• Show Date: 14/10/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Alexa Brown Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Goyt Valley Gundog Society

GOYT VALLEY GUNDOG SOCIETY   Open Show 14th October, 2018  

It was a pleasure to judge at this well organised show, thank you to the Officers and Committee for the invitation.  Thank you  to the exhibitors who gave me the pleasure and privilege of judging their dogs. 


Puppy Dog or Bitch:  

1 Yacoub LAITHMOOR’S RED GRENADINE   10 month dog.   Classic head and expression with kind eye and correct ear placement.  Good reach of neck into well placed shoulders. Nicely angled front and rear, legs of correct length and well-rounded feet. Correct top line and good tail carriage   Coat in good condition. Moved with purpose and drive. Best Puppy and Best of Breed won on overall type and was animated on the move. 

Junior Dog or Bitch:   

1.  Yacoub's LAITHMOOR’S ALINKA    Lovely bitch of nice type loved her feminine head and expression. Free from exaggeration.   Soundly made body, good bone and correct feet.   Good colour and shown in good condition, a little unsettled on the move  

Post Graduate Dog or Bitch: 

1.  Thomas’ GLENBROWS FIRE STARTER.  Well balanced head, with kindly expression Good neck into well placed shoulders and straight front. Deep brisket and good spring to ribs. Good bend of stifle, well let down in hock.  Shown in good coat and condition. Thought standing he would be my overall breed winner, however, on the day was not happy in the ring so lost out to the extrovert puppy winner. 



Junior Dog or Bitch: 

1.  Brown & Burns ENRYB CHAMPERS PARTY AT POTHOUSE.  12 months  old dog.  Well presented. Masculine head with super expression.  Good depth of chest, super bone, straight forelegs.  Clean in neck, moderate in length with good layback of shoulder.  Level topline, well sprung ribs, Well muscled hindquarters with good rear angulation.  Moved well with ground covering stride, at just the right pace with his handler.  

2.  Brierley & Needham GRAUSTURM HAIRY POTTER JWW’18  (Imp Aus)  Long hair, Masculine head, correct eye with melting expression.  Good reach of neck and clean over shoulder. Straight forelegs, chest deep and well developed. Good spring of ribs and good turn of stifle.  Unfortunately not as positive on the move today and as a result did not retain his topline.  

Post Graduate Dog or Bitch:  

1.  Brown & Burns Enryb Champers Party at Pothouse 

2.  Brierley & Needham Grausturm Hairy Potter  

Open Dog or Bitch: 

1.  Stamps GUNALT TWO TO TANGO WITH TYNSIL.   Mature bitch, Feminine head with good expression and no exaggerations. Decent forechest, good bone quality, correct feet.  Good length and layback of shoulder, spring of rib, and strong in loin.  Correct rear angulation, with well turned stifles and well let down hocks.  Shown in hard condition.    Positive driving action displayed on the move.  Clean in outline.  Pleased to award Best of Breed. 

2. Brown & Burns’s Enryb MIDSUMMER PARTY AT POTHOUSE ShCM   Pleasing head and expression.  Deep in forechest, straight front.  Good angulation front and rear.  Good topline retained on the move.  On the day was not quite as positive on the move as winner   



Puppy Dog or Bitch  

1.  Fox’s SATINBAZE CRACKSMAN FOR BLACKTOFT (AI)   Well moulded, masculine head with correct fill and dark eyes with intelligent expression.  Good reach of neck which flowed into well laid shoulders   Deep chest and correct spring of rib, short loin.     Quality bone and correct feet.  Level topline and well set tail.   Excellent angulation.   Moved well both fore and aft with purpose and drive.  Best Puppy  

2.  Walker and Roberts   RAINSGIFT TRUTH BE TOLD BY GLOI     6 month old baby.  Feminine, with sweet head with dark eyes. Good in front. Balanced in body with good bend of stifle and well let down hocks. Correct tail set, was happy on the move but not as settled as winner  

Junior Dog or Bitch:   

1.  Walker and Roberts’ GLOI DUBH ILLUSION   Pleasing in head with kind, intelligent expression and well-placed ears. Good reach of neck and well laid shoulders. Good rear angulation. Moved steadily. Well presented 

Post Graduate Dog or Bitch:   

1. Wrigley's OIYOU HARUM SCARUM    2 ½ yr old dog shown in good condition.  Masculine head & pleasing expression.  Good length of neck leading in well placed shoulders.  Good bone, legs and feet.  Strong hindquarters with good bend of stifle and well let down hocks.  Sound, effortless movement.   

2. Walker & Roberts  GLOI DUBH GIGHA  JW   Feminine with no exaggerations.  Pleasing head and expression.  Good length of neck. Forelegs straight with good bone quality.  Well developed ribcage and strength in loin.  Correct topline and tailset.   Preferred her overall outline but not putting all in on the move today as winner 


Open Dog or Bitch:   

1. Walker & Roberts  MISTLEDAWN SPRING BREEZE BY GLOI JW    Lovely head, well moulded, with a kind dark eye and intelligent expression.  Good depth of chest, good bone and feet Strong muscular neck well sprung rib and square loin holding a firm topline. Clean in outline.  On the move, displayed good reach and drive as she moved effortlessly around the ring.   

2.  Buckleys BUCKLEHILL VENUS    Pleasing head with dark eye  Good depth of chest and she has good bone and correct feet.   Moved steadily and shown in good coat and condition.  Not quite as clean in outline as winner.  

3.  Hedderwicks TORWOOD PAW TRAIT  


Alexa A. Brown