• Show Date: 25/03/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Andrea Smith Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Midland Counties Norfolk Terrier Association

Midland Counties Norfolk Terrier Association Open Show

24th March 2018

Judge: Mrs A Smith

Thank you to the committee for nominating me and the members for voting me to judge this show today, massive thank you to my Stewards who were so helpful with the paperwork and to all of the exhibitors, and thank you to the exhibitors who brought their dogs for me to go over. My day was only marred by the posting of unpleasant comments about the day and my judging on Facebook by an exhibitor who thought they should have won and the ethics of me judging the show!

Puppy - Dog (2,1)

1 Stevenson's - Brickin Just A Pickle, BD & BOS. BPIS - 10 months old, red dog, and what a cracking chap he is. With a dark eye and beautiful broad skull, correct bite with big teeth, Excellent coat, Level topline, moved so true fore and aft, he covered the ground with ease. In the challenge he never stopped showing.

Junior - Dog (3,1)

1 Newton's Strathinver Redgold, red dog just out of puppy, great expression with dark eye and neat ears, good bite. Good substance and bone, he needs a new coat and more weight.

 2 Lloyd's - Orison Ice Tee 15 month red dog, presented in very short coat today but of a very good texture, hard and wiry. Good bite, and well placed ears. Needs time to mature and more coat. Very good tail, straight and well held. Steady mover.

Yearling - Dog (2,1)

1 Mrs N R Newton - Strathinver Redgold

Post Graduate - Dog NO ENTRIES

Limit - Dog (2,0)

1 Mrs M E Atkinson - Charlie Blake at Moortop RBD I have judged this dog before and he still pleases when going over him. a super harsh coat and good masculine head. Strong Neck, Well sprung ribs, level topline, the most up right tail. 

2 Mrs R Gee - Watercroft Calling Time another lovely dog to go over with the biggest of teeth and excellent bite, with an expression to die for. Splitting hairs between these two excellent dogs today but one just put that bit more in on the move today. I am sure they will change places many times.

Open - Dog (1,0)

1 Miss K Hurrion - Villassa Jack Daniels 21 month old red dog, put down beautifully, with neat head, good bite and strong neck. Short of coat and needs more weight which made him look long and needs ribs to spring to complete picture. Well muscled and with driving movement.

Veteran - Dog NO ENTRIES

Minor Puppy - Bitch (4,1) Three really lovely puppies to go over

1 Miss E Darnell - Jacquidon Rags To Riches BPB What a lovely smart 8 month old red bitch. Beautifully put down in a hard wiry coat, with a short back and level topline, with strong neck of medium length, excellent bite. She moved around the ring like a little pro. Really liked her and a shame to meet the dog puppy on his toes today.

2 Mrs C S Thompson-Morgan - Belleville Back To Black 6 month Black and Tan Bitch at her first show. I have a particular soft spot for a black and tan, and this girl certainly did not disappoint, excellent bite, with a superb expression and bright dark eyes. Short backed, had moments of good movement but allowed as she was how enjoying her first show.

3 Mr M P Phillips - Jaeva Whoops A Daisy Just had to put a note on this 8 month red bitch as she just never stopped and I don't think at any point she had all four feet on the ground, gave her handler a very hard time, so full of herself.

Puppy - Bitch (7,3) another lovely class of puppies which bodes well for the future of the breed.

1 Mrs C S Thompson-Morgan - Belleville In The Black - another 6 month old black and tan, litter sister to 2nd in MPB. Now she really did catch my eye. Lovely to go over, construction without any flaws, excellent bite, moved with charm, type & greatness, attractive & high quality. 2 Miss K Hurrion - Villassa Cherry Stars - Red 9 month bitch, Broad skull, with neat ears, good bite, held level topline but moved a touch wide in front. Excellent coat. 3 Mrs E Darnell - Jacquidon Nip And Tuck

Junior - Bitch (4,3)

1 Mrs R Gee - Watercroft Gold Dust BB & BIS WOW what a super young bitch, lovely for type, feminine in head, neat ears, with a superb expression and darkest of eyes, strong medium neck. Short back, firm topline which she held level on the move, very good ribs, wellmade rear with well let down hock, true moving with lengthy stride, loved her outline & showmanship. Coat in excellent order, this bitch could not be touched for her outstanding quality today.

Yearling - Bitch (3,2)

1 Mrs C S Thompson-Morgan - Villassa Jellijello Just over 12 months red bitch, another put down in lovely condition and coat. Very sound bitch , keeping a good topline on the move, movement true fore and aft, a real happy show girl. Good bite and wedge muzzle, to be critical would like her head to develop more.

Post Graduate - Bitch (2,1)

1 Miss F J Macartney - Ivrig first Bit Of Joy 2 year old red bitch, great bite, head and expression, touch round in eye. Good to go over and plenty of bone, in lovely coat but needing more furnishings to complete the picture.

Limit - Bitch (4,1)

1 Mrs R Gee - Watercroft Top Totty Another lovely 16 month old red bitch from this kennel, in excellent coat, so full of herself. Compact and short backed with well sprung ribs, great bite and neat ears. Drove around the ring. 2 Mrs M E Atkinson - Moortop Clear Choice older red bitch in hard wiry excellent coat. Great bite and neat ears, full of herself going around the ring which made her look wide in front. Excellent tail set.

3 Mrs E Darnell - Jaquidon No Hestitaion

Open - Bitch (2,0)

1 Mrs C S Thompson-Morgan - Belleville Ovation RBB & RBIS I have watched this bitch from the ring side and she not disappoint me today. Beautiful expression with neat ears (which had moments of flying!) big teeth with excellent bite. Moved straight forward from well placed shoulders into short back. Great turn of stifle and moved well. She just seemed to lack interest in the challenge but could not be denied RBB and RBIS

Veteran - Bitch (1,0)

1 Miss K Hurrion - CH Valentines Cherry Crumble BVIS I have previously judged this 10 year old red bitch and she still loves her days out in the ring. A real grand old lady lady. Coat and furnishings becoming soft and the the roll across her shoulders are starting to show more in her old age. Her handler does not need to power around the ring so much with her as it distracts the eye away, I am sure this old lady would happily go around the ring without a handler.