana (English Setter)

A promising English Setter Puppy who took puppy group 3 under me earlier in the day. I like his overall style, has all the essentials. His head is pleasing for his age, developing well. Good through the neck in to a decent front assembly, would like a little more return of upper arm. Well made through the body with quarters developing well.

3rd Vardene Foxy Lady (LC Chihuahua)

AV Junior Stakes

A close decision between these two, a couple of super youngsters.

1st Breaksea Fantasmagorical (Bearded Collie)

I loved the movement on this young lady with a super gait on her. She has a lovely head piece, correctly proportioned with a feminine expression. I like her overall make up, well proportioned with good height to length ratio. Quarters developing nicely. Shown in immaculate coat and condition she was a pleasure to go over.

2nd Poison D’Acebo Opus Noctune (Imp ESP) (French Bulldog)

I liked this brindle bitch, she has an appealing feminine head with dark eyes and a good muzzle. Good ears set which were used well. Lovely arch to neck into well laid shoulders. Well boned, Good spring of rib and. Good easy movement around the ring.

3rd Alolfrana U’Are a Diamond (Irish Setter)

AV Open Dog Stakes

1st Pendream Rising Star JW TAF (Standard Poodle)

This young black male put in a great performance. Masculine is head with a good expression, good through the neck leading to super front assembly. Body well med with ribs well sprung and firm through the loin. Well angulated rear which enabled him to power round the ring. Balanced throughout and shown in good condition.

2nd Erylan Loki Maitre du Lal (PBGV)

Masculine dog up to size but well made throughout. I liked his head shape and eye, well bodied, good coat, balanced angulation front and rear and sound steady mover.

3rd Storyland Legend of Love to Philandiane (LC Chihuahua)

AV Open Bitch

1st Odyssea de Val de Cayone del Rosanyos (Boxer)

Stood alone but a worthy winner, great showgirl who has ring presence. Well developed for the age. Balanced head with very good muzzle proportion, dark eyes with a feminine expression. Balanced body with elegance and substance. Strong top line which was maintained on the move, good action.

AV Good Citizens Dog Scheme

1st Birdus Ykkonen (Finnish Lapphund)

Great attitude on this chap who just never stopped showing and in this class excelled on the move. I liked his overall size and shape. Head pleasing with good breadth. Strong through the neck in to well set shoulders. Legs well bone just needs to be a shade tighter in front. Good body proportions with the correct height to length ratio. Shown in good coat and condition.

2nd Magical Love Elvikam (Imp Pol) (Aust Shepherd)

I liked the outline on this lady. Head developing nicely with a feminine expression, just needs to finish. Good front assembly, strong through the loin and good topline, nicely balanced for age with good muscle tone, bone and feet. On the move was very positive with a decent amount of reach and drive.

3rd Odyssea de Val de Cayone del Rosanyos (Boxer)

Av Special Member’s Stake

1st Sh Ch Menstonia Marksman ShCM (WSS)

2nd Alolfran Quickstep to Lavansands (Irish Setter)