• Show Date: 25/11/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Amanda O'Day Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Hound Club Of East Anglia

Thank you to the committee for inviting me to judge at this delightful and well run show and thank you to my two most helpful stewards on the day who made my first judging appointment in many years a joy. 


Special Yearling (2:0)  

1: Weymouth’s Soufriere Now I’m Here at Woolybassets. 9 month old raw tri colour male. He has a delightful masculine head with a well defined stop and lovely domed skull with well set, long folded ears. He has a well set front with prominent sternum, strong bones and a well angulated rear, which helped him drive around the ring. I would prefer slightly more balance in his height to length ratio and his coat could be better, but he is still developing and his coat is coming through harsh - so he just needs more time.  BP and RBOB. 

2: Marshall’s Soufriere One Vision. 9 months old and litter sister to 1. A well developed bitch with a feminine head, good length of muzzle and well set and folded ears.  Good front assembly with straight forelegs, well rounded ribs and a moderate rear.  Less weight would have improved her overall outline, but she moved well and happily carrying her tail well. 

Post Graduate (0) 

Open (3:1)  

1: Knowles Anya Hindmarch Avec Braillement. 2 year old bitch with a lovely head and super dark eye.  Her ears are well set, of good length with the required fold. Super harsh coat with correct topline (albeit her markings give the illusion of otherwise) with the required rise over the loin and well angulated hindquarters.  She is a real show girl who powered around the ring with clean hind movement.  BOB – delighted to see her later awarded BIS4! 

2: Marshall’s Silvamoon Saffron at Soufriere. Different type to 1. Well proportioned with a feminine head, well defined stop and dark eyes.  Ears of good length and well set with desired fold.  Good length of neck into shoulder with straight forelegs. Well ribbed with a good texture coat when felt and moderate rear.  Moved well in profile, but was moving slightly wide in front on the day. 



Special Yearling: (2:0) 

1: McEwan’s Marunnel Orinoco 1 year old male who has more maturing to do. At present, his head could be a touch more compact, but he has a well defined stop, dark eye and well set ears of good length (albeit visually lengthened by fur).  He was a fidget on the stack, but when stood still presented a balanced outline with good front angles and well angulated rear which he used to advantage on the move, driving from the rear. 

2: Wood’s and Vind-Ramvad’s Beaujon’s Velvet – Different type to one and of a lovely size.  She has a very well proportioned petit head with correct stop and well set ears of good length.  I preferred the neck and balance on one, but carrying less weight would have improved this girl’s outline.  She has a fantastic harsh coat with wonderful pigment and moved well. 


Post Graduate (2:0) 

1: McEwan’s Miss Adelaide - 1 year old female who is similar to her brother in many ways including having more maturing to do and hair giving the illusion of long ears. She has a well proportioned head with dark eye, good stop and well set ears of good length. She has a lovely length neck which is set into a clean front assembly. She has a moderate bend of stifle, is well ribbed with a compact loin and clean drivey movement. I follow her with interest. RBOB 

2: Wood’s Beaujon’s Whisper – She has a lovely well proportioned petit head with a lovely harsh coat and wonderful pigment. Her ribs are well sprung and extend well back. She is another well constructed and good sized petit, but again carrying a touch too much weight which affected her outline and movement.  


Open: (1:0) 

1: Hunt’s Soletrader Buzz Aldrin at Bondlea. 2 year old male with a classic masculine and well proportioned PBGV head.  Ears well set and of good length with a nice neck into well laid shoulder.  His forelegs were straight, his ribs well rounded and his rear sufficiently angulated. He displayed superb clean movement both coming and going - covering the ground with ease.  I would prefer a touch less length in loin, but overall a lovely example of the breed. BOB