• Show Date: 03/11/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Adrian Marett Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Amman Valley Canine Society

WELSH SPRINGER SPANIEL – J 1 & BP, Johnston’s Nalydris Hakuna Matata, raw baby, feminine head, good earset, lovely neck, good cast, held topline well for her age. PG 1 Jenkins’ Cwmbelili Morgan, masculine head and expression, well ribbed, good tailset, moved out well. O 1, BOB & G3, Williams’ Isfryn Spot The Difference Trebettyn, no mistaking his sex, good front assembly, compact body, well set tail, powered round the ring; 2 Jenkins’ Bryseiri Afan, longer cast than 1 and heavier dog all through, nice expression, well set ears, moved a little wide at front. F/C RETRIEVER – PG 1 Simons’ Rainesgift Royal Mint I Coedylan, medium size bitch, feminine head and expression, dark eye, well set ears, well ribbed, good forechest, well set and carried tail, moved out well; 2 Milner’s Parkcariad King Of The Ocean, up to size lad with large head, nice length of neck, well anguled, good tailset, moved well; 3 Adshead’s Llantrussa Twist Of Fate. O Good duo of veterans. 1 & BOB, Mantle’s Rhiewvalley Black Magic, feminine head and expression, good length of neck into well placed shoulders, good depth of body, good feet, held topline on move better than 2, Simons’ Coedylan Visi D’Arte, melting expression, good forechest, good length of body, well set hocks, correct tailset. HUNGARIAN W/H VIZSLA – O 1 & BOB, Jenkins’ Tetrao Tetrix, up to size lad, correct wire coat, large feet, well bent stifles, well angulated; 2 Milner’s Russetranger Princess, needs more confidence, feminine head, good earset, not as good a coat as 1. L/H DACHSHUND – O 1 BOB & G1, Lewis’ Trixhund Paddington Bear, striking male, lovely rich coat, good head and expression, prominent heel, well set ears, prominent keel, well ribbed, powered round the ring; 2, BP & PG4, Lewis’ Trixhund Hi De Hi, honest bitch, feminine head, melting expression, well developed for age, moved OK; 3 Best’s Lawshon Flawless. MIN S/H DACHSHUND – J 1, BP & PG1, Beach’s Beachdax Diamond Diva, dark eye, good front assembly with strong keel, good length of neck, well placed shoulders, short coupled, best mover in the class, topline held firm; 2 Lewis’ Trixhund Bring Me Luck, stylish dog, good head and earset, well bodied, moved very well, retained topline; 3 Beach’s Beachdax Red Hot Blaze. G 1 Lewis’ Trixhund Bring Me Love, compact bitch, feminine head and expression, good forechest, shoulders well set, good body, well set hocks, moved with drive; 2 Beach’s Mario Klara Difino, good head and eye, prominent keel, well bodied, high set hocks, lost out to 1 on movement; 3 Zaivej’s Formula Uspeha Style. O 1, BOB & G4, Beach’s Klara Difino, stallion male, no mistaking his sex, prominent forechest, masculine head, good length of neck, well bodied, powered round the ring; 2 Rogers’ Beachdax Red Hot Diva, won her place on her movement, feminine head, dark eye, good body, level topline kept on the move; 3 Zaivej’s Redgi Prado Sybella. MIN W/H DACHSHUND – O 1 & BOB, Howells’ Fallowmill Indian Runner, feminine head and expression, good earset, well bodied, very good coat, moved OK holding topline. MIN L/H DACHSHUND – G 1 & BOB, Paterson’s Prunella Prejudice Avenged, pretty cream, good head and expression, good earset, well ribbed, well bodied, plenty of coat, good topline, moved out well; 2 Paterson’s Maruitz Incognito, honest dog, good eye and expression, pushed 1 hard, needs more time to finish; 3 & BP, Bowman-Davies’ Timshaws Silver Spirit. O 1 Paterson’s Prisca Pride And Passion, feminine, good reach of neck, prominent keel, well set hocks, best mover in the class; 2 Bowman-Davies’ Timshaws Moon Shadow, dark eye, well set ears, low to ground, moved well for her veteran years, enjoyed her day; 3 Paterson’s Our Pride And Prejudice. WHIPPET – P 1 & BP, Price’s Doddridge Secret Promise, good head and stop, correct ear shape and set, arched neck, good assembly, good tuck-up, moved well for her 7 months. PG 1 Evans’ Wolfscastle Hope N Glory, feminine expression, correct ear shape and set, decent body, good tuck-up, well bent stifles, moved out well; 2 Williams’ Layways Now And Forever Bodlon, nice bitch, good head and eye, deep chest, lovely