• Show Date: 18/03/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Ann Beckett-Bradshaw Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Whitehaven & District Canine Association


Sunday 18th March 2018

AVNSC Pastoral , Pastoral Groups & AV Pastoral.

Unfortunately, due to the weather, some of the invited judges were unable to attend the show and I was asked, at the last minute, to substitute for the Pastoral Group judge. As I was unprepared for this, I was dressed very casually, for which I apologise. Many thanks to the exhibitors for the sporting way in which they accepted my decisions.

AVNSC P. D/B (2 0 )

1st BOB & BP & G4, & PG1 (Pyrenean MD) Bowker & Gibsons Sajobein Gastons Girl Avec Febus

Strong but elegant girl who was well balanced with fair angulation front and rear. She was in good coat and condition and moved well with a lovely free action. Sound coming and going. I had no hesitation in giving her the BOB & BP AVNSC, she held her own with the adults to take G4 and was an easy PG1 – well done!

2nd (OES) Richardsons Storinblu Rhythm Of My Heart

Nicely presented lad who was a shade longer cast than I would have liked. Good expression. Good front and rear angulation. Needs to settle on the move.

AVNSC P-G D/B (3 3 )

AVNSC O D/B (2 1)

1st (Estrella MD) Reids Milagre Ice Ice Baby

Feminine girl with short strong neck let into well laid shoulders. Good spring of rib. Good feet. Moved well in profile, would like a little more animation to use her conformation to best advantage.


1st (Sheltie) Staffords Rannerdale Queen O’the North

Pretty, feminine, graceful girl, who really took my eye. Her quality stood her apart. Attractive head with almond eyes and appealing expression. Good ears. Balanced and very well put together under her coat. Correct bone. Moved well coming and going and excellent profile action.

2nd (Briard) Murray-Walkers LASCAUX NEOLA OF WALKERBRAE Shcm

At 7 years young, this lovely veteran still has plenty to offer. Correct eye shape, attractive head. Good length of neck and well angulated front and rear. Moved very sound and with excellent reach in front when viewed in profile.

3rd (Australian SD) Forts Saussurea Grand Entrance By Shulune (Imp Pol)

Sound workmanlike bitch with a lovely shape to her head. Neck set on well and let into good shoulders. Excellent topline. Well let down hocks. Moved well and with drive.

4th (Pyrenean MD) Bowker & Gibsons Sajobein Gastons Girl Avec Febus

As above.


1st (Pyrenean MD) Bowker & Gibsons Sajobein Gastons Girl Avec Febus

As above.

2nd (Sheltie) Redpaths Sonymer Storm Doris

Well balanced youngster who was in good condition. Moved well in profile but still needs to settle on the up and back.

3rd (GSD) McGreens Avanti Voyager

AV P D/B (2 2)

AV O D/B (3 1)

1st (Australian SD) Simpsons Rannaleroch Chilaca At Applecreek Beg Ex

Well balanced Merle with good colour and shape to eye. Clean neck let into good shoulders. Good spring of rib. Excellent feet. Presented in super condition.

2nd (BSD Tervueren) Bird & Cadens Ch Domburg Brown Sugar (Imp Usa) Shcm

Correct proportions on this male but he was just a trifle over excited to be able to show himself to his best advantage.

AV V D/B (8 4)

1st (Briard) Murray-Walkers Lascaux Neola Of Walkerbrae Shcm

As above

2nd (Sheltie) Barnes Sonymer Snow Drop

At 8 ½ years old, this veteran looked and moved very well and was a credit to her owner. Still in lovely condition, well made throughout and still moving like a youngster. I would like to have seen her in her prime.

3rd (Rough Collie) Quinces Corydon La Fayvorita Avec Karafaye Shcm

Judge Ann Beckett-Bradshaw