• Show Date: 16/09/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Andrew Leonard Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

North Of England Pekingese Club

North of England Pekingese Club Open Show

I was delighted to have been invited to judge one of my favourite toy breeds; the Pekingese. My thanks to the Officers and Committee for this special invitation. A friendly Club Show run alongside Darlington Championship Show. I felt some exhibits didn’t perform as well as they might – probably a long day with an early start for the Ch Show and then Stakes classes etc. By the time we started judging it had also started to warm up and the sun was shining brightly which clearly affected a couple of dogs. I can only judge as I see the dogs on the day and how they performed at that moment in time. Some classes were hotly contested and the same exhibits could easily change places on another day. Thank you to the majority of exhibitors who respected my decisions in a sporting manner. I was very grateful for having the hands-on experience of judging some of the top Pekingese in the land. A final thank you to my very efficient steward, Margaret Mallows who was great company and made my job so much more enjoyable. A small entry but full of quality in both dogs and bitches. Apologies for the delay in submitting my critique; we went abroad on holiday straight after the show. 

MPD (2,1) 1st Heffernan’s Mezrab Derek. Just 6 months and very glamourous still in his fine puppy coat. No exaggerations to his wide shallow head. Lovely flat top of head and clean open facial features. Particularly liked his eyes set just right width apart. Picks up very well for his age. Moved purposefully but can lengthen in body a little more than ideal. Reserve Best Puppy Dog. 

PD (4,1) 1st Easdon & Martin’s Yakee The Aristocrat. A clear winner in this class. Super young male with many breed virtues. So glamourous with a stunning classic head. Plenty of width and good underjaw. Loved his clear dark eyes and expression. Excellent open facial features. Picks up heavy. Just right for coat which is in immaculate condition and of good texture. Can lengthen on the floor and did not seem to put on his best performance on the move. This influenced my final decision in the challenge but still a very worthy Reserve Best Dog & therefore automatically Best Puppy Dog although left the ring to compete in a Stakes class. 2nd Heffernan’s Mezrab Red Is My Name.  Really liked his wide head and open face framed by well set ears. Good width between eyes and open nostril. Very good width to front and tight in elbow. Good depth to body and very well developed rib. Picked up lovely and heavy. Again a little longer in back than required. 3rd Heffernan’s Mezrab Pillow Talk. Loved his size and overall shape – compact with level back and good tail set. Smaller all over – head developing well. Would prefer a wider front. Very sound on the move. 

JD (1,0) 1st Morley & Box’s Jidoran Professor Green. A very handsome dog with very good ring presence. Very masculine in head with a real leonine appearance. An excellent head piece. Nice and wide with flat top of head. Wonderful clear round eyes set well apart. Nose of just the right side and large open nostril. If I am being ultra-critical I would like a little more strength to his chin. His front is wide and chest deep. Short thick legs and good bone. Short in neck and well laid shoulders. Compact in body and picked up so heavy. His coat is of an ideal course texture. He has a real mane and well defined waist. In the final challenge he really put on a polished performance and presented a well-balanced picture moving soundly as one piece and looking short and compact with a typical dignified roll. Best Dog. Was delighted to find that my eventual BIS winner was actually his dam. 

GD (2,1) 1st Harbron’s Bratilda Starman. Of good size and compact in body. Typical in head and well balanced with width to skull and between eyes. Coat of good texture and picked up well. A little narrower through than my other principle winners. Not happy today and did not want to move with the confidence and dignity required. PGD & LD (2,1) 1st Harbron’s Bratilda Starman. 

OD (2,1) 1st Heffernan’s Mezrab Master Thomas. Small dog with typical head and expression with open features. Would prefer shorter in neck. Well-developed rib. Moved steadily. 

PB (2,1) 1st Easdon & Martin’s Yakee The Debutante. An absolute a stunner from this famous kennel who’s head is a joy and I would not change a thing about it. Her dark round eyes are set wide apart and her nose is of good size with clear open nostrils. I loved her black mask and fearless expression. Plenty of width to her chin. Short in neck and nice and thick. Lovely and broad in chest. Compact in body. Picked up heavy as expected. Level back and tail set high. Coat well developed for age and very glamourous. Presented immaculately. Moved very soundly. I would love to own her and was delighted to award this beautiful lady RBIS and BPIS. 

