• Show Date: 24/06/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Anne Hoban Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

North West Labrador Retriever Club



I would like to extend a big thank you to NWLRC for their warm and friendly welcome at this my third Breed Open Show. There was a garden party atmosphere outside in the sunshine where dogs and exhibitors managed to cope admirably on what turned out to be the hottest day of the year so far which can only further demonstrate what a kind and tolerant disposition our lovely breed has.

I had some large classes giving me variations in type and frame size but I found some excellent examples to take the higher place cards. Inevitably at this time of year and with yellows in particular, some coats were lacking or on the blow and a couple of iffy mouths popped up but there were no overweight issues which was positive and temperaments were lovely all round.

My very capable stewards Steve and Kirsty did a sterling job which was very much appreciated and a thank you must also go to the exhibitors for their courtesy in accepting my sometimes very close decisions which were based on ‘the dog on the day’ and not past history and for giving me such a wonderful entry.

MINOR PUPPY DOG (7, 3) 1. Metcalfe’s Carromer Jack Flash To Bailydale

A very promising pale yellow with compact frame, good forehand and rear assembly with good width to his quarters and hocks well let down.

He was just right for his age at a little over 6 months, with dark eye and pigment giving a lovely kind expression. Good for coat, bone, return of upper arm and lay of shoulder, pleasing depth and topline with his tail coming off nicely. Showed with confidence and moved out really well.

2. Druggan’s Mafia Lab’s Taboo Webster At Balladoole A bigger framed yellow at 8 months. Another with an expressive eye and similar appealing qualities, dark pigment and a super tail. In good coat of correct texture, well ribbed back and lovely bend to stifle, holding a firm topline on the move.

3.Cook’s Exelby Salsola

PUPPY DOG (7,1) 1.Druggan’s A Sense Of Pleasure’s El Toro At Balladoole (IMP DEU)

At 10 months, this young dog has a lovely shape and was my type of black. Alert to handler with a kind brown eye and head of correct proportions. Good through neck and shoulder, well ribbed and deep through brisket, carrying a coat of the correct texture and having super bone. He held a firm topline standing and moving with a good thick tail to finish.

A comfortable winner and one to watch. Well Done.



2. Cook’s Exelby Salsola

Third in MP, nice black of 7 months presented in good coat, he was well balanced and built on clean lines. He possessed some obvious breed essentials and had a decent reach to his neck, good spring to ribs already, legs well boned with tidy feet and correctly textured coat.

 His quarters were developing nicely and with a kind eye, appealing expression with a hint of mischief, he moved out well once settled.

3. Lesley’s Aramis Britannica Archipelago

JUNIOR DOG (3) 1. MCGillivray’s Antonine Charley Barley This scopy young mid yellow boy was the stand out dog for me today. Almost out of this class for age, lovely type and quality with clean neck, good shoulder and return of upper arm, deep through forechest, elbows close to body with leg length and bone to give him overall balance. Nicely developing barrel rib and short strong loin, shown in excellent coat with topline level, finished with a well set on thick wagging tail. His head was gorgeous having lots of appeal with a kind brown eye and correct muzzle length to depth.He retained a super outline and was fit and sound on the move with a steady, driving action. BEST BEST PUPPY DOG & BEST IN SHOW Congratulations!

2. Walton’s GALLYBOB MARMALADE A paler yellow with lots to like. At 13 months, he was of a good size and shape and carried the right amount of weight giving him balanced body proportions. A lovely brown eye colour and pleasing head shape with a gentle yet masculine expression, added to his appeal. Short in couplings with a firm topline, his spring of rib, depth through forechest and across quarters, presented the right amount of maturity for a youngster. Not the coat of one but finished with a well clothed tail. Moved positively.

3. Lesley’s Steeleigh Miracles Happen

NOVICE DOG (7,3) 1. Exelby Salsola

2. Kelly’s Alfavalley Swift Whisky Another nice type young black close up to winner, with his kind and biddable expression. He displayed a good overall outline although 1 was cleaner through neck and had a tad more leg length to body ratio. He had adequate bone and a lovely sweep of stifle. Shown in prime condition with dense coat and a thick tail, he moved out well for his handler.

