• Show Date: 25/03/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Ann Beckett-Bradshaw Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

West Lothian Canine Society



Many thanks to the officers and committee for their kind invitation to judge at this super friendly open show. It is one my father judged at many years ago and today I had the pleasure of sharing the judging of some of the hounds with my sister Jo Beckett-Hughes. (She did Beagles, BGVP and Afghan Hounds). It made this appointment just a little special for me! Thank you!

Rhodesian Ridgeback Open (7 – 3)

1st & BOB Bowers Celtic Lore Koos De La Rey (Imp USA)

Powerful and handsome male who was well balanced with a good head and strong jaw. Liked his expression. Straight front and well angulated rear. Good spring of rib and correct strong loin. Moved sound and with purpose.

2nd Darlings Shurufa Shadowing James

Very typey bitch who was feminine but without losing her substance. She was a shade longer cast than the male. Straight front, good bone. Good feet. Moved true and with good profile action.

3rd Buchanans Nehdando’s Excalibur

BGVG (3- 0)

1st & BOB McGregors Claela Avrille At Eardley

Well balanced feminine girl who was well angulated throughout. Strong neck set into clean, well laid shoulders. No exaggerations, correct topline. Shorter coupled than 2. Moved well with drive.

2nd McGregors Ir Ch Claela Reaumur ShCM

Upstanding male. I loved his head and expression. Good neck let into well set shoulders. Correct topline will excellent loin. Good feet and excellent bone. Correct hocks. Moved with good profile action. Sound.

3rd McGregors Dit Donc Du Greffier Dy Roi Mit Claela

Borzoi (3 – 0)

1st Dollans Donskoi Zanoza At Scotach ShCM

Feminine hound with a lovely head and expression. Elegant. Very well made and lovely to go over. Correct angulation and bone. Great depth of chest and correct spring. Lovely topline and fallaway. Low set tail. Well angulated rear quarters.

2nd Arnolds Ballenbreich Bogatyr

Masculine male who was ‘Full Of Beans’ and once he used himself properly, made a good account of himself. Good angulation all through and well balanced. Good feet. Didn’t do himself any favours on the move, but I saw enough!

3rd Dollans Ryazab Julianna At Scotach ShCM

Dachshund Mini Smooth (2 – 1)

1st McLennans Cheguevar Tinkerbelle

This pretty houndy girl, not long out of puppy, stood alone in her class, but ultimately beat all the others when she went Hound Group 1 as well! Correct proportions for height and length, no exaggerations and plenty of quality. Her front and rear angulation were spot on, she was well ribbed back with correct loin and she moved sound coming and going, with drive and precision in profile. She also had that little extra that made her stand out. Delighted to give her BOB and HG 1. Well done!

Dachsund Mini Wire (0)

AVNSC Hound (11 – 4)

1st Dalgety/Rodger’s S/H Dachs Ch Thundergay Bebop A Lula

Lovely standard dachshund who, although she is now a veteran (and won the veteran class and HG4 too) still has her quality shining through. Good front angulation set on an excellent ribcage with good keel. Correct topline which she held on the move. Good rear quarters and good feet. Easy driving mover.

2nd Leggets Basenji Ch Swanwite Katrionan ShCM

Pretty fine boned girl who was really on her toes. Loved her head, ear set and expression. Good strong neck let into correct placed shoulders. Straight front. Good chest and underline. Moved lightly on her feet, without effort and very sound.

3rd Reillys Pharoah Doucai Gustaz Ta Birgo


1st McLennans Cheguevar Tinkerbelle

(As above)

2nd Conrad/Langers Khamis Afghan Hound Huckleberry

Handsome houndy boy with a strong but elegant head, roman nose and a little chiselling. Good neck let into well placed shoulders. Proper level topline with prominent pinbones and excellent fallaway. Big feet. Good coat. Well presented. Moved soundly and with correct springy action.

3rd McKenzies Whippet Aberlark Cookies N Cream

Feminine whippet girl of a nice size. Loved her outline and her topline which she maintained on the move. Good front and pasterns. Good feet. Rear quarters moved her very nicely around the ring and she was sound.

4th Dalgety/Rodger’s S/H Dachs Ch Thundergay Bebop A Lula

(As above)

AV Hound Special Puppy (13 – 4)

1st Hunters Afghan Hound Neptune De Koulangar At Sulahmara (Imp Fra)

Very attractive puppy who already is showing his promise. Lovely head and expression. Good length of neck let into well laid shoulder. Well sprung ribcage and correct length of loin. Plenty of length from hip to hock. Moved well and his ring tail completed the picture.

2nd Scanlons Rhodesian Ridgeback Kinabula’s All About The Bass

I thought this girl was real quality and will also have a bright future. Well angulated front and rear and with an attractive head and good ridge. She was strong without being coarse, well sprung ribcage with good strong loin. Moved well in profile and on the up and back was totally true.

3rd Mochans Basset Fauve DB Basler Wisecrack

AV Hound Special Veteran (6 – 2)

1st Dalgety/Rodger’s S/H Dachs Ch Thundergay Bebop A Lula

(As above)

2nd Thompsons Whippet Berwicklaw Harbour Master ShCM

 9 years young guy in good condition. Correct head shape. Good neck and excellent topline. Well angulated front and back with excellent pasterns, feet and nails. Moved well and maintained his topline.

3rd Wyllies BGVP Ch Tangaer Rhapsody at Callydena ShCM