neck, well let down hocks; 3 Bristow’s Poppyhall Mad Hatter. O 1 & BOB, Smeath’s Willingwisp Moment Of Love, striking bitch, expressive eyes and good head, excellent front assembly, well sprung ribs, lovely arch over the loin, excellent mover, holding topline on move; 2 Price’s Willingwisp Moment Of Joy, litter sister to 1 and much of the same comments apply, 1 just had the edge on retaining her topline on move; 3 Bristow’s Glasrhedyn Now Or Never. IRISH WOLFHOUND – O 1, BOB & G2, Pask’s Amarach Aaron of Baronglen, upstanding male with real strength to him, dark eye, correct ears, strong jaw, mascular neck, good front assembly, deep chested, good bend of stifle, made the best of himself on the move; 2 & BP, Pask’s Baronglen Miss Matilda, offspring of 1 and a promising baby, feminine expression, good rough coat, correct tail, moved well for age. DEERHOUND – PG 1 & BP, Aston’s Balgaled Arlan, dark eye, high set ears, clean head, good forechest, bodied well for his age, well developed rear, moved well. O 1 & BOB, Aston’s Ardlancien Eiryn to Balgaled, dark eye, strong jaw, deep chest, well arched loin, well angulated both ends, moved out freely; 2 Cummings’ Killoeter Tam Dubh, big lad, masculine head, dark eye, good front assembly, good rough coat, couldn’t match movement of 1. BEAGLE – J 1 Evans’ Bellvalley McNicol, masculine head, dark eye, strong jaw, well laid shoulders, short coupled, well set tail, up on his toes; 2 Warren & Thomas’ Ospreagle Stop The Press at Hilbeaglin, smart boy, nice head and expression, just would like more of him, compact body, moved out well; 3 Brownlow’s Rushwater Pili Pala. PG 1 Bidey’s Raimex Rio, feminine head and expression, good neck, compact, well set tail, put all in on the move; 2 Warren & Thomas’ Emorlen Gypsy Tango at Hilbeaglin, longer cast than 1, nice melting expression, well angulated either end, moved OK. O 1 & BOB, Anthony’s Ospreagle Bone Idol, masculine dog, strong head, dark eye, tight feet, well bodied, well set and carried tail, put all in on the move; 2 Warren & Thomas’ Ospreagle Ottoff The Press at Hilbeaglin, longer cast than 1, well bodied, well bent stifles, moved well. SALUKI – PG 1 & BOB, Edwards’ Khadin Khinzeer Al Djiibaajah, narrow head, dark eye, correct ears, strong feet, well ribbed, correct lifting movement; 2 Smitherson’s Chisobees Betty Boop, petite bitch, very feminine, good assembly, did not move with as much drive as 1; 3 Rabey-Wilkinson’s Waqiiq VT Swartshof for Greatplains. O 1 Smithson’s Sunnusteins Safaniyah Jamil Chisobee, masculine dog, elegant neck, correct ears, well ribbed, moved well. PBGV – G 1, BP & PG3, Lewis’ Tangaer Erique, promising puppy, masculine head, dark eye, well angulated, short coupled, harsh jacket, moved out well for age. O 1, BOB & G3, Lewis’ Tangaer Bryntelych, compact dog, masculine head, well set ears, good forechest, short coupled, good set on of tail, moved with drive; 2 Lewis’ Tangaer Charles Bronson, bigger lad than 1, harsher coat, good length of ear, strong neck, well ribbed, good bend of stifle, moved well. NORWEGIAN ELKHOUND – O 1, BOB & BP, Mortimer’s Laakso Canute, 10 months, up to size, dark eye, good expression, short coupled, correctly curled tail and carriage, good mover; 2 Crossley’s Rothenborg Pasha at Crossridge, smaller framed dog, dark eye, strong neck, short coupled, felt he didn’t move as well as 1. AV HOUND – P 1 T Hi De Hi; 2 Williams’ Deerhound, Balgaled Aeron at Fieldrunner, promising dog, dark eye, good reach of neck, good front assembly, well bodied, correct tail, good quarters, moved out well; 3 Lawshon Flawless. O G Now Or Never, Whippet, masculine dog, good head and eye, nice length of neck, well muscled, held topline on move; 2 R Pili Pala, Beagle, compact bitch, good head, soft expression, good tailset, moved well; 3 Hollyland It Must Been Love. V 1 Anthony’s Beagle, Sweetwells Spick And Span at Ospreagle, compact bitch, nice reach of neck, good bend of stifle moves well for her age; 2 Smithson’s Saluki, Chisobees Caru Cyntaf, presents a pleasing outline, good head and eye, in good condition, just outmoved by 1; 3 T Moon Shadow. HOUND GROUP G1 L/h Dachs; G2 Irish Wolfhound; G3 PBGV; G4 Min S/h Dachs. HOUND PUPPY GROUP PG1 Min S/h Dachs; PG3 PBGV; PG4 L/h Dachs. ADRIAN MARETT