3. S Miracles Happen


1.A Sense Of Pleasure’s El Toro At Balladoole ( IMP DEU)

2. Excelby Salsola

3.Alfavalley Swift Whisky


GRADUATE DOG (4,2) 1. Mullett & Maclean’s Shaymiloney Schinus Afinmore A bigger black, rising two years with a well proportioned head, expressing kindness with the correct muzzle length, eye shape and colour. Good for size, bone and leg length, harsh adult coat, decent rib and depth of brisket. He moved ok, albeit a little lack lustre, obviously feeling the heat today.

2. Markham’s Stmakajo Boba Fett An attractive paler yellow with a dark eye and good pigment, head a little broad for me but his expression was willing to please and kind. Decent lay of shoulder and ribbing with good strong bone and quarters with correct feel to his coat. One had the edge on movement and turn of stifle.


1. Druggan’s Balladoole Mr Selfridge JW Another pale young yellow with plenty to like having a lovely stance and being balanced throughout with good bone, barrel rib and a firm topline. Quality shows in his head with kindest of eyes and dark pigment giving a soft and intelligent expression. Seasonal coat but enough of the correct texture was evident to give him the class. Positive on the move from well muscled quarters.

2. Thompson’s Meadowline Mi Chico A well constructed mid yellow boy of 2 & a half with ample lay of shoulder and reach to neck, plenty of substance being deep through brisket, well ribbed back with short loin and broad strong quarters which he used to move out with drive. In good coat with lovely brown eye colour and that wanting to please expression.

A close call.

3.Stmakajo Boba Fett


1. Lesley’s Steeleigh Blue Print JW Three lovely type blacks headed this class.

 An upstanding and sturdy 2 & a half year old, full of himself and one I have judged before.

Super outline and so balanced throughout with no hint of coarseness to his head, lovely eye of brown colour with an alert but soft expression. Clean neck set into good lay of shoulder with depth to his forechest, barrel rib with pleasing length, broad over the loin and quarters with a level topline and nicely set tail. Correct angulation, strong bone into compact feet, with a harsh topcoat, completed the picture. Covered the ground well with an easy stride. RESERVE BEST DOG IN SHOW Well Done.

2. Hepper’s Mardas All Blacks JW Another super black boy of a similar age of good build and body proportions. Nicely balanced and short through couplings with good muscle tone and pleasing reach to neck into shoulder. Excellent depth through brisket with ribs well sprung, lovely strong bone into tight feet. Masculine head with good muzzle length and a willing expression. He carried a correct double coat giving a harsh feel and finished a firm topline off with a good thick tail. When settled,he moved out soundly and freely with good width and strength to his quarters giving him drive. On another day these two dogs could easily change places and he pushed hard but one just appealed more in head for me today.

 3. Metcalfe’s Trenow Rio Grande JW


OPEN DOG (3,1)

1. Crellin’s Aalincarrey Summer Majic A pale yellow of almost four years with the kindest of heads, super dark pigment and eye colour with good length to muzzle and a lovely expression. He was short coupled, had a decent length to upper arm into shoulder, was deep through chest and well ribbed, held a firm topline with strong quarters and had a super bend of stifle with a pleasing width to second thigh. Shown in good coat with a well covered thick tail. Moved out steadily.

2. Cook’s Meadowline Makassar Exelby Medium sized black, rising three years, placed Reserve in previous class. He was neatly put together showing decent overall construction, well muscled and shown in good coat and condition, with a pleasing head and eye although I could appreciate his expression more when he used his ears. He moved soundly and we did eventually get a wag which caused a mutual smile!

VETERAN DOG ( 3,2) 1. Lesley’s Steeleigh Secrets Out JW Substantial black, seven years and in excellent shape. He had plenty of muscletone and still thought he was a teenager at times! Masculine head without coarseness having pleasing eye shape and colour and giving a kindly expression. Strong neck of good length, deep ribs with super bone and feet. He could have worn more coat but there was enough to assess of the correct texture.

