• Show Date: 18/02/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Aibing Zhao Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Matlock & District Canine Society


Class 252 Puppy Dog/Bitch 2 ( 1 ) 

1st, ( 499 ) MITCHELL'S ANNDONMILL MAJESTIC PRINCE - 10 months fawn and black brindle male, nice head , good ear and dark round eye, elegant neck into straight shoulders, well muscled and well bodied for his age,  good ribbing and lovely rear quarters with good width and bend of stifle, beautifully constructed and moved with good reach and drive with excellent feet. very promising youngster, one to watch.  ( BPIB, HPG2 ) 

Class 253 Junior Dog/Bitch 2 ( 0 ) 

1st, ( 501 ) SHAW'S SUPETA'S SPECIALITY  - 16 months fawn male,  lovely type, good shape with depth of body carried back, nice head and ears ,balanced reach of neck into good shoulder, Good tailset, balanced hindquarters, sleek fine coat, moved freely with reach keeping shape. Beautifully handled.  

2nd, ( 496 ) LINDLEY'S JAZZELLIE FANTASTIC TIME - Nicely constructed 14 months black and fawn female, Nice head with dar eyes,  lovely strong jaw with correct bite & excellent ears.  excellent forechest, good ribbing, very strong rear quarters, with good width and angulation. moved ok. 

Class 254 Graduate Dog/Bitch 3 ( 1 ) 

1st, ( 497 ) LINDLEY'S COBYCO CHARMING WAYS OF JAZZELLIE  - 2 years old black and red brindle female, Good head with dark eyes,  strong jaw with correct bite & excellent ears. Super length of neck into a good shoulder, nice topline & rear angles. Excellent side-gait & true rear movement. Slightly bigger in size but overall the best in the class. 

2nd, ( 490 ) ABBISS'S KANATI GOD OF OLYMPUS ( IMP ) - 2 years old red, white and black brindle male, Nice head with dark kind eyes, good topline and good ribbing, slightly shorter in loin with very strong rear quarters, with good width and angulation, carried a bit weight but moved well.  

Class 255 Post Graduate Dog/Bitch 5 ( 1 ) 

1st, ( 494 ) DEFAYE & CROUCH'S COBYCO ONE DAY AT FEDAYE - Quality 21 months red and black brindle male, nice head with nice ear & eye, long arched neck into well angulated front assembly, good shoulders with excellent forechest, correct size with elegance outlook, lovely coat and condition, good topline, sweeping strong muscular hindquarters, well let down hocks,  can cover the ground with so much ease. I'm pleased to award him best of breed. ( BOB, HG2 )   

2nd, ( 502 ) SHAW'S SUPETA'S SO SQUIFFY - Pleasing 2 years and 9 months red, white and black brindle male with lovely head and expresson. reachy neck with good shoulders, straight forelegs, well sprung ribs, and moved out with well arched feet, well developed rear legs and good turn of stifle.  



Class 256 Open Dog/Bitch 4 ( 2 )  

1st, ( 500 ) MITCHELL'S DENMANWOOD DECISION Sh.CM - beautiful 5 year old fawn and white female in great condition,  nice head and very elegant, good ear and eye, excellent feet, well bodied,  lovely rear quarters with good width and bend of stifle, moved very true in front with drive from behind. ( RBOB ) 

2nd, ( 492 ) CLARK'S WHILLOER WAIT ON ME - 6 year old Fawn and white brindle male,  nice head with good expression, nice head, ear, lovely expressive eyes, long neck into good shoulders, straight forelegs with good bone, well developed hindquarters, I'd prefer him  slightly shorter in height. moved out well with good feet.