• Show Date: 26/05/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Aileen M Sharpe Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Tyne Wear & Tees Hound Association

My thanks go to the Committee for the invitation to judge this friendly, welcoming and happy Show. Thanks also to my exceptionally tolerant steward who kept things running smoothly. All hounds came forward clean and in hard condition and, without exception, appeared “fit for purpose”. My appreciation goes to the other judges who sent me some excellent quality hounds from: Basset Hound, Beagle, Whippet and all of the Dachshund breeds. The Group, Puppy Group and Veteran line ups were a delight to behold. Some difficult judgements had to be made and many quality hounds, deserving of a top place, had to go without. Thanks go to the exhibitors for showing under me and who took my decisions with such good grace and sportsmanship. For the top awards, if I have judged their Breed Class, you will find the write up within these classes. For those hounds sent forward by the other judges, I have given a very brief opinion otherwise the privilege of giving a full assessment is theirs.   

G1 and BiS. Goldberg’s Molesend Secret JW. Beagle. Thank you to the Beagle judge for putting this beautiful bitch forward. Sound, feminine and eye catching. Lovely in profile, everything in correct proportion. Very much a breed type that I admire. Pure delight to watch on the move. 

G2 and RBiS. Wilkes’s Lindall Paris for Strickenoak. Irish Wolfhound. 

G3. Brewis’s Janak Constance at Tarakilna ShCM. Rhodesian Ridgeback. 

G4. Wyer’s Melisent du Sentier des Caillottes. Griffon Fauve de Bretagne. 


PG1 and BPiS. Clark’s Magida Sabiih al Sahra at Thiefside (Imp). Sloughi.

PG2 and RBPiS. Bray’s Cyangrange My Cuppa Tea. Whippet. Thank you to the Whippet Judge for sending this striking bitch forward. She oozes quality and breed type and was a joy to put my hands on. She has a superb driving action. I could have watched her all day long. 

PG3. Paskin’s Cedavoch It’s Taboo at Kindeace. Long Haired Dachshund. Thank you to the Dachshund Judge for forwarding this very handsome young man. He is everything that I would expect from this kennel. He exudes quality and has a maturity that belies his young age. Shown in immaculate condition. Soundly constructed and sound in movement.

PG4. Hudson’s Nancy de la Colline du Bosc at Graceminster (Imp Fra). Bloodhound.


Best Veteran. Paskin’s Ch Abydachs Summer Dream at Kindeace ShCM. Long Haired Dachshund.

Res Best Veteran. Thomson’s Berwicklaw Harbour Master ShCM. Whippet. 

Basenji. Special Yearling. (1,0)

1. Gaskell’s Memetuka Cream O’ The Crop. 18 month old active male, dark eye in handsome masculine chiseled head, ears erect and mobile, neck crested and muscular, leading to good lay of shoulder, elbows well tucked in, good forearm, straight front, well boned, good depth of brisket and well sprung rib, although still some maturing to do, I suspect. Would have preferred to see more propulsion from rear quarters. He is well enough muscled but moving a tad close behind.

Basenji. Post Graduate. (1,0)

1. Gaskell’s Memetuka Rize ‘N Shine. 18 month old bitch, a bit out of coat but nicely made. Alert ears and eye in a feminine head which was lightly wrinkled and nicely tapered. Good lay of shoulder, sufficient length of ribbing holding her topline well both stacked and on the move.

Basenji. Open. (5,4)

1. Gaskell’s Memetuka Dealer’s Choice ShCM. A very handsome 2.5 year old elegant and proud boy, did everything to please. Deep brisket, shoulder well laid, crested, strong neck, intelligent expression, head with just sufficient wrinkle when ears alert, Level topline leading to short coupled loin. Well muscled. Moved true both coming and going and with drive. Liked him a lot. BoB.