He held a strong topline finished with a well covered tail which didn’t stop. Even though he was another who was feeling the heat, when he settled down, he showed that he could move with ample reach and drive. Pleased to award him BEST VETERAN IN SHOW

Well Done.



What a super line up of babies and a delightful start to my bitch classes!

On another day places could change as their development progresses.

1. McGillvray’s Woefdrams American Abbygail With Antonine (IMP NDL)

A lovely well grown yellow of seven months. Such an appealing and soft expression with a gorgeous moulded head of the correct shape and proportions, brown eye and super pigment. Deep bodied at this age and already well ribbed back with strong bone, broad quarters, dense coat and correct tailset into a level topline with an ever wagging tail to complete a pretty picture. Confident on the move. RESERVE BEST BITCH & BEST PUPPY BITCH

2. Metcalfe’s Carromer Shimmering Tinsel To Baileydale

Sweet headed yellow who was so well balanced at 6 & a half months. Attentive to handler and everything fitting together nicely. Not a big in frame as one, she had just the right amount of bone into neat feet, clean neck into shoulders, a pleasing spring of rib with short loin and hocks, lovely topline which she kept on the move. Super dark pigment and a soft intelligent expression added to her attributes. A sound mover, well handled. Splitting hairs



3. Nuttall & Topping’s Gamblegate Miss Marple


1. Hodge’s Naiken Dance Rhythm

Super feminine black making her mark with lots of breed type, soft brown eye colour and a kind expression with most pleasing head proportions

She had well made front and rear angles with deep forechest and good return of upper arm. At ten & a half months, she had just the right substance for her age with well sprung ribs and good width to her quarters, lovely bone into tight feet. With correct density to her coat finished with a thickly clothed tail, she held a firm and level topline on the move, covering the ground with a good even stride. RESERVE BEST PUPPY BITCH

2. Greenwood’s Harrop Lady Blackstar

Lovely typy black puppy of nine months, short coupled with a good outline and leg length, showing some quality virtues at this age. She had the desired depth to her ribs with a good length of neck into well placed shoulders, firm topline and width of loin. She had a pretty head with a kind expressive brown eye, pleasing bone and correct harshly textured coat. She moved well enabled by well developed quarters and good drive.

3. Cook’s Missapols First Exclusive Exelby


1. Dobson’s Lakemeadow Love To Dream

A yellow with the sweetest of heads, kind eye and good pigment. At sixteen months, she was clean through the neck and well ribbed with decent depth and a good width to her quarters. She was short coupled with pleasing bone into tidy feet with correct leg length to balance. Moved out nicely in profile.

2. Thompson’s Meadowline May Mist

Almost fourteen months, a very pleasing yellow in good coat who showed really well.

Good shape and proportions with balanced angles, correct spring of rib, a firm topline into tailset. She presented a sweet head and expression & a lovely reach of neck. Both girls appealed but just preferred the more drive of winner.

3. Thompson’s Meadowline Mothers Secret


Wow, what a class!

1.Woefdrams American Abbygail ( IMP DEU )

2. Nailken Dance Rhythm

3. Harrop Lady Blackstar


Jones’ Lembas Faith At Serenjar

Feminine yellow of four years having a pretty balanced head and soft brown eye colour with good pigment. She had a clean neck set on a good forehand with a well developed forechest, adequate bone and spring to her ribs, a firm topline with pleasing bend of stifle 5/7

and second thigh. I particularly liked her outline, correct tail and pleasing coat condition. She stood, showed and moved out well.

2.Barthram & MCManus’ Gulsary Grand Operetta At Danru

A paler nice type yellow, younger than one with an appealing head and gentle expression, another with soft eye colour. Strong through body with decent layback and depth to brisket, good bone and ribbing, coat and tailset. She was full of herself today but was a tidy mover when settled.

