• Show Date: 18/02/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Alanna Johan Blaney Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Matlock & District Canine Society

Matlock & DCS Open Show – 18.02.18

Thank you to the committee for inviting me to judge at this pleasant show, to my efficient steward who kept things running smoothly, and of course to the exhibitors who presented me with some lovely dogs. Some general comment on my exhibits across all five breeds: coats were in different stages for a lot of dogs, but in the mostmain this was not to the detriment of their presentation. All exhibits had good dentition and none carrying an excess of weight. Temperaments were good and many made me smile with their typical spitz character and charm.


P (0,0).

J (1,0).

1. Page’s Whatif’s Infinity. 14mth Dog. Masculine head with nice broad muzzle, defined stop and well carried ears. Reachy neck leading to a nice level topline and a tightly curled tail. Slightly narrow in front at the moment with chest still clearly developing, but this will come with time I am sure. Standing on strong pasterns front and rear and well muscled all through. Strong in bone with a quality coat. Good length of leg and moderately angulated, giving him a pleasing sidegait.

PG (0,0).

O (2,0).

1. Chamber’s Mamoru Age of Ultron With Ruthdales At Kandamar. 2yr Bitch. Compact in profile, and despite not being in full coat impressed me with her overall balance and femininity. Good muzzle and skull proportions with dark pigment and a nice almond eye. Thick, well used ears leading into an eyecatching arch of neck and strong, level topline which she held well on the move. Nice tight feet and shoulders moderately angulated. Elbows tight to a well developed chest, with legs straight and strong viewed from the front. Good broad thigh and well let down hocks, giving her super drive from the rear and a balanced footfall from all angles on the moved which sealed her BOB.

2. Bunn’s Harivo Lola’s A Showgirl. 3yr Bitch with fantastic substance. Broad skull with bulky muzzle and defined stop. Correct, small eyes and dark pigment. Thick, well muscled neck, leading to moderate layback of shoulder and a deep chest. Slightly longer in loin than my class winner but still holding her topline well. Wore a good quality of coat and was clean in sidegait, but not quite as strong coming and going as my class winner and so settled for RBOB today.

Japanese Akita Inu.

P (0,0).

J (0,0).

PG (2,2).

O (2, 1).

1. Andrew’s Kenichi No Mitsuru Go Charadon. 4yr Dog. Nice strong skull, with broad, well developed cheeks and a nice shape of eye, although could be stronger in muzzle. Thick, well furred ears, correctly hooded and leading into a well muscled neck. Chest broad, with good spring of rib and defined tuck up. Nice strong pasterns front and rear, with moderate angulation all through. Good, dense, stand off coat and tightly carried tail, he moved with a steady and efficient sidegait, holding his outline well. BOB.

Japanese Shiba Inu

P. (4,0). A lovely class to start on, with some difficult decisions to make and maturity on the move being the deciding factor on the day.

1. May’s Burwen I Am Bee’lzebub At Ayupduck. 6mth Dog and already looking quite masculine. Skull developing well with nice broad cheek and a lovely, dark, almond eye. Good width of chest, with tight elbows and legs straight and strong when viewed from the front. Good proportions with balanced angulation, shoulder well laid back and good length of upper thigh. Dense coat, rich in colouring and a nicely carried tail. Carried himself well on the move and was particularly clean coming and going which sealed him this class and ultimately BP.

2. Jackson’s Rynard Drummer Boy. 10mth Dog. Taller in side profile than my class winner but still very balanced. Calm and focused in expression, with a nice dark almond eye. Ears carried well, giving a particularly nice sideprofile. Good length of neck leading into a level topline. Still a touch narrow in front but nothing that won’t come with maturity. Moderately angulated, with good curl to tail and nice tight feet. He had a pleasing sidegait when settled, covering the ground well.

3. Behan’s Pyatyi Element Jasmin a Tiblha (Imp).

Res. Motherdale’s Amivike’s Affair Of The Heart.

J (5,0). Another class of promising youngsters.

1. Jackson’s Rynard Olivia. 10mth Bitch. Cheeks developing well, with good dark almond eye, and nicely set ears. Strong, well arched neck and good definition to withers. Elbows well tucked into chest, legs parallel and stood on strong pasterns front and rear. Nice tight feet. Good quality of coat with well carried tail, she was balanced in angles and a particularly fluid mover. Certainly pushed hard in the Best Puppy challenge and am sure could switch places on another day.

2. May’s Burwen I’m Dravarius. 6mth Bitch with a lovely wedge shape to head, good shape of eye and broad cheeks. Good length of neck and legs parallel when viewed from the front, but not quite the spring of rib of 1 yet. Moderately angulated all through, with nice tight feet, and although a touch longer in loin than my class winner she had a nice steady pace on the move, with good footfall and no excess motion.  

3. Smeaton’s Shibabies Here I Come.

Res. Behan’s Shiro Miyuki.

VHC. Gabriel-Kurkus’s Tapena Akane Copper.

PG (2,1).