Basset Fauve De Bretagne. Post Graduate. (1,0)

1. Revens & Hyde’s Napo do Cal da Paderna at Beabass (Imp) (naf/taf). A lot of dog in a small package is how I see this breed. A charming young dog of almost 7 months with so much maturing to do and still got a bit of bone to build. Once he bodies up he will look a totally different dog. Just starting to muscle up and drive from behind. He has a well defined, typical breed head which will broaden and fill out. Lovely dark eye, calm expression, ears level to eye line and soft to touch. Good slope to shoulder, elbows tight to rib, slight crook, filling nicely with a deepening chest and sternum slightly prominent. Good depth and length of ribbing supporting spine. Nice level topline on the move and once he got into his stride he drove well from his rear quarters. Bear in mind, this is very much a baby, and still to come into his own. A bit of a clown!

Basset Fauve De Bretagne. Open. (1,0)

1. Revens & Hyde’s Naya do Cal da Paderna at Beabass (Imp) (naf/taf). Litter sister to previous class winner. Nice breed type showing a resolve that says she’s the boss. Has many of the attributes of her brother, as stated above, but very much showing a feminine aspect. Dark, kind eye, soft expression, occipital well defined. Neck nicely arched leading down to good lay of shoulder, some bone still to build and front still to drop a bit to fill her crook. Length and depth of rib just sufficient to support her level topline, this held beautifully when stacked and on the move. She owned the ring as she strode well out, true both going and coming. It was a difficult decision but she just held my eye, so I was pleased to award her. BoB.

Basset Griffon Vendeen - Petit. Post Graduate. (2,0)

1. Allen’s Afterglow Cinnamon Buns. 19 month old bitch with a calm, expressive head. Dark eye, leathers nicely turned in below eye level. Harsh coat. Good, strong, solid body with length and depth of rib ample to provide support to her spine. Sufficient sternum, muscular, arched neck. Standing slightly bum high but topline level on the move. Well muscled so expected her to move with a bit more drive.

2. Gilluley’s Caldenriver Legally Blonde. Higher on the leg than 1. Lovely head profile, kind and intelligent eye. At 18 months I would have expected more maturity of sternum and substance. A tad short on rib, however a straight and level topline. Good drive from behind.

Basset Griffon Vendeen - Petit. Open. (2,0)

1. Gilluley’s Haliston Didier ShCM. 5 year old male of nice type. Strong, masculine head. Good bone. Straight, square muzzle, eye to match colouring, appealing expression, nice head furnishings. Chest nicely let down, strong and elegantly arched neck. Acceptable lay of shoulder and length of forearm but would prefer a bit more reach. Elbow held close to good length and depth of ribbing, Level topline held on the move, strong and well muscled quarters leading down to good angulation with well let down hocks giving a good drive from the rear. True both going and coming - he let me see a good amount of pad from behind. Handler overstretched him a bit on the stack. Deserved his BoB.

2. Allen’s Haliston Dee Dee. Litter sister to 1. Very feminine head with intelligent expression. Standing a tad wide in front. Chest filling into the crook, good sternum, graceful, arching neck, a bit bum high on the stack. Muscled rear quarters but didn’t quite have the angulation of her brother. A little unsettled today.

Bloodhound. Open. (4,3)

1. Hudson’s Nancy de la Colline du Bosc at Graceminster (Imp Fra). Bouncing with puppy exuberance, a delightful B/T 8 month old bitch. Well boned with powerful, strong pasterns. Superb length and depth of ribbing, nicely shaped shoulder flowing down to a satisfyingly deep keel. Skin supple, coat gleaming. Head narrow and in proportion. Good occipital prominence. Dark eye of correct shape. She is full of breed character. Moved freely, soundly and flexibly. Just a baby with much maturing to do but she made my day. A challenge for her handler. Pleased to award her PG4.

Borzoi. Post Graduate. (2,1)

1. Ellett & Blackburn-Bennett’s Janter Sylvester. A charming, old fashioned outgoing 2.5 yo old R/W boy. likable in profile. Masculine head, dark kind clear eye, refined ears, clean throat, long arched neck leading to clean sloping shoulder. Forelegs straight and elbows nicely into brisket, strong pasterns. Good rise in topline with good fallaway. Good angulation and muscle in rear quarters gave power with elegance to his drive. Nicely balanced on the move. Earned his BoB.

