• Show Date: 24/06/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Alison Moore Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Midland Whippet Club

Midland Whippet Club Limit Show 24/06/2018

Many thanks to Midland Whippet Club committee for inviting me to judge at their 70th anniversary Limited Show and to the stewards who looked after me so well, it was the perfect way to celebrate my 21st year in whippets! And, as always, thank you to the exhibitors for allowing me to go over their wonderful whippets. The weather was already very warm and the sun strong; I feel that this affected movement in general, however I was very pleased with my class winners. I was looking for moderate, curvy whippets of correct size with toplines and was delighted to see so many that fit the bill. My only surprise was to find several mouths that didn’t have the close bite I’d expect to see.

MPD (1/0)

1st - Potters’ Stormamong Sentinel – a correct sized fawn, sweet expression, super coat and smooth all over. His movement was quite loose, but he has good pasterns, a well angled front, moderate rear and topline. I’m sure with maturity and practise he will come together very nicely.

PD (5/0)

Price’s Wheelspin Silver Shadow – Another correct sized quality fawn, he is moderate yet a masculine, mature looking puppy, I liked his well angled front, deep chest and overall balance. Moved out well. BPD.

2nd – Webber’s Paint It Black – brindle dog shown in good, hard condition, you can really feel his muscle under his quality coat. Particularly liked his feet, pasterns and underline, just preferred the length and front on 1st.

3rd – Knowles’ Lolani Storm Rider.

JD (4/1)

1st – Woods’ Ardencote Dating Destiny – a correct sized, quality fawn dog, elegant neck, deep chest and pleasing top and under lines, I liked his profile movement.

2nd – Perkins’ Dejare Dutch Masterpiece at Zeglynn – fawn dog with lovely quality coat, bigger all through that 1st, masculine head, well-muscled, moved out strongly.

3rd – Anderson’s Gazenorth Secret Service.

MD (1/0)

1st – Knowles’ Lolani Storm Rider – super quality red fawn, smart head and neck, the tightest of coats over firm, smooth muscle. 3rd in PD, he was more relaxed and moved better in this class, needs time to mature and settle in to his frame.

ND (1/0)

Woods’ Ardencote Dating Destiny – as 1st in JD.

GD (4/1)

1st – Perkins’ Jasarat Jetsetter at Zeglynn – good sized masculine brindle dog with a good, deep chest, lots of gentle curves, nothing exaggerated about him, he moved soundly, his overall balance won him this class and RBD.

2nd – Glasspool and Manners’ Penbriar Dark Secret at Mannerpool –smart black dog, just coming out of puppy. Quality coat over firm smooth muscle, he moved with purpose, just needs time to drop into himself.  

3rd Faber’s Sufeina Black Jasper.

LD (1/1)

OD (7/1)1

1st - Scholes’ Craigavad Once In A Lifetime – I’ve admired this attractive brindle dog from the side of the ring for a while so it was lovely to finally get my hands on him! A handsome, mature male with a sweet, soft expression, there is nothing flash about this dog, he is just what I like – a masculine head on a strong neck, he is spot on for size, has smooth muscles, nice deep chest, gentle curved top and under lines, a well angled front and rear which resulted in sound movement, I was more than happy to give him BD/BIS.

2nd – Lawrence & Woodward’s Bryntreia First Glance ShCM – very smart red and white parti, super quality coat, correct size, moved with drive. I preferred the overall balance of 1st. 

3rd – Lowe’s Shirotae Spring Promise at Ousebank.

SBD (1/0)

1st - Knowles’ Lelaps Expelliarmus – I’ve judged this handsome brindle and white dog before and I’m pleased to see that he still retains the smooth profile movement, elegant neck and lovely front and rear angles that he had then. I look forward to seeing him in the veteran classes!

SR/LCD (6/1)

1st – Webber’s Dark Wing – another one I’ve judged before, this quality black dog looks the best I’ve seen him, he is one that just seems to get better with age. Well angled front, curvy top and under lines, strong rear that he used to move soundly around the ring, was a very close call for RBD.

2nd – Harris’ Zoraden Surprise Party – a curvy fawn parti with lovely quality coat and skin over firm muscle, I preferred the movement of 1st.

3rd – Doherty’s Crème Anglaises Urban Dancer for Littlebriton (IMP NLD).