1. Camm & Mothersdale’s Widdawuddinz Here’s Tibo at Amivke. 15mth Dog who was not in his best coat. Broad, masculine head with small, almond eyes and a happy expression. Nice thick, small ears, although a touch lower set than I would prefer. Strong neck, with well defined withers, level topline and a tightly carried tail. Nice layback of shoulder and good depth of chest, leading to a good tuck up. Could have a touch more angulation in the rear, but still moved with at a brisk, purposeful gait, covering the ground well.

O (2,0). Two lovely ladies who made for a tough final decision.

1. Mothersdale’s Amivike’s Super Minx. 3yr Bitch. Loved her typey headpiece, with dark, obliquely set almond eye, broad cheeks and well carried ears. Good arch to neck leading to well defined withers and a strong topline which she held well at all times. Shoulders well laid back, chest well developed and a nice tuck up. Very balanced in angles with strong pasterns front and rear, and good, cat-like foot. Tail tightly carried, and wearing a particularly vibrant coat, I felt she showed power on the move, and was very tidy coming and going. Couldn’t deny her BOB and was very pleased to see her take UG2 also.

2. Logan’s Ch Miamilady Warrior Ziva ShCM. 3yr Bitch and ultra feminine. Fantastic pigment and good muzzle to skull ratios, although would prefer a touch more angle to eye. Well carried ears and a beautiful arch to neck. Withers and shoulders well developed, with a nice spring to rib. Ever so slightly longer in loin than my class winner but very balanced throughout with no excess weight. In sidegait she was particularly eyecatching, really driving round the ring, but today preferred the rear movement of my 1st today, so conceded to take RBOB.

Alaskan Malamute.

P (2,1).

1. Noraisy Take My Breath Away. 9mth Dog with a sweet expression, dark eye, bulky muzzle and nice thick ears. Skull still developing, as you would expect at this age. Good length of neck leading into a slightly sloping topline. Well angulated in front and rear, stood on strong pasterns and good size feet. Dense bone all through, and although changing jackets at current still carries a profuse top coat of correct texture. Well plumed tail, carried and set correctly. Covered the ground well in side profile and although still shows some puppy looseness coming and going have no doubt this will improve with time. BP.

J (0,0).

PG (0,0).

O (3,1).

1. Kay’s Kaytoo Antarctic Riki. 5yr Dog who has matured a lot since I last judged him. Fantastic pigment, with good broad skull although a touch heavier in stop than I prefer. Well muscled neck, leading into a strong sloping topline with good depth of chest. Shoulder well laid back and balanced in rear angles. Enough bone for his size and fantastic deep, snowshoe foot. Harsh coat, tail correctly set and very well muscled all through. Demonstrated a workmanlike sidegait, with no excess motion and holding his shape perfectly. BOB.

2. Butler’s Kaytoo Antarctic Kuma. 5yr Dog, littermate to my class winner. Classic wedge shape of head, with nice almond eye although would prefer a smaller ear. Good length of neck leading into a slightly sloping topline and well sprung ribs. Correct length of leg, although not as dense in bone as his brother. Good waving plume of a tail and balanced in angulation, he was another who was muscled all through and held his shape well, but seemed to lack drive today which cost him in the final run round. RBOB.

Siberian Husky.

P (2,1).

1. Tinker’s Zaltana Heartbreaker Kid at Lolotea (Imp). 7mth Dog. Appealing, foxy expression, with nice muzzle to skull proportions and well set ears. Nice arch to neck, leading to a correct level topline. Chest still developing, but still shapely in side profile with a defined tuck up and well muscled loin. Good croup with nice broad thigh. Well shaped feet and strong compact hocks. Made a nice overall shape on the move and was very light on his feet, considered him for RBOB but still needs to tighten up in front action. BP.

J (2,1).

1. Tinker’s Zaltana Heartbreaker Kid at Lolotea (Imp). As per 1st in Puppy.

PG (1,0).

1. Tinker’s Zaltana Midnight Express At Lolotea ShCM (Imp). 2yr Dog. Keen in expression, with nice tight lips and an obliquely set eye, but could have a touch more strength in muzzle. Good length of neck, level in topline and moderately angulated front and rear. Ample bone for size with well knuckled feet. Correct tail carriage and moved out with enthusiasm and drive.

O (4,2).

1. Allen’s Siberiadrift Keep The Love For Zimavolk JW. 15mth Dog. Loved his cheeky expression and attitude, emphasised by a lovely wedge shape of head and well set ears. Reachy neck and a strong, level topline. Shoulder well laid back and chest developing. Good length of leg, nice and parallell when viewed from the front. Well muscled loin, broad thigh and well let down hocks. Correct shape of feet and well carried tail. Won this class on his movement, which was fluid, ground covering and tidy from all directions, holding his shape well. BOB & pleased to see him take WG4.

2. Tinker’s Esquimaux A Kind Of Magic JW. 5yr Dog. More mature than my class winner, masculine skull without being  coarse, strong muzzle and nice set of eye although could be a touch more almond in shape. Dense in coat, which hides a correct length of neck. Level topline leading to a well defined croup. Good length of leg, with elbows tucked in well, and a broad chest. Moderately angulated all through. Very light on his feet on the move, and clean on his up and down, just not quite the drive of 1. RBOB.

Alanna J Blaney (Fenrirkin)