• Show Date: 24/02/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Angela Challenger Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Samoyed Breeders & Owners League

Samoyed Breeders and Owners League

Open Show 24th February 2018

Judge Mrs A Challenger


I would like to thank the committee for the appointment. A well run day with a lovely lunch. Thank you to my super stewards for looking after me and the ring so well and lastly a big thank you to the exhibitors for entering their lovely dogs. Presentation of the dogs was fabulous and I have to say what a lovely atmosphere on the day, it was my pleasure to judge you.



Minor Puppy Dog

1st Woodhead's Nikara Secret Wish With Pashka, 6 mths, so much promise in one so young, loved him. A well balanced picture, correct wedge shaped head, flat skull and broad muzzle, dark almond shaped and slanted eye, plush ears set well apart. Arched neck running into well placed shoulder angles, deep chest and good rib cage, strong loin and well angulated hindquarters. Moved very well all round, delighted to give him BPD & BPIS.

2nd Thomas' Nikara Secret Agent, 6 mths, brother to 1, both very promising puppies. Similar points apply overall but he was slightly longer cast in body and slightly narrower in muzzle. Not so mature as 1. Also moved well.

Puppy Dog

1st Cross' Tiksi Moonglow, 9 mths, another super pup that when I saw the name I realized was a pup I gave a group to a couple of weeks before and the same to his sister north of the country a week or so later, a promising litter. He has a wedge shaped head, flat skull, broad medium length muzzle, slanted almond shaped eye, plush ears set well apart, good length arched neck running into well made forequarters, correct depth of chest and well sprung ribs with powerful loin, correct hindquarters giving him sound movement.

Junior Dog



1st Mann's Nikara Dream Maker, just a youngster but an impressive well balanced dog of medium size and bone, a lovely smile. Wedge shaped head with broad flat skull and medium length tapering muzzle, dark obliquely set almond shaped eye, rounded plush ears set wide apart, arched neck fitting well into laid back shoulders. Correct breadth of body and strong loin, deep chest with well sprung ribs, well angulated hindquarters, strong agile movement, delighted to give him BD & and later a well deserved BIS.

Graduate Dog,

1st Smurthwaite's Samnouska Spirit In The Sky, well balanced picture overall. Masculine wedge shaped head, flat skull, medium length muzzle, dark almond shaped eye set obliquely, plush ears well set. Arched neck, very well set shoulders, deep chest and good ribcage, good broad loin and rear, moved well.  

2nd Hurrell's Zeelukzak Diamond Czar, masculine head, wedge shaped with good obliquely set eye, plush ears, arched neck, deep chest, good ribcage and broad loin. Sadly he struggled today with his movement. Once we got the pacing right things improved no end.

3rd Weston's Annecy Galaxy Rock,


1st Badger's Kalinski Dionysus Avec Snosett JW, mature 4 yr old in full bloom. Masculine wedge shaped head, correct balance of backskull and muzzle, slanted almond shaped eye, well set plush ears, arched neck running into ex set of shoulder. Deepest of chests and good ribcage, strong loin and good rear angles, all showing good movement all round. RBD.

2nd Weston's Whitespirit Black Prince, masculine head of good proportions with correct almond shaped eye, well set ear. Not quite so well angulated overall as 1. Bodily this dog was extremely well muscled and very fit. Moved well.




1st Rolfe's Samnouska King of the Ice, 8yrs young, fully mature and looking a picture, well balanced strong looking boy with good bone. Wedge shaped head with broad backskull, filled strong muzzle, correct obliquely set almond eye, plush well carried ears, ex front shoulder angles, correct topline and strong loin, matching well angulated hind quarters. Moved freely and very well. BVIS.

2nd Woodhead's Vandreem Imperial Kennedy From Pashka, another 8 yr old, a happy smiley soul, nicely balanced, wedge shaped head, strong muzzle with almond shaped eye and well set plush ears. More moderately angled fore and aft than 1. Good depth of chest and broad loin, moved freely.




Minor Puppy Bitch

1st Collinson's Nikara Secret Love By Norjack, another of the very promising Secret litter, a little sweetheart, such a baby, very promising wedge shaped head, good eye and ear set, very well laid back shoulder and broad back with a well angulated hind quarter. Lovely balance in the stand. Moved very well. BPB & BOSPIS.

Puppy Bitch

1st Vidak's Samnouska Spirit of Dreams For Lacewood, standard says, alert and full of action, this young lady displayed all of that. Loved her attitude. She was slightly long cast, feminine head with good eye shape, well set ears, lovely neck with laid back shoulders and good rib cage. Well angulated behind. Moved very well.

Yearling Bitch

1st Smith's Nikitta Everything Changes At Sharla, feminine wedge shaped head, obliquely set eye and lovely ear set. Well angulated front assembly with deep chest and well sprung ribcage. Good hind angulation giving a lovely balance overall. Moved well.


1st Humphrey's Rosnorske Princess Tia at Zaliki, just loved these two, so Sammy they made me laugh. Wedge shaped head with a obliquely set eye and ears set well apart. Ex neck running into lovely angulated shoulders, deep chest and correct rib, good angulation in the rear, moved well.

2nd Vidak's, Samnouska Spirit of Dreams For Lacewood,


1st Guilliford's Rosskaja Show Me The Ice at Zelenska, attractive balanced picture, feminine wedge shaped head, well set eyes and ears, correct neck with moderate front angulation. Deep chest and good ribcage. Broad very well made hindquarters. Moved very well.

Post Graduate


Mid Limit

1st Freer's Nikara Kall Me Kreative, lovely overall balance, ex head with broad backskull and ex muzzle well filled under the eye, plush well set ears. Arched neck running into well placed shoulders, deep chest and well sprung ribs, broad loin and well angulated hind quarters. Moved very well, RBB

2nd Smurthwaite's Samnouska Shades of White, well balanced shape overall. Wedge shaped head with flat skull and correct muzzle. Obliquely set eye and well set ears. Arched neck. well set shoulders, deep chest and good rib. Ex hind quarters. Moved well.

3rd Humphrey's Zaliki Princess of Soloman,


1st Zissis' Hellas Blueagean Verde From Blueagean (Imp Grc) well balanced. Lovely head with good wedge, flat broad skull and filled muzzle. Obliquely set eye & plush ears. Arched neck and good front angulation. Deep chest, broad loin and good hindquarters. Moved very well.


1st O’Dwyer's Kalinski Dushka Maia, two nice bitches. Alert and full of action says the standard and she was, loved her attitude. Lovely overall balance, wedge shaped head with good muzzle, obliquely set eye and lovely plush ears. Arched neck running into well made front assembly, deep chest and correct rib cage. Broad strong loin and lovely hindquarters. Moved very well. Deserved her BB, RBIS & BOS.

2nd Cross' Tiksi Frosted Flame AW(s) ex wedge shaped head with flat skull and correct muzzle. Obliquely set eye and well set plush ears. Arched neck, deep chest and broad strong body, well angulated fore and aft allowing her to move very well.

3rd Woodhead's Zeelukzak Ice’n Precious From Pashka


1st Humphrey's Arianrhod Otavan, 10 yrs old in ex condition. Wedge shaped head, flat skull, correct muzzle, obliquely set eye, plush well set ears. Well made fore and aft, deepest of chests and good rib. Moved well. BOSVIS.


1st Humphrey's, 2 lovely girls, had a lovely time but when settled they showed together really well. Well done.