Borzoi. Open. (1,0)

1. Conroy’s Quarentas Life’s First Love at Enolam. A lovely stylish bitch looking good in profile. Dark eye with direct gaze. Her head feminine and proud, neck lightly arched. Elbows meeting a deep brisket, ribbing deep and narrow, good tuck up. Well muscled quarters, good angulation. Standing not quite straight in front and, as a result, noticed movement not just as effortless as it should be.

Foxhound. Open. (1,0)

1. Wallace’s Lanarkshire & Renfrewshire Kipling MFHA. Naughty but Nice! Everything about this 4 year old boy shouted power. A very robust, sound, well constructed pack hound with super bone. Just out of the pack and showing that he has been working hard - great muscle, energy and self-determination. Clean lines all round. Clear, intelligent dark eye. Strong, masculine head, well-developed arched neck, shoulder muscular and well laid, leading down to broad, deep chest, straight front, showing plenty of bone. Long and deep ribcage carried well back and supporting a level topline on the move. Hindquarters truly impressive. Free striding and long reaching athlete, true both going and coming. Not an easy boy to master but his handler did a superb job today. He almost had the G4 place.

Irish Wolfhound. Post Graduate. (3,0)

1. Wilkes’ Lindall Paris for Strickenoak. Close decision between 1 & 2. This 14 month old bitch gives the impression of femininity with power. An Amazon. Well boned all round. Liked the balance, evenness and proportions of her. Long strong, clean neck, no throatiness, good head furnishings with frontal forehead nicely raised, kind intelligent eye, small velvet ears, altogether a balanced head. Broad, deep and muscular chest, clean sloping shoulder, elbows nicely into ribs and placed well under the shoulder. Straight front, long and strong back, muscular rear quarters, hocks nicely let down. Carried tail low. An easy, reaching, powerful stride covering the ring with ease. BoB and G2.

2. Allitt’s Madigan The Magnificent of Jascarah. Could easily changes places with 1 on another day. A lot of what I said about 1 would also apply here but in a masculine sense. I just preferred the movement of 1 on the day. Dark, kind eye in a long masculine head, arched strong neck leading down to a good slope of shoulder, well boned, straight front with elbows nicely under shoulder. Forearm allowed him freedom of movement. Deep brisket, long and deep ribbing carried well back. Strong back with nicely arched loin.

3. Say’s Cardig Alis.

Irish Wolfhound. Open. (1,0)

1. Say’s Cardig Alis. Very substantial bitch, full of nonsense today and giving her handler a very hard time. A determined but attractive 21 month old bitch of great proportions. I would have preferred a bit more bone to match the greatness of her to bring her into balance. Dark eye with a naughty glint! Large, proud head, strong, long and well arched neck – no throatiness. Massive power in her front and in her rear quarters. Rather erratic on the move so assessing her proved difficult today.

Norwegian Elkhound. Open. (4,1)

1. Haugstad’s Ch Kristos Night Cap at Skogly. Standing proud, this boy stood out in the class with his sound construction and movement. Can’t believe he is a 10yo. He certainly is a young oldie. Dark, intelligent eyes with an honest and straightforward expression. Masculine head, lightly tapering foreface. Deep and broad chest, firm body, strong back, hindquarters sturdy, balanced and even when viewed from behind. Undercoat dense and soft with a nice harsh outer. Easy, agile stride. A pleasure to go over him.

2. Haugstad’s Gilkaro Tomatin in Skogly. Giving her young handler a tough time, this 4yo has a feminine head, wedge shaped and tapering, friendly dark eye, strong neck, short back, muscled quarters. She is a smart and sound mover, once settled. Not quite the substance of 1, but of a nice type. Difficult to assess - she just would not stand for her handler to let me go over her properly.

