• Show Date: 29/04/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Angie Porter-manning Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Sheringham & District Kennel Association

Sheringham and district K A 29/4/18 I would like to thank the committee for inviting me to judge at this well run show. Also many thanks to my stewards for the smooth running of the ring but huge thanks to all the exhibitors for turning out on such a cold day CKCS Junior 4 1st mr mrs Fisk Rebhann Ivanna Tinkle 8 month bitch. Blenheim nicely broken up with white, pretty feminine head and lovely dark eye. With soft expression, lovely neck into well laid shoulders, level top line when moving , sound coming and going BP and PG1 2nd mrs Betts Shelpet Serenity 11 months black and tan bitch, another lovely puppy , very pretty well laid shoulders, lovely coat moved well slightly longer cast than 1 3rd mr &mrs Fisk Rebhann Mona Lott Post grad 5 (1) 1st misses AE &LJS Etheridge Diddlidors Money Pennie 21 months Blenheim bitch lovely rich Blenheim good dark eyes and kind expression, liked her size, compact body, moved well with level top line , pleased to award her BOB and toy group 2 2nd mrs MK Betts Shelpet Susanna black/tan bitch of 7 1/2 years beautiful head and expression, full coat, nice angles moved well, in good condition for her age 3rd misses AE & LJS Shelpet Vanilla Ice at Diddlidors JW Open 5 (1) 1st Wimerley &Newman Trishine's Celestial Dream with Finjaro 18 month Blenheim dog, lovely rich red and white coat, lovely head into nice reach of neck, good shoulders and rear angle, moved out well and soundly close decision for BOB 2nd mr and mrs Fisk Rebhann Glitz N Glammour 3 year old Blenheim bitch, lovely head and expression, good dark eyes , good shoulders moved well, just preferred length of neck in 1st Chihuahua smooth coat Junior 3 1st mrs M Cove Yveanjelic Best China for Mitimnu 11 month bitch , nice head and neck,good height to length ratio, nice shoulder, sound mover, level top line with correct tail carriage , BP PG2 2nd mrs MK &mr P Mann Mitimnu Polar Ice 9 month male , another lovely pup, correct head , moved well, not quite maturity of 1 yet Post grad 4 (1) 1st mrs S Crowley Christalchi Little Sweetie 18 month Bitch, pretty head, good length to height ratio, moved soundly , level top line with correct tail carriage 2nd mrs MA Cove, Yveanjelic Think pink Mitimnu, very similar comments as 1 not much to choose between the 2 but just preferred front movement of 1 Open 4 (1) 1st mrs S Crowley Nikitos Namethatdog 3 year old male, what a cheeky little chappie he is, not put off by the cold weather, correct head, bright eyes, lovely shoulders, correct length and tail carriage held well, together with a level top line held on the move, most happy to award him BOB & Group 1 pleased to see he was awarded RBIS 2nd mrs MA Hill Carouselway Loopy Lou at Lilliputchi 2 year bitch of nice quality well made overall just movement and tail carriage affected by the cold weather Italian greyhound Post grad 3 1st mrs Tate Keelindee Red Rum 18 month male of nice proportion, showing elegance, lovely hound head, moved well around the ring 2nd mrs T & Miss J Fryett Crystaldrift Leonidis 18 month male, taller type but still elegant, sound mover Open 4 (1) 3 nice dogs in this class but all very different 1st Mrs T &Miss J Fryett Gianni Gala Girl 2 year old, elegant, lovely hound head, slight arched neck , good shoulder with correct top line which she retained whilst moving, nothing exaggerated just how I like them, coped very well with the cold windy weather! BOB and toy Group 4 2nd Mrs T &J Fryett Graizlound Ace of spades, dog, black, larger than 1 but still a lovely boy of nice proportions , good hound head, moved well, just preferred the overall elegance of 1st place AVNSC toy Post grad 5 (1) 1st mrs M Thomas Okajem I'm your man for magikala L/C chihuahua, 19 months, good head, nice dark eyes, moved well correct tail carriage, nice shoulders 2nd Mrs P Davidson Cintarshe Red Amethyst, Papillon, bitch of 2 years, lovely head and ear carriage shown in good coat, just preferred front movement of 1 Open 4 (1) 1st mrs M Thomas Magikala Serendipity Pomeranian , pretty bitch of 17 months, nice head shown in good condition , compact body, moved well, correct tail carriage , BOB and Group 3 2nd Mrs P Hunter Chanteki love in the mist at Twiganlu, chihuahua L/C nearly 7 years old and looking well, petite boy of nice proportions, preferred front movement of 1 AV toy Puppy 6 (2) 1st mr & mrs Fisk, Cathy Come Home at Rebhann, 9 month old Pomeranian bitch, headed a very nice class, this puppy stood out, beautiful head, her coat in full bloom, correct tail carriage, floated around the ring despite the weather, loved her 2nd Mrs P Davidson, Cintarshe Red Emerald papillon 10 month bitch, another lovely pup, correct head and ear carriage, nice shoulders, moved out well, rich red and white coat, showed well. 3rd mrs W E Lee-Finglas Disneyland's Designed for Uk with Richheath (imp) Havanese 11 month male, not a happy chappie today with the windy weather, but well made puppy, lovely coat, nice shoulders, difficult to assess movement as the wind was up his tail today, Best AVNSC puppy, more settled in the group getting him a puppy group 3 place Open 6 (3) 1st Mrs S Crowley Nikitos Namethatdog 2nd Fyrett's Crystaldrift Leondis Group 1 Crowley Nikitos Namethatdog Chihuahua S\C Group 2 Misses Etheridge Diddlidors Money Pennie CKCS Group 3 mrs M Thomas Magikala Serendipity Chihuahua L/C Group 4 mrs T & Miss J Fryett Gianni Gala Girl Puppy Group 1 Fisks Rebhann Ivanna Tinkle CKCS Puppy group 2 Mrs Cove Yveanjelec Best China For Mitimnu chihuahua S/C Puppy group 3 Lee-Finglas Disneyland's Designed for uk with Richheath (imp) Havanese Judge Angie Porter-manning (wallaroo)