• Show Date: 20/05/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Amin O'carroll Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Penzance & District Canine Society

I would like to thank the community and officers at Penzance & District for a very enjoyable day , perfectly run show with a friendly atmosphere from both the community and the exhibitors ! 

Terrier Group :

Parson Russell Terrier (1)

1-Madge’s Skorriers White Lilly Rose, 6 years old bitch . Pleasing head ears and eyes with lovely expression, good for size and proportion, nice top line , correct tail, neat tight feet , perfect harsh coat , moved ok .BOB 

Scottish Terrier(1) 

1- Hill’s Samstevever Serenamay . Lovely young bitch nicely groomed and presented, correct bite , pleasing eyes with correct colour, correct set ears , perfect coat texture, sound throughout, moved nicely.

BOB , group 3

Airedale Terrier ( 2, 1 abs ) 

1- Webber’s Shierifs Red Hot ShCM . Six year old dog , groomed to perfection and presented in top quality coat , good head with keen expression, strong arched neck strong back and excellent topline kept on the move , good spring of ribs , correct tail set and carriage, free moving with drive .

BOB / Group 1 /

 Pleased to know he was awarded RBIS .

Border Terrier (3)

1- Baird’s Dowgri Demelza ShCM . Stunning young red bitch , lovely type with beautiful feminine head and expression, correct bite , good length of neck with excellent front and back angulation , perfect tail set , moved like dream , perfect harsh coat .BOB /Group 2 .

2- Warman’s Pheonix Of Bal For Torleigh . Four years old grizzle and tan bitch with lots of quality about her , pleasing head and expression,nice small neat ears , lovely dark eyes, straight front , good bones with level topline ,small neat feet , good rear angulation moved well , excellent coat .


3- Allinson’s Trevassack Lilly.

Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier (1)

1- Scobie’s Amberstar I Am The Walrus. Three years old dog , strong head with typical expression, excellent neck and shoulder ,well ribbed back ,level topline, correct tail set , moved well .BOB /Group 4th 

AV Terrier Puppy (1)

1- Allinson’s Trevassack Archie Border Terrier. Eight month grizzle and tan dog pleasing in every way, confined in the ring and held himself well , perfect coat , correct in head shape ,nice eyes and expression, strong neck , correct bone , moved excellent.

AVNSC Terrie Graduate (1)

1- Southcott’s Jobanker Suger Sugar,( Bedlington ). Six month old puppy bitch , nicely groomed and presented, correct bite , good head and ears, strong topline , nice angulation front and back , neat feet, moved perfectly.Puppy group 1 .

AVNSC Terrier Open (2) 

1- Southcott’s Jobanker Chit Chat , (Bedlington) Seventeen month old , pleasing head and ear set , lovely eyes and expression, correct topline , moved ok .

2- Madge’s Anglova Trick Or Treat . Two years red wheaten bitch , good head and expression, good ear set , compact short back with level topline, hard wiry straight coat , moved ok . 

Terrier Group 

1- Webber’s Shierifs Red Hot ShCM RBIS ( Airedale Terrier )

2- Baird’s Dowgri Demelza ShCM (Border Terrier )

3-Hill’s Samstevever Serenamay ( Scottish Terrier ) 

4-Scobie’s Amberstar I Am The Walrus ( Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier )

Terrier Puppy Group 

1- Southcott’s Jobanker Suger Sugar ( Bedlington )

Utility Group 

Boston Terrier (1) 

1- Hawke’s Jayneze Cotton Candy For Carfury . Three years old bitch , feminine in her attitude, nice head and expression, beautiful neck and backline ,good coat , moved well .BOB / Group 3

Tibetan Spaniel (2, 1aps) 

1- Penny’s Ferncott Rave On ShCM

Five years outstanding dog , beautiful ear set with lift , good width of chin , masculine expression, darkest eyes , correct size , perfect coat , and I just couldn’t take my eyes of him on the move !BOB / Group 2 .

Tibetan Terrier Open (1) 

1- Harrison’s Araki Boshay Barney . Three years white & gold dog , you can see the quality of this dog from the minute he entered the ring , solid build and immaculately presented, perfectly groomed , super head with excellent eye and expression, strong muzzle, strong neck leading to super front angulation, correct ribbing, beautiful topline, and just the right back angulation leading to the best movement I saw on the day , he truly owned the ring. I was so pleased to know he was BIS on the day .BOB / Group 1 / BIS .

AV Utility Puppy (2,1aps)

1- luckman’s Fleur Lally Moonbeam ( Japanese Spitz)

Seven month dog , correct size , lovely head and eye , good topline , moved well . Puppy group 1 

AVNSC Utility Graduate (4,2aps) 

1- Luckman’s Tawvale Takumashii ShCM ( Japanese Spitz ) Six years old dog , good head , neat ears, well pigmented, good tail set and carriage , moved well .

2- Luckman's Fleur Lally Moonbeam ( Japanese Spitz) AVNSC Puppy 1/ Puppy Group 1.

AVNSC Utility Open (4,3 aps) 

1- Luckman’s Tawvale Winton ShCM( Japanese Spitz) Five years old dog , pleasing head , dark eye , soundly made, and good on the move .Best AVNSC/ Group 4 . 

Utility group 

1- Harrison’s Araki Boshay Barney ( Tibetan Terrier) 

2- Penny’s Ferncott Rave On ShCM ( Tibetan Spaniel)

3- Hawke’s Jayneze Cotton Candy For Carfury ( Boston Terrier)

4- Luckman’s Tawvale Winton ShCM( Japanese Spitz) 

Utility puppy group 

1- Luckman's Fleur Lally Moonbeam ( Japanese Spitz) 

Amin O’Carroll ( Judge )