3. Plowright’s Bowerhinton Bliss.

Rhodesian Ridgeback. Post Graduate. (3,0)

1. Brewis’s Kiromol Kizan of Janak. An attractive and eye catching bitch, pleasing in profile. Clean outline. Not overdone in any way. Forelegs straight and well boned, elbows tight to body, deep chest, well let down. Neck and back both long and strong. Good spring of ribs, muscular loin with sufficient arch to work with well let down hocks giving her power, suppleness and balance. Strong feet and pads, well in touch with the ground. Moved freely and true both going and coming.

2. Hall’s Matushona Fire Opal. This is a very substantial boy needing to carry a bit more weight for his size and frame. Still very much a baby at 15 months though and lots of time to mature and fill his big frame within which he has super bone. Masculine broad head, skull flat, deep muzzle and dark, shining eyes, intelligent expression. Strong arched neck, Shoulders adequate at the moment, straight front, deep chest. A little straight in pasterns resulting in his pads not entirely in touch with the ground. Needs a bit more muscle but no doubt that will develop as he matures. He is a big boy and, with careful nurture, has the potential. Wants to please his handler and once his growing and filling out is complete, hopefully he will come into his own.

3. Scanlon’s Kinabula’s All About The Bass. I have commented on the third place here as I really wanted this lovely young bitch to perform well. I gave her every chance but, on the day she just didn’t get her act together. All credit to her handler - she did her utmost to get the best from her, but she just wasn’t playing the game. I’ll put it down to immaturity. I hope that her owner gets to grips with her as she is rather a nice youngster.

Rhodesian Ridgeback. Open. (3,0)

1. Brewis’s Janak Constance at Tarakilna ShCM. Full of nonsense and great breed character, There’s a lot to like about this 6 yo substantial yet feminine bitch. Straight front and forelegs, well boned, arched toes, tough pads meeting well with the ground, strong pasterns. Head broad and expressive with good furnishings. Dark, intelligent eyes, long clean, arched neck leading to a decent shoulder placement, elbows neatly in to body. Ribbing of good depth and length, reaching well back, supportive of spine. Topline level and strong. Rear quarters muscled, hocks well let down. Ridges correct, as they all were today. Moved true both going and coming striding with great power. I did notice that she was perhaps carrying a tad too much weight! That aside, I was delighted to award BoB and G3.

2. Hall’s Kenquince Pisconia. 3yo bitch, a little heavier in head than 1. Good bone throughout. Clean profile, straight front, deep chest, strong and elegant neck. Good ribbing, deep and reaching well back. Rear and fore movements seemed to be working independently of one another so didn’t give me the picture of balance that I expected. Perhaps just couldn’t get into her stride today.

3. Scanlon’s Sharufa Dream Maker ShCM

Sloughi. Open. (1,0)

1. Clark’s Magida Sabiih al Sahra at Thiefside (Imp). This lovely 6 month old bitch caught my eye from outside the ring and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on her. Her attitude of minding everyone else’s business made me smile. What promise she shows – stylish, elegant and easy on the eye. Feminine head is strong and at the same time elegant with curving lines and no exaggeration. Immaculate coat is fine to the touch. Dark triangular eye, ears slightly thrown back, ever listening. Nicely laid shoulder, strong, arching neck, chest of good depth, topline correct when stacked and carried through on the move. Looking from above her and along her back to her head, there is a sense of balance and symmetry. Long thigh, hocks well let down to give her essential power. Tail well set, strong and carried appropriately. She covered the ground with ease, flowing around the ring. This young bitch impressed me very much and I will watch her career with interest. I was delighted to award her PG1 and BPiS.

AV Import Register. Open. (1,0)

1. Wyer’s Melisent du Sentier des Caillottes (Imp Fra). (Griffon Fauve de Bretagne). So pleased to have one of France’s very old scent hound breeds in front of me. A very likable 2 yo happy bitch. Lightly arched skull, prominent occiput, slight stop, friendly and keen dark eye. Lightly turned ears set level with the eye. Short, muscular neck leading down to nicely laid shoulder and slight crook with deep, broad chest filing the crook nicely. Rounded ribbing is carried well back and supportive of spine. Muscular thighs, well let down hocks. Short, rough, durable coat. Gives the notion of being built more for endurance than athletic. Overall, has the appearance of a sound and tenacious hound. A great pleasure to award her G4.

