• Show Date: 27/08/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Alex Paisey Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Leicester City Canine Society

Leicester City Canine Society 27th August 2018

I would like to thank the committee for inviting me to judge at this show. It is a show close to my heart, as this was my parents first ever show (When it was a Championship show), with their first ever Deerhound some 30 years ago, and a credible 2nd in AVNSC.

The hospitality received was absolutely fantastic. I would also like to thank the exhibitors who entered excellent dogs. Quality was good throughout all the breeds I judged, with excellent sportsmanship from all owners. A special mention should go to the Rhodesian Ridgeback owners who cooperated fully with making use of an awkward sized ring, which I feel hampered the performance of a few exhibits. Also the Whippet exhibitors assisting with the table.

Norwegian Elkhound

An entry of real quality throughout, giving me some very tough decisions.


1st & BP - Mortimers LAAKSO CANUTE – Cheeky 7 month old dog, of good size and shape. Head of good shape with a wonderful expression to match, naturally dark eyes, accompanied by well-set ears. Strong jaw and in proportion. Strong neck and a well laid front. Spacious chest and appropriately short in loin. A well constructed rear drove him around the ring well.

2nd Mauns BOWERHINTON BETTINA – An accomplished bitch who pushed first hard, just preferred shape of first. A well-made bitch throughout. Expressive head of correct shape, and excellent ears. Good front assembly giving appropriate reach on the move. Well ribbed and bodied. Good drive from her today.

3rd Browns LAAKSO CARA

Open Dog

1st & BOB - Mauns BOWERHINTON BROUHAHA – A super example of the breed and in excellent condition. Love his outline. Very expressive face, with dark eye and correct ear set. Well-muscled neck and shoulders. Well ribbed, deep, nicely sprung and of good length. Accompanied by short, powerful loin. Maintained his lines on the move. Good tail set, his hind quarters were put together well, with good angulation.

2nd Simms SEASARA EARL GREY – On outset a well put together 18month old boy. Still waiting to finish I feel. Correctly shaped head, good ears and dark attributes. Good neck and shoulder set. Well chested and correctly ribbed. A touch longer than first, but in fine condition. Covered the ground well.

Open Bitch

1st Mortimers GRASILVA CRUGGLETON WITH LAAKSO – Loved her expression, thankfully passed on to her offspring seen in previous classes. Her head and features were in proportion and ears well set. In good condition throughout. Square body in profile. Well-constructed front assembly. Good depth of chest and a well sprung rib. Strong loin and good rear angles finishing her off nicely. Moved well in profile.

Rhodesian Ridgeback

A superb entry for an open show, and a huge honour to judge such depth of quality. All exhibits were in top condition, assisting in making my decisions very tough. All exhibits displayed excellent defined ridges.


1st & BP Nashs MUTOKO’S BLAZE OF GLORY – A smart upstanding youngster who ticked a lot of boxes. A well made young lady, with good outline, still to mature in some areas. Pleasing head and features, very expressive eye. Of good substance. Lay of shoulder was pleasing, giving a straight front. Moderately ribbed. Good topline leading to a well made rear. Moved well today.

2nd Hicks NUTHOUSE QUEEN OF CLUBS – Another pleasing youngster, of good size and typical outline. A well proportioned head and neck with well set ears. Strong neck, well made shoulders. Good shape to her ribs and of good length. Well made rear quarters assisted in good profile movement. Plenty of strength throughout.



1st Doughty MAANHAAR PRIMO CREATUS HENRIETTA FOR RUBILTRA – Standing alone but not without merit! A junior bitch who is still maturing, however does have good substance thoughout. Well shaped head with pleasing features and well set ears. Strong neck leading to a pleasant front. Chest of appropriate size and depth. Good length to her also. pleasing topline leading to a fairly shapely rear. Good width when on the move, and drove nicely in profile.


1st & BOB Hicks NUTHOUSE ROMANCE – Quality bitch of good substance, angles and presence. I liked her outline, giving her good balance throughout. An alert expression within a well-proportioned head, accompanied by good ears. A good lay of shoulder leading to a straight front. Excellent rib length and shape. Strong loin leading to a well angled rear and good feet. Strode out nicely on the move today.

2nd Coxs CARLINOX FIRST CLASS JW – Super bitch, and a great showman too. Balanced in profile, and in particular, a good reach. Head of good proportion and strong bite to match. A well laid shoulder and good depth of chest, accompanying a straight front. A powerful mover, holding shape well on the move, with agreeable and angles in the rear, just preferred the rear angulation of first today. No doubt will have future success.



A great entry, assisted by the sporting nature of the exhibitors. I was very happy with my winners today.


1st & BP Conway & Oakdens SPAWOOD ICE AND A SLICE – A very pretty and feminine young bitch. Pleasing flow to her outline from profile, and moved with confidence. Head of good size and shape with a strong jaw. Neck in proportion flowing nicely good shoulders. Straight front, and chest of appropriate depth and shape. Topline flowed well and fell away nicely. Rear angulation allowing her drive with good profile movement.

2nd Daniels & Bridgman-Lewis ELMANASH GLENBURGIE – Coming to the end of his puppy career. This chap did put on a fine display, strode out well, but just did not tick the boxes of 1st. Pleasant movement in profile, with strong features and a good amount of rear drive. Preferred the overall shape and size of 1st also. Handsome head, strong neck and a straight front. Liked his topline, and well made rear.



1st Pitchers LOLANI TENNESSEE FIRE AT AMPHORAS – A very pleasant young man, despite the lack of competition in the class, I’m sure he would have been highly placed. A lot to like about him. Covers the ground well with unfussy movement. Good overall shape. Alert but kind expression, with nicely shaped ears. Strength throughout. Shoulders well set, deep and spacious chest also. Strong loin. Good rear angulation and with nicely shaped feet.

Post Graduate

1st Franklin HACCASBROOK MADAM GIG – A feminine girl of good size and stature. Good overall shape, with nice underline too. Soft expression with a head of nice proportion, strong jaw. Well shaped neck leading to a good shoulder set. Pleasantly boned throughout. Good size chest. Good length and strength of loin. Unexaggerated rear. Drove out nicely and with conviction.

2nd Cluxtons SILVENSONG SHOWDOWN – Another dog of good size. In proportion all round and of good substance. Shown in good condition also. Pleasant head, and well placed ears. Good strong neck and of length. Straight front, a nice spring to pastern also. Good depth of chest and tuck up also. Curvaceous topline leading to a well angulated rear. Would have preferred a touch more width to him.



1st & BOB Whitaker-Crosby COBYCO COULD BE THE LAST AT MULCAIR JW ShCM – A neat bitch who caught my eye the moment she walked in. Lovely outline with a striking brindle coat. I particularly liked her unexaggerated movement. Good stature and outline. A well-shaped head, and approaching expression. A strong jaw, and finished with typical ears. Well arched, powerful neck leading to a good lay of shoulder. Adequately boned throughout. Good ribbing, which gave her a pleasant topline and underline. Well-made rear quarters, toned and shapely.

2nd Fishers MARLEBEN DREAM MOVER – A well presented fawn bitch of good size. Ticked a lot of boxes in terms of angulation and muscle throughout. In proportion all round. Sweet expression, finished with correct ears. Neck of good length and strength, leading a well laid shoulder. Good depth of chest, and well ribbed. Strong loin and good width throughout.


Alex Paisey