• Show Date: 19/06/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Andrew Leonard Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Cheshire Agricultural Society


Difficult to assess movement properly as grass was long and harsh; some coped better than others. 

P (2,1) 1st & RBOB & BPIB. Marina’s MAZAIMPERIJA SWEETY GIRL . Of ideal size. Width to head and underjaw. Open nostril. Dark round eye. Good width to chest. Picked up nice and heavy for age. Coat developing with mane and defined waist. Moved well.  


J (1,0) 1st Marina’s BLEVWIL MISTER MAGIC. Liked the size and correct overall body shape. Coat of good texture. Lots of maturing to do and picked up lighter than ideal. Too narrow in front at present. 


PG (4,0) 1st Machin’s DIVA HAVEN ROYAL DREAM AT BARPEKE. Impressive width to head and underjaw. Dark round lustrous eye. Lovely and short in back. Carrying a lot of coat which was of harsh texture. Effected by heat and the grass. 2nd Marina’s MAZAIMPERIJA SWEET LILLY. Liked her size and basic shape. Showing width to head and dark round eye. Lacking coat.  


O (1,0) 1st & BOB. Fearon & Machin’s KAYSHEI LACY WITH BARPEKE. Of ideal size, make and shape. No exaggerations. Width to head and underjaw. Clean and healthy in nose. Width to chest; nice and deep. Elbows tight. Liked her good bone and big feet. Defined waist and tail carried well over level back. Picked up really well. Best mover here today coping well with grass and temperature.