• Show Date: 29/09/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: ANDREA ADSHEAD Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Barking Canine Club

 Barking Canine Club - Saturday, 29th September 2018


Junior: 1. Hinchliffe’s Miners Lake Just For Me At Croftdale (imp Deu) just over 12 months old, this young boy shows lots of potential. Lovely masculine head with soft expression, nice substance with straight front columns, well angulated and balanced front and rear, strong loin and pleasing croup and set on of tail. Lovely short parallel hocks well let down, which showed in his movement, where he excelled in head carriage, topline and efficient ground coverage. Lovely temperament. BOB pleased to see him win G3.

Limit: 1. Hinchcliffe’s Pretty Bear Beautiful Bill At Croftdale (imp deu) almost 2 years old, young male with still some maturing to do. Nice typy head, with moderate lay of shoulder and front angulation, well off for bone. Nicely balanced front and rear, just a little long in loin. Would like his ribs to spring more as he matures. Excellent temperament and moved ok.

Open: 1. Elmy’s Haylane Everlasting Dream , 5 year old bitch. A lovely very feminine bitch, liked her for size and proportions. Good head and gentle expression, another with good bone and balanced angulation. RBOB


Junior: 1. Frawley’s Littlethorn Interceptor, 17 month (b/w) male, strong muzzle and masculine head with dark, oval eyes, correct and attentive ears set on well. Good straight front columns , with strong bone, stood on good oval feet. Nicely angulated boy fore and aft, with very good croup and tail set. Nice temperament, should fill out nicely as he matures.

Limit: 1. Brierley’s Goytre First Edition, 4 year old (b/w) male of pleasing type and not overdone in any way. Liked his front assembly with good lay of shoulder and equal length and return of upper arm. Strong in topline leading to a good croup and tail set. In the rear he had well let down hocks and balanced angulation. Would just prefer him to drop his head more on the move. RBOB

2. Elliott’s Goytre Bamburgh Beach Babe, a very feminine 4 year old tri bitch who I liked very much. Loved her for type and ground covering movement. In profile she had a balanced outline and nice moderate angulation. She moved close behind when going away, which sadly cost her the top placing.

Open: 1. Beaumont’s Kanamaren Trick Of The Tail At Borderbeau JW, 2 year old (b/w) male who was very pleasing to the eye in profile. Lovely masculine head with dark, oval eyes with good pigmentation, alert and well set ears. Typical expression and good temperament. Nice strong neck which led onto well laid shoulders and good return of upper arm. Stood on straight legs, with strong bone, on tight oval feet. Good width of chest, and spring of rib with well muscled loin. Strong hocks, well let down which provided the drive I was looking for in movement. Shown in excellent hard condition, in his best coat and handled well. Pleased to award him BOB and see him go on to be awarded G1.

2. Tansley’s Bilyara Ice Maiden 5 year old (b/w) bitch, she excels in head and expression, lovely dark, oval eyes and correct alert ears. She has nice substance and balanced, moderate angulation, with a good underline, highlighting her correct proportions. Moved and handled well.


Limit: 1. Short’s Kintaro Seville, 2 year old bitch, well made young girl with correct head with an appealing inquisitive and alert expression. Well angulated and muscled fore and aft, strong sloping topline, firm loin, with moderate croup and well set on tail. She had a good strong driving movement showing no weakness. Well deserved BOB and went on to win G2.

Open: 1. As above

2. Denwood’s Sontia Anja, almost 4 years old, a larger bitch, she has a good head and a pleasing neck leading onto well laid shoulders. Nice front assembly and well sprung chest. Good for bone on strong front legs. A little too severe in croup and rear angulation which affected her movement. RBOB.


Junior: 1. Smith’s Tivalake Anything Goes At Tollisty, 11 month bitch, so feminine all through, but still has enough substance for her size. She is nicely angulated front and rear, with well laid shoulders, good level topline, leading to a correct croup and well set on tail. She is very neat in profile and shown in good hard condition for her age. Excellent steady mover with drive and correct head and tail carriage. Would prefer less baiting, but she is still young and I expect a promising future. Well deserved BP, just lost out for RBOB on maturity, pleased to see her go on to win PG2. 

2. Newson’s Tivalake Let’s Misbehave JW, litter brother to 1, he too was shown in excellent condition for his age with good muscle tone and handled well. He doesn't quite have the angulation and driving movement of his sister, but still strong in topline with balanced and moderate construction. Will be interesting to see how he matures and settles in his movement.

Limit: 1. Newson's Tivalake More Than Wishes, 4 year old bitch, wedge shaped head, with well set ears. She has a strong moderate neck, and very pleasing front and rear angulation, nicely balanced construction, stood on strong legs, with enough bone and substance, excellent hard condition. Very feminine and moved well. Not in her best coat today. RBOB

2. Elkin’s Tollelkin Water Dancer, 3 year old bitch, similar in type to 1, I preferred her head, which was a nice strong wedge shape, with good oval shaped eyes, complementing colour to her coat and well set ears. She has ample lay of shoulder leading to a level topline onto a good group.She has nicely let down hocks and strong rear pasterns. She is slightly longer in lower thigh and a little longer in loin than 1, but again handled and shown well.

Open: 1. Strevens’ SH CH Erikachen Conaire At Tollisty JW ShCM, mature male almost 4 years old, a darker rich red coat in gleaming condition. A little strong in stop and slightly shorter in muzzle than I would like, but otherwise he has a correct wedge shaped head. He is nicely balanced and well angulated front and rear, well sprung ribs, with a strong level topline and short loin, nice croup and tail set. He stands on straight front columns on rounded feet. He has very pleasing proportions, and compact shape, he moved well with good rear driving action. BOB and went onto win G3.

2. Fuard’s Tollelkin Bay Of Ice, 3 year old male and a different type to 1. Liked this boy’s head and especially his dark amber oval eyes, so typical of the breed. He had nice substance and strong topline. In hard condition, I liked a lot about him. Nicely balanced and moderate, but he lacks a little in angulation to really move with the reach and drive I was looking for.