• Show Date: 11/08/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Anne Bryson Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Sedgefield & District Agricultural & Horticultural Society

Sedgefield Agricultural Society Open Dog Show

Saturday 11th August 2018

Siberian Husky: Miss Anne Bryson (Inukshuk)

Thank you to the committee for their kind invitation to judge at this glorious show, and to my Steward for her assistance. The ring was considerably reduced in size by a large patch of stinging nettles that unsettled a few of the dogs and I thank my exhibitors for graciously bearing with me as we worked around this.

The quality of dogs exhibited was excellent, making for some extremely difficult decisions. It was heartening to see such well constructed breed standard Siberians, all of lean healthy weight with the desired unobtrusive muscling of the working sled dog that they are. Temperaments were exemplary, and there was more than a bit of mischief which I loved. They are such an intelligent and independent breed and I feel it is important to remember you work with them in partnership, or is that “for” them?

PUPPY (1) Richardson’s SALAZKA’S THUNDERBIRD He may have stood alone in this class but wow what a young man! 9 month old monochromatic black dog. Gorgeous head, masculine but not coarse with obliquely set almond shaped eyes, and a keen alert expression. Good length and arch of neck into excellent well laid back shoulders and balanced rear angulation. Correct proportions throughout with excellent length of loin, slope to pasterns, croup and tailset. Superb coat. Was sound on the move with easy light footed gait, holding his topline well. Very well deserved BPIB, RBOB, BOS and extremely pleased to see him win AV Working Puppy, WPG1 and an outstanding RBPIS.

JUNIOR (1) Porritt’s AMICAL SUPER DUPER 16 month old grey and white bitch. More compact than the previous class winner, nevertheless of correct length of leg and body to height ratio. Carrying a full coat but no excess weight, the loin was well defined. Excellent shoulder angulation and stifles well bent. Lovely foxy head with sweet, gentle expression and just a hint of mischief that became more apparent on the move. Clearly enjoying her day out, she made her handler work today! Sound, light footed movement, when settled! Lovely to see her win AV Working Junior.

POSTGRADUATE (2) A very difficult class to judge, especially as mixed sex. Both were rather exuberant – fabulous to observe such friendly sociable temperaments, so typical of this breed.

1) Norris/Wood’s HUSHWING BOSS BABY 3 year old finer boned wolf grey and white bitch. Striking masked face and piercing almond shaped blue eyes, the gregarious nature of a Siberian Husky was written all over her foxy head. Excellent front and rear angulation with superb length of leg, slope to pasterns and compact oval feet. Rather naked today, she hid nothing of her lovely outline. When she finally settled on the move she demonstrated effortless ground covering gait, single tracking on the out and back winning her the class.

2) Oliver’s FORSTAL’S LUTHER A very handsome 4 year old wolf grey and white boy. Masculine head with lovely facial markings framing beautiful almond shaped obliquely set eyes. At the top end of the breed standard, all in lovely proportion. Very good balanced angulation and slope to pasterns. Chest deep and strong but not too broad, with good spring of rib. Well muscled. Was unsettled by the nettles and just lost out to 1) on movement today. I would love to see him really open up in a large ring.

OPEN (3)

1) Bowering/Evans’ PENKHALA’S KASKA 21 month old grey and white bitch. Beautiful feminine foxy head, good arch and length of neck into excellent shoulders with rear angulation to balance. Lean hard working condition, with strong loin and slight arch over, super croup and tailset. Fabulous coat. Moved effortlessly around the ring, smooth and covering the ground with ease. Everything as it should be, an extremely lovely breed standard bitch who commanded the ring as soon as she stepped foot in it. Very happy to award her BOB and see her go WG2.

2) Norris/Wood’s KEGLUNEQ’S VAMPIRE QUEEN Feminine 5 year old monochromatic black bitch in lovely working condition and with a super coat. Head as it should be, correctly proportioned, lovely obliquely set eyes, with a gentle expression and nature to match. Correct body proportions, well angulated front and rear, with correct tailset and carriage. Good feet. Strong topline, moved well, securing her place today.

3) Porritt’s SKIMARQUE WINTER FROST AT BLIZZARDRUN This 4 year old young man was showing on his terms, making his handler work. A quality boy though with a clean balanced outline, good angulation and a pleasing head, using his ears better than 2) today albeit to merrily defy anyone who would dare suggest he move in formation. Another who had left his coat at home, perfectly acceptable in this breed when shedding.