VD/B (8/1)

1st - Osborne’s Midnight Dazzler at Derohan – what a dazzler this veteran is! At nearly 11 years old this black dog is fully of masculinity but still smooth and curvy with a deep chest and an underline that would put some of the youngsters to shame. Despite being the oldest entry of the day he moved with ease around the ring. BVIS.

2nd – Wignall’s Starswift Sunset – a fawn and white lady of 10 years of age, she is very much the female version of the veteran dog; moderate and curvy, I loved her under and top lines. They made an impressive pair of veterans, the dog moved better on the day.

3rd – Mason’s Aphrael Casting Pearl.

MPB (3/1)

1st – Johnson’s Cyangrange Serendipi Tea – elegant little fawn bitch, well angled front and rear, smooth all through, she moved nicely. She looked a bit unsure, needs more practise to really show her best.

2nd – Strong & Clinton’s Amphoras Magiq in Vogue by Mackjama – brindle with white trim, one of the best coats of the day. She has an elegant neck and moderate front and rear. I look forward to seeing her as she matures and comes together.

PB (4/1)

1st – Osborne’s Florancy Above And Beyond Derohan – so much to like about this brindle/white trim puppy, she is full of curves with a well angled front, elegant neck, deep chest, gently raised topline and super tuck up, moved soundly around the ring – BBP & BPIS.

2nd – Ellis’ Failfield Rainnymph – lovely fawn pup, really liked her shape and smoothness, nicely angled front, moved well, I just felt that 1st moved better on the day.

3rd – Harris’ Zoraden Finding Beauty.

JB (2/0)

1st – Brown’s Ardencote Sweet Destiny for Bluestreak – fawn/white bitch, full of curves, lovely balanced outline, moderate front and rear angles, good deep chest.

2nd – Carlton & Olney’s Chiendetom Overatures – smart fawn bitch with the most amazing coat and lots of lovely smooth curves, I felt like she is going through a bit of a ‘teenage’ stage so lost out on overall balance.

MB (2/0)

1st – Johnson’s Cyangrange Serendipi Tea – as 1st in MPB.

2nd – Williamson & Grant’s Windfly One Perfect Day – super-curvy black bitch, well angled front, underline and rear.

NB (3/1)

1st – Charlton & Onley’s Chiendetom Overture – as 2nd in JB.

2nd – Walker’s Jimanica Jade Star of Shoallingham – red fawn bitch with a quality tight coat, elegant neck, moderate angled front and rear, super tuck up, just needs a bit of time to relax and drop in to her frame.

GB (4/0) 

1st – Jones & Temberlake’s Railfield Rainlookout – classy fawn bitch, moderate front and rear angles, curvy top and under line, making a very pleasing outline.

2nd – Leathart’s Ringmore Galatea – fawn and white parti, another curvy girl, just slightly longer than 1st.

3rd – Vaughan’s Shirotae Solo Surprize.

LB (6/1)

1st – Doherty & Van Der Schaff’s Crème Anglaises La Colle Noir TAF (ATC AT02822NLD) – I’ve seen this black brindle bitch shown several times, it is so nice to see how she has relaxed into being a show girl this year. Spot on for size, good deep chest, smooth and well-muscled all over with the best of fronts and a strong rear that really showed in her purposeful movement. BB & RBIS.

2nd – Perkins’ Silkridge Whispering Grass – attractive, feminine pale fawn/black brindled bitch, she was also the correct size, smooth and well-muscled, she also moved out well, I just preferred the front on 1st. 

3rd – Strong’s Haccasbrook Madam Gigi.

OB (5/1)

1st – Brown’s Ardencote Star Maker – loved the size and shape of this quality fawn bitch, so smooth and curvy, lovely top and underline, a very neat little package. RBB.

2nd – Leathart’s Molvine Zoe – sweet white bitch with a fawn ‘cap’, a pleasing outline with many of the same qualities as 1st but in a slightly longer body.

3rd – Lawrence & Woodward’s Palmik Kandalama Dusk Till Dawn JW.

SBB (2/1) 

Williamson & Grant’s Windfly One Perfect Day – as 2nd in MB.

SR/LCB (6/0)

1st – Diamond Webb – Attractive brindle parti, lovely size, well angled front, moderate back end, moved soundly, a close contender for RBB.

2nd – Osborne’s Loroli Let’s Do It with Derohan – brindle bitch with super under and top line, just preferred the front on 1st.

3rd – Glasspool & Manner’s Black Pearl at Mannerpool

Alison Moore