• Show Date: 27/08/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Anne Bryson Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Leicester City Canine Society

Leicester City Canine Society Open Show

Bank Holiday Monday 27th August 2018

Siberian Husky: Miss Anne Bryson (Inukshuk)

Thank you to the Committee for inviting me to judge at such a well run and hospitable Show, and to my wonderful Stewards – I couldn’t have hoped for better. To those who entered, thank you for such a quality entry, especially appreciated given the Scottish Championship Shows at the weekend.

While a Siberian Husky does not run with its head, the head does contain features designed to keep the working Siberian husky alive, well and functioning in the original environment intended. The head also helps define the look of a Siberian Husky, differentiating this breed from others. I was extremely happy that today I saw heads of excellent breed type, demonstrating some of the great range of colours and markings that are entirely acceptable in this breed. Leg length was excellent throughout. No dogs carried excess weight, and it was a pleasure to feel the required unobtrusive muscling of a working sled dog. As it should be, it was good to see the slow maturing Siberian husky represented as a puppy, through adulthood and into the veteran years.

PUPPY (4) An exciting class of super typey puppies that gives promise for the future of the breed. All were of correct proportions with excellent length of leg. Temperaments were superb and none displayed any shyness or hesitation. 2) and 4) appeared to be extremely pleased to see each other, giving their handlers a hard time, and I would later learn they were litter brothers.

1) Johns’ AZGARD KAPMA FOR ALPENKYE 11 month old grey and white bitch who really had it together today. Exquisite head, with correct ear set, obliquely set almond shaped eyes and kindly alert expression. Excellent shoulder angulation, well laid back, with balanced rear. Strong topline, very good length of loin, and good croup and correct tailset. Good slope to pasterns and correct feet. Easy light footed ground covering gait; so sure of herself and sound on the move for one so young. BPIB, RBOB. Very pleased to see her shortlisted to the final six in a large Puppy Group.

2) Williams SALAZKA’S NEWT SCAMANDER 11 month old striking monochromatic black dog. Masculine head, lovely earset and eyes. Nicely arched neck into very well angulated front and balanced rear. Didn’t have quite the slope to pasterns of 1) but perfect tail set and carriage. Eventually settled on the move showing sound movement, but was rather distracted by what I would later learn was his litter brother and lost out to 1) on movement today. BOS.

3) Brown’s POLARCREEK TAIYA 9 month old feminine grey and white bitch full of affection who was having such fun today, but giving her young handler a very hard time as a result. Excellent outline. An extremely promising prospect that I’m sure when settled will have a very promising career.

4) Snelson’s SALAZKA’S MR ABERNETHY Litter brother to 2). 11 month old well constructed monochromatic black dog with a gorgeous head and expression and super coat. Full of mischief, he didn’t have quite the same muscling yet as his brother and this showed on the move – a little looser all round but nothing to be concerned about in one so young.


1) Johns’ AZGARD KAPMA FOR ALPENKYE, 2) Williams’ SALAZKA’S NEWT SCAMANDER, 3) Brown’s POLARCREEK TAIYA Much more settled on the move in this class, sound and light footed.

OPEN (3)

1) Brown’s DESHKA’S CASSIAR DYR FOR POLARCREEK JW 19 month old grey and white bitch with a beautiful head and the sweetest expression. Correct proportions with very good length of loin. Good croup and lovely tail carriage. Excellent angulation front and rear, ensured an effortless, light footed, ground covering gait. Pleased to award her BOB and will watch her career with interest.

2) Spruce’s MYSTICWOLF MAICOH 3 year grey and white bitch in super plush coat and working condition. Ears correct shape and size, but she did not want to use them at all today and so lacked the keen alert expression desired. Very good length of loin, slope to pasterns and feet. Didn’t have quite the shoulder angulation of 1) but still good and balanced front and rear. Moved well once settled, holding a strong topline.

3) Johns’ RAJARANI KOKO FOR ALPENKYE JW Hard to believe this exuberant lady is a 7 ½ year old veteran! Thoroughly enjoying her day out, and rarely having more than two lovely oval paws on the floor at any one time, an understated feminine black and white breed standard bitch in her summer coat. Another in good working condition.