PGB (2,1) 1st Wilson’s Mezrab Miracle Sunrise of Sherrldene.  A smaller bitch who could be a little more compact. Good head for size and proportions. Liked her dark round eyes which were set well apart. Would prefer a stronger chin. Picks up really heavy and in very good body condition. Elbows nice and tight but could have a little more width of chest. A little out of coat which was of correct course texture 

LB (1,0) 1st Morley & Box’s Jidoran Sox. There is definitely a type from this well-established kennel. Of lovely size – good width of chest and well sprung rib with elbows close to body. Short in back and high set tail. Beautiful head with required width and flat between the ears. Loved her expressive eyes with good width between. Firm in underjaw. Clear open nostril. Her coat was perfect for length and texture – not over-coated at all.  

OB (3,1) 1st Morley & Box’s Ch Jidoran Rula. What a privilege to be able to judge an exhibit of such exceptional quality at an Open Show. I was not surprised to learn she was a Champion at all. I found her quite breath taking. Her head is text book with the most aloof expression and a confident disposition. I love the width of head and the balanced proportions of her facial features. Lovely and short in neck and the best body – short and well ribbed with a wide chest slung low between her short thick legs. Her tail is set high and well feathered. She weighs a tonne for her size. Her coat is exceptional and meets the standard perfectly with a coarse texture top coat and thick undercoat. It is of moderate length with a super mane and well fringed ears. Her coat shows of the shape of her body to perfection especially her well defined waist. Moved so soundly and with such dignity showing the typical rolling front gait. I loved her. Best Bitch and Best in Show. 2nd Heffernan’s Mezrab Miricle Sunshine. A bitch with many virtues but somewhat over-shadowed by Rula. Liked her head and expression but needs a little firmer chin. Of good size and nice and compact in body. Picked up really heavy for size. Coat again of correct length and texture and helped define the body. Moved steadily 

SpB D or B (4,0) 1st Mezrab Miricle Sunshine. 2nd Mezrab Miracle Sunrise of Sherrldene. 3rd Bratilda Starman. 

Breeders D or B (1,0) 1st Mezrab Master Thomas. 

Sp O NBBE (4,1) 1st Paradise’s Rickenny’s George Ezra with Shardlow. Nearly 8 months old and head developing really well for age and like his open features and dark round eye. Good width to head and strength to under jaw. Coat starting to frame body well. Would prefer shorter neck and for his body to be more compact.  2nd Mezrab Miracle Sunrise of Sherrldene. 3rd Bratilda Starman. 

Sp O AOC D or B (2,0) 1st Morley & Box’s Jidoran Kara. Another beautiful bitch to judge from this top kennel. Her head is wonderful – so wide and shallow with flat top of head and well set ears framing her face. Dark round eye and clear unexaggerated nose. Her underjaw is wide and shows strength. Short thick neck and the very best forequarters. Her shoulders are so well laid and her elbows close to her body. Her front legs are thick and short wrapped around her wide chest, Short in body and dead level top line with high set tail. She does not carry a mass of coat which in line with the relatively recent changes to the breed standard needs to be rewarded. Her coat is of the right texture and it frames her wonderful body superbly with a lovely mane and cape. I would have just liked a little more feathering and ear fringes for perfection. Another I would be quite happy to have walking around my house every day. A very close decision for RBB. 2nd Harbron’s Bratilda Starman. 

V D or B (2,0) 1st Cairns Cerang Lois. 11 years old and on good form. Of ideal size and compact in overall shape. Smaller head. Picked up heavy and good spring of rib. Level in top line with good tail set. Coat of good texture with a small mane. Moved well showing strength behind and slight roll to front.  2nd Wilson’s Corges Golden Amy. A 10 yr old pale cream glamorous lady who adored her owner/ handler and would do anything he asked of her. Head was nice and wide with well-set ears and round eyes of good size. Smaller nose and little weaker in underjaw. Picked up heavy. Longer in the back than ideal. Lightly coated. Moved steadily coping well with the grass.