AV Hound Veteran Dog. (4,2)

1. Thomson’s Berwicklaw Harbour Master ShCM. (Whippet). 9 years old and as sprightly as a 2 year old. A substantial, sound and handsome chap showing a clean outline. Straight front, neat feet, deep chest, oblique shoulder carried well up, well off for muscle. Brisket deep and ribs well sprung and carried back supporting his broad and strong back leading to powerful loin. Plenty of reach in front and drive from behind, true both going and coming. At one with his handler. Res Best Veteran.

2. Connew’s Fennellafleur Zorro. (Dachshund M/L/H). Seven years old, dark eye in a handsome head. Arching neck, deep ribbing carried well back. A bit out of sorts today – maybe left his Mojo in the breed class!

AV Hound Veteran Bitch. (12,4)

1. Paskins’ Ch Abydachs Summer Dream at Kindeace ShCM. (Dachshund L/H). A bitch I have long admired and which I have been over a few times in the past. She never fails to satisfy. Her profile is pleasing on the eye. Sound and feminine, a classic head and a body with good proportions, super topline. At 8 years old, she still has impressive energy and great ring presence, is sound and in immaculate, hard, working condition and has a sparkle in her eye. As always, she was handled at just the right speed, showing her off to skillful advantage. Powered around the ring showing a clean pair of pads going and a sound, straight front coming. Best Veteran.

2. Conroy’s Donskoi Nochka of Enolam. (Borzoi). An 8 year old tri bitch. Happy, alert dark eye, wanting to please. Straight front, good for bone, Elegant neck, clean sloping shoulders, ribbing deep to brisket and carried well back, back curving and falling away as it should, broad and strong loin with well developed muscle, rear quarters wide and strong. Good reach and drive. I said a wow in my head when I saw that impressive propulsion around the ring. She owned it.

3. Jones’s Clairdale Willowmena Sh.CM. (Beagle).

AV Hound Minor Puppy. (6,2)

1. Paskins’ Cedavoch It’s Taboo at Kindeace. (Dachshund L/H).

2. Fieke’s Lustrum Everlasting Love. (Dachshund M/S/H). (not seen in any other class). Looking lovely in profile this pretty 7 month old bitch had a very feminine head with dark eye, arching neck, prominent keel, a fabulous ribcage supporting a long and level topline, good angulation giving propulsion from the rear and boy, could she move.

3. Edmondson’s Irenvy Hucus Pocus. (Dachshund M/S/H).

AV Hound Puppy. (5,3)

1. Jones’s Newlin Preston to Clairdale. (Beagle).

2. Scanlon’s Kinabula’s All About The Bass. (Rhodesian.Ridgeback).

AV Hound Junior. (4,2)

1. Robinson’s Bushoby A New Moon. (Basset Hound).

2. Hall’s Matushona Fire Opal. (Rhodesian Ridgeback).

AV Hound Sp. Yearling. (4,3)

1. Lamb’s Midnight Sillouette at Howrigg (taf). (Dachshund M/S/H).

AV Hound Bred by Exh. Open. (4,3)

1. Robinson’s Bushoby The Architect. (Basset Hound).

AV Hound Not Bred by Exh. Open (8,5)

1. Hall’s Kenquince Pisconia. (Rhodesian Ridgeback).

2. Scanlon’s Sharufa Dream Maker ShCM. (Rhodesian Ridgeback).

3. Hall’s Matushona Fire Opal. (Rhodesian Ridgeback).

AV Hound Open Dog. (3,2)

1. Connew’s Fennellafleur Zorro. (Dachshund M/L/H)

AV Hound Open Bitch. (5,3)

1. Hall’s Kenquince Pisconia. (Rhodesian Ridgeback).

2. Jamieson’s Ch. Djeata Spring Blossom. (Dachshund M/L/H).

Aileen M Sharpe (Judge)