• Show Date: 05/08/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Alice Turnbull Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Schnauzer Club Of Great Britain

I would firstly like to say a massive thank you to the committee for allowing me to judge all three sizes. Secondly I’d like to thank all those exhibitors for the lovely entry and support.  I had a great day and judged some great dogs.

Standard Schnauzer: 

Veteran Dog or Bitch: 4 (1abs)

1. WAKEFIELD, Khanate Euro Traveller ShCM. Nice and square in outline with a strong topline to tailset. Ribs well sprung, hindquaters well muscled. Moved with ease. Harsh wiry coat. RBD. BV. RBoB. BEST VETERAN IN SHOW. 

2. WATKINS, Miccosukees Smooth Vanilla. Good length of neck leading to a deep sprung chest. nice dark eye with high set ears. Moved well from all angles, driving from the rear. 

Minor Puppy Dog (no entries)

Puppy Dog: 1 (1abs)

Junior Dog: 1


1. LEWINGTON, Perry Mason Grand Calvera at Leebren (Imp). Balanced throughout and of correct proportions. Head strong with a nice dark eye. Good forechest leading to rib. Nice in outline. Moved well. 


Post Graduate Dog: 3 (1abs)

1. PEFFERS, Miccosukees Playboy. Good in outline with nice straight topline. Good turn of stifle, standing on strong legs. Nicely boned, ribs well sprung.


2. LEWINGTON, Perry Mason Grand Calvera at Leebren (Imp). 

Open Dog: 3 (2 abs)

1. WAKEFIELD, Khanate Bucks Fizz. Really nice harsh coat. Dark oval eye in a strong skull. Ears high in a V shape. Really showed off and stood out in Best Dog line up. BD. BOB.

Puppy Bitch: 1 (1abs)

Junior Bitch: 1 (1 abs)

Post Graduate Bitch: 1 

1. FOSKETT, Misccosukees Little Cracker at Tovadee. 20 months old. Good in outline. Stood on nice tight legs which were strongly muscled. Nice dark eye, ears of correct shape and proportion to head. Moved well. RBB.

Open Bitch: 2 (1 abs)

1. WATKINS, Miccosukees Hot Velvet. Really nice harsh coat. Topline straight with tail set on and carried high. Moved well coming and going. BB. BoS. 

Giant Schnauzer:

Veteran Dog or Bitch (no entries)

Minor Puppy Dog (no entries)

Puppy Dog: 1

1. WHITNEY & DI MARTINO, Primavista’s High Voltage. Dog of 7 months but has huge maturity. Powerfully built. Nice in outline. Chest deep and broad reaching to elbow. Strongly muscled in hindquarters. Stifles at correct angle. Moves with ease across the ground. One to definitely watch in the future. BD. BPD. BP. BoS. RBoB. 

Junior Dog: 1 (1 abs)

Post Graduate Dog (no entries)

Open Dog (no entries) 

Minor Puppy Bitch (no entries)

Puppy Bitch (no entries)

Junior Bitch (no entries) 

Post Graduate Bitch: 1 (1 abs)

Open Bitch: 2 (1 abs)

1. WHITNEY & DI MARTINO, Primavista’s Got The Look ShCM. Absolutely beautiful bitch, has so much character and femininity about her. Body and head of correct proportions and length. Nice dark eye and earset. Neck flows into topline with ease covering strong shoulders. Nice bone and muscle in legs. Moved with ease. Couldn’t take my eyes off her in the Best in Show lineup. BB. BoB. BEST IN SHOW. 

Miniature Schnauzer: 

Veteran Dog: 3 

1. MILLS, Malenda Mohave. Beautiful in outline with strong topline into tailset. Neck strong with a deep broad chest. Ribs well sprung. Feet round and compact. Moved with power from behind. RBD. RBoB. BV. 

2. Johnson & Slater, Marnimica Sorcerer. Correct length in body and proportions to the head.Good neck into strong shoulders, moved well.

Minor Puppy Dog: 1

1. CHERRYMAN, Marnimica Mix’n Match. Very smart and showy for his age. Head of correct shape and size, nice dark eye and neat ears. Coat of great texture and colour. Moved with ease and strides from hindquaters. A very promising youngster and cannot wait to see him do well in the future. During Best Dog outline, he really showed himself, standing out from the crowd. Handled nicely. Worthy of Best Dog and Best Breed. BPD. BP. RESERVE BEST IN SHOW. BEST PUPPY IN SHOW. BEST OPPOSITE SEX IN SHOW.

Puppy Dog: 1 

1. DOCKSEY, Deansgate He’s A Wag. 9 months old, nice in colourings and outline. Another very nice young dog to go over. Eyes nice and dark, ears of correct shape. Chest deep and broad, nice turn of stifle, leading to tight feet. I would like to see this dog fill out a bit more but that will come with age. 

Post Graduate Dog: 1

1. ARMSTRONG, Wundai Rhythm And Blues. 3 Years Old. Of nice outline and topline. Lovely furnishings, jacket of good colour and texture. Good ear set. Slightly arched neck into laid back shoulder. Moved well. 

Open Dog: 4 (1 abs)

1. CHERRYMAN, Ruddlands Chop N’change. Square outline, good length of neck, in correct proportions to body. A great expression. Nice harsh coat. Neck flows nicely into shoulders which gives way to a strong topline. 

2. Johnson & Slater, Marnimica Sorcerer. 

Minor Puppy Bitch: 1 

1. PARKER & MCDONALD, Violis Vixen. 6 months old, black bitch. A lovely feminine head. Great in outline . Shoulders flat and well laid. Bones strong and carries herself well when moving. 

Puppy Bitch: 2

1. WOODS, Penbro Put A Spell On You. Well balance in outline and proportions. Dark eye with good bite and high ear set. Very feminine head. Coat of good texture. Strong legs and nice rib. Moves well. Handled well. 


2. KRIEGER, Schnaustar Black Pearl. Square outline with a nice straight topline. Leading to good length of neck. Nice turn of stifle. A great expression and moved well. 

Junior Bitch: 2 (1abs)

1. DANPUNT, Harmony von der Alsterquelle (Imp DEU). Black bitch with a nice feminine expression. Topline was great. Neck strong with a deep broad chest. Ribs well sprung.

Post Graduate Bitch: 3

1. BISIKER, Juliet Bravo among Calevie. A very feminine bitch, looks lovely in outline and of correct proportion. Nice high ear set. Chest deep and broad, nice turn of stifle. Coat of good texture. BB. BoS. 

2. MILLS, Pippiash Hazel Mcwitch. Well proportioned dog. Good neck into strong shoulders, moved well from the hindquaters. 

Open Bitch: 3 (2abs)

1. PARKER AND MCDONALD, Silversocks Sweet Charity with Violos. Black bitch with lovely harsh textured coat. Nice in outline with correct tailset. Deep chest leading to nice legs. Moved well. 



1. KRIEGER, Schnaustar Black Pearl.


1. WHITNEY & DI MARTINO. Primavista’s Got The Look ShCM

2. ALLEN, Malenda Majalis. Miniature Schnauzer. Moved well. Strong well muscled legs. Nice high ears and strong skull. 



1. KRIEGER, Schnaustar Black Pearl.


1. KRIEGER, Schnaustar Black Pearl.


1. ALLEN, Malenda Majalis.