• Show Date: 08/12/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Andy Vella Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Guildford & District Canine Society


Puppy(6, 1abs) 1. Mckenzie & Booth’s Shanshal Queen of Sheba(Chinese Crested) 6 months old and what an eyecatcher! Small, fine girl with correct skull shape and tapering muzzle. Dark, almond shaped, expressive eyes. Elegant neck flowed to well laid shoulders, deep chest and good tuck up, level topline and well turned stifles all combined to produce a very pleasing outline all topped off with quality hair fringes. Carried her tail high during movement that was true all round and had an elegance and zest about it. With more table training this girl could go very far. BP & PG1

2. Gill’s Florindale Star Copy(Affenpinscher) 7 month girl, another quality puppy unlucky to meet 1. Correct head shape with short muzzle and proud chin with typical rough hair. Round, dark eyes exuded the required cheeky look. Short neck and body with good spring of rib. Strutted happily round the ring.  

3. Neasby’s Churchbank Juast An Angel for Ulani(Miniature Pinscher)

Junior(4, 3) 1. Russell’s Rusmar Kissed By A Rose(Bichon Frise) 14 month old with a nicely balanced head from all angles with coat enhancing its shape, jet black pigment to correctly placed eyes and nose. Long neck, well sprung ribs and good turn of stifle covered with profuse fine coat. Moved with drive carrying both head and tail proudly. Post Graduate(7, 4) 1. Russell’s Rusmar Kissed By A Rose(Bichon Frise) See Junior

2. Gill’s Florindale Suzy Starlight(Affenpinscher) Typical head with prominent chin and expressive eyes. Good for size and body shape giving a sturdy look. Moved with high steps but unfortunately dropped her tail today

3. Haffenden’s Moretonia Wicked In Oz at Nasabe(ETT)

Open(8,5) 1. Gill’s Carmichan Tegra(Affenpinscher) 20 month old girl in her prime. Excellent head with broad brow, short muzzle and prominent turned up chin topped by small high set ears and shaggy hair. Short neck, well sprung ribs and a level back gave an overall square, sturdy appearance. Balanced angulation all round. A rough harsh coat covered it all. She moved with a strut and an attitude, she was not only monkey like in appearance but in attitude too. BOB & GRP 2

  2. Bartlett’s Michadaine Crazy For You(Chinese Crested )Powderpuff with elongated skull, tapered muzzle and very dark eyes. Well put together throughout which showed in balanced, effortless movement with tail carried high. A little on the larger side for me.

3. Wood’s Moretonia Easter Parade(ETT)


Puppy(2) 1. French’s Soleona Valentina. 10 month old girl with rounded head and fine muzzle. Well set and carried ears which are of good size and with fringes coming. Dark eyes and rims gave an inquisitive expression. Slightly longer than tall with fine bone and with ample body coat for age. High set tail was well carried proudly during driving movement.

2. Davidson-Boston’s Spinillons Double Trouble. Phalene with good head properties and nicely constructed, lacked confidence which the handler explained later, good luck in the rehabilitation of an otherwise nice exhibit.


Post Graduate(0)

Open(5,2) 1. Ivani & Davidson-Poston’s Int/Slo Ch. Whip Honey Double Smash. My star today, has top quality in head, body and movement and an attitude that demands “Pick Me”. Ears are very large and well feathered, correctly set to give the desired butterfly appearance and show his rounded head shape which then narrowed to a fine muzzle. Elegant neck, deep chest with well sprung ribs and slight tuck up combined with good angles, front and rear, to produce a lovely picture on the stand. Nothing was lost on the move, true in all directions with his tail arched over his back and effortlessly covering the ground. Pleased to award him BOB & GRP1, then watch him go RBIS

2. Melvin’s Ringlands Sunshire Story at Shalandar ShCM. Heavier all round than my winner but still a quality exhibit. Large mobile ears which just needed some more fringes. Correct head shape fining down to muzzle. Slightly longer than tall and superb tail carriage, moved steadily from all angles

3. Woodcock’s Reolutebay Anastasia



Post Graduate(1) 1. Hills & Smail’s Vivica Fox at Toybox. Foxy, balanced head with fine muzzle, short neck and well laid shoulders and well rounded ribs. Excellent for coat, both fluffy undercoat and harsh top hairs producing good frill around neck and a profuse fan tail. Moved with short brisk steps covering the ground with haste. BOB 

  Open(1) 1. Hills’ Toybox Lucifer Among Sharhazlah ShCM. Black boy with greying muzzle, small ears, eyes that were expressive and cheeky. Short and compact with a well carried tail which was sparse for hair. Moved true and with good drive.


1. Ivani & Davidson-Poston’s Int/Slo Ch. Whip Honey Double Smash(Papillon)See Papillon Open

2. Gill’s Carmichan Tegra(Affenpinscher)See AVNSC Open 

  3. Buss’ Hollyel Kunzite at Ramrowan(LC Chihuahua) Correct apple head with large eyes, well set and carried ears. Slightly long with a level topline. Moved with brisk steps with head held high and desired sickle tail

4. Beech & Schofield’s Tidemill Stuart Little ShCM(Pug) Appealing dark limpid eyes in a typical head. Well muscled square shaped body with high set tail. Moved proudly round the ring.


1. Mckenzie & Booth’s Shanshal Queen of Sheba(Chinese Crested)See AVNSC Puppy

2. Reid’s Bubbapug Mamma Mia(Pug)Large, round head with correct wrinkles and super large lustrous eyes that are full of mischief. Short and stocky from neck down throughout body and legs all in good balance completed by curled tail. Covered the ground well on the move with typical rolling gait.

3. Rhodes’ Calonlan Oberon(CKCS)Youngster with almost flat skull, well tapered muzzle and dark round eyes. A little rangy at this stage but moved with drive covering the ground well keeping a level back.

4. Swinge’s Harpersband Oscar Howard at Balthazar(Griffon Bruxellois)Round head, short muzzle and prominent chin. Short and square body covered in rough wiry coat.