3.Alfavalley Sioux-Zee Willow


Ennis-Holden’s Mariabank Decorum

This eye catching pale yellow lady stood out for me today. At almost three, she has plenty of substance but it is in keeping with her femininity. She had lovely balance to her head with the kindest brown eye, an excellent reach of neck flows into well placed shoulders and onto a strong level topline, short loin and super tailset. She had plenty of scope with big ribs giving good heartroom and keeping her legs correctly under her body. Her quarters were powerful and overall, topped off with a decent coat and a well clothed and carried, ever wagging tail. On top form today, she moved out soundly with energy and drive. Delighted to award her RESERVE BEST IN SHOW & BEST OPPOSITE SEX Congratulations!

2.Harris’ Cuerdenlake Pukaki At Shadbudpips

A nice type black, wider in head but having pleasing proportions with good length and depth to muzzle and a willing expression with kind eye of the correct colour. Well constructed with good front and ribbing, firm in topline into tailset, she presented a lovely outline when standing and although she could show with a bit more animation, she moved soundly.

3. Barthram & MCManus’ Oakhouse Oh Rock You Of Danru


1.Threader’s Gulsary Grand Design

Litter sister to Grand Operetta, a pale yellow who I liked a lot. Despite giving her handler a hard time she was very feminine with a melting expression with nice kind eye and good pigment. Lovely shape and stance with nice angles, well boned into neat feet, good depth through chest to elbow, well ribbed back with correct tail set on nicely. Moved true both coming and going and shown in fit condition.

2. Newton’s Meadowline Mad About You For Ralyville

A short coupled black with lots of breed type, good barrel and shown in super coat with the correct harsh texture. She had a good reach to her neck leading to decent lay of shoulder and return of upper arm, deep through ribs and having well angulated quarters with good width to second thigh, level topline into tailset. She had a soft expressive brown eye with balanced head shape and muzzle length. Moved out with drive but do keep an eye on her weight.

3. Lembas Faith At Serenjar



Another super class

Hodge’s Naiken Classic Cliché

Lovely quality chocolate with plenty of scope and substance. She had a clean neck with decent reach, set into a super forehand giving an excellent spring of rib, good leg length into neat feet and a firm in topline with strong loin. She had kindness and balance to her head with a fab burnt sugar eye colour to compliment her coat which was of the correct density and texture. Moved with an easy stride and drive from well muscled quarters.

Given real consideration in the Bitch Challenge. BEST CHOCOLATE IN SHOW

2. Kelly’s Alfa Sioux-Zee

A nice quality yellow with a pretty head, soft brown eye colour and decent pigment, another having a gentle and kind expression. She had pleasing angles all round with a clean neck giving very good reach and leading to a pleasing layback. Strong through ribcage with correct coat and tail, shown in fit condition with quarters well developed giving an attractive profile when standing and on the move.

3. Parr’s Stoneavon Minnie The Moocher Sh CM


Hodge’s Naiken Carinsia

Here was the best mover in the class out of these three bitches and such a pleasing black litter sister to Classic Cliché. Another from this Kennel with class and breed type, having a gentle head of balanced proportions, with a melting expression and correct brown eye. Lovely shape and size with a strong clean neck flowing into a deep body, she had super bone and substance, was well developed through her ribcage but shorter coupled than Cliche’ with the same pleasing bone into the best of feet.

Shown in lovely coat and condition, she moved out with drive from short hocks.

2. Newton’s Meadowline Mariabella For Ralyville

An attractive feminine yellow with super brown eye colour and dark pigment to compliment. Correct bone and substance for her frame size, pleasing lay of shoulder with ribs well sprung and good body depth into a firm topline finished with a well set and thick wagging tail although an extra inch would please. Not the coat of the winner but overall, a well made bitch who displayed some very pleasing attributes and was sound on the move.

3. Disley’s Oakhouse Orderly


1. Markham’s Stmakajo Siritachi Padme

A happy pale yellow of nine and a half years with a good length of leg, shown in fit condition and having a pleasing overall outline She had an attractive feminine head with such a kindly eye and expression with correct balance to her muzzle. She had a strong neck into a decent lay and topline, a mature, well ribbed body with adequate depth and she carried a double coat of the correct texture. With strong quarters and a nice turn of stifle, she could still hold her shape and move out with a purposeful stride.