• Show Date: 21/07/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Adrian Marett Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Plymouth & District Canine Society


Thanks to the society for an enjoyable day and my stewards for their hard work. HUNGARIAN WIRE-HAIRED VIZSLA – O 1 & BOB, Newman’s Lanokk Violeska, 3 year old feminine bitch, intelligent expression, dark eye, good front, moderate neck, well ribbed, correct wire coat, moved OK. F/C RETRIEVER – PG 1 & RBOB, Cooves’ Draketor Dartmoor Mist, well presented bitch, kind eye, well made front, tight feet, well ribbed, held topline on the move; 2 Trotter’s Lussac Vill I Am, masculine dog, good head, well set ears, nicely put together, lost out to 1 as not as tight in front; 3 Knight’s Draketor Dartmoor Fern. O 1 & BOB, Cooves’ Draketor Sea Shanty, powerfully built dog, masculine head, good reach of neck, well ribbed, tight feet, moved round the ring well, well feathered; 2 Cooves’ Onyxro Naiad for Draketor, strong head, tight feet, ears high set, deep chest, not as level in topline as 1; 3 Lewis’ Draketor Sea Gypsy among Fairwinds. WELSH SPRINGER SPANIEL – P Two very raw babies. 1 & BP, McIllwaine & Reynolds’ Benoveor Galaway Girl, pretty compact bitch, good expression, moderately moderate construction, good rear assembly, shows promise; 2 Martin’s Ferndel Fooling You of Meadway, kind expression, nice clear coat, a bit rangy at present, full of quality but needs to settle. PG 1 & RBOB, Attwood’s Kylowen Demelza, feminine domed head, well set ears, short coupled, moved soundly; 2 McIllwaine & Reynolds’ Glenbrows Van Gogh for Benoveor, masculine lad, strong head, nice rich chestnut coat, well put together, powered round the ring, if a little too fast; 3 Lampersberger’s Benoveor Playing For Keeps to Kurzeja. OD Close between 1 & 2. 1 & BOB, McIllwaine & Reynolds’ Kamunting Cast Away to Benoveor, striking dog with ring presence, nice head, dark eye, nice neck, deep brisket and well ribbed, strong hindquarters, covered the ground well; 2 Attwood’s Kylowen Drym, dark eye, strong head, well boned forequarters, short coupled, correct rear assembly. Just outmoved by 1; 3 Blackford’s Ambleight Galatea. OB 1 Lampersberger’s Benoveor Field Of Dreams to Kurzeja, compact and feminine bitch with kind eye, good head, ears well set, good in body, best mover in the class; 2 Attwood’s Ir Ch Moorash Lady Ygraine of Kylowen, correct expression, well set ears, clean neck, moderate, lovely coat for her veteran years, could not match movement of 1; 3 Blackford’s Amblelight Sunglow. SMOOTH FOX TERRIER – O 1 & BOB, Rundle’s Saredon American Girl, 3 years bitch, dark eye, intelligent expression, ears correctly held, strong jaw, well ribbed, arched loin tail set well, workmanlike on the move. BEDLINGTON TERRIER – P 1 McManus’ Travellersways Jessica, feminine girl, correct narrow skull, ears held well, well ribbed good arch and tuck-up; 2 Southcott’s Jobanker Suger Suger, good head and eye, nice front, correct topline, larger than 1 and longer cast, not as positive as 1 on move. PG 1, BOB, BP & PG1, McManus’ L’End Show Mystery Universe, took my eye as soon as he entered the ring, very striking puppy, good head and expression, nice coat, nice deep chest and tuck-up, moved very well mature for his age; 2 Moore & Chudleigh’s Devleigh Dare To Dream, smaller than 1, good neck and expression, well set ears, good coat texture, not as positive on the move; 3 Southcott’s Jobanker Chit Chat. O 1 & RBOB, Moore & Chudleigh’s Tcheria Tcheerleader at Devleigh, pretty bitch, good head and eye, correct front assembly and topline, correct linty coat, moved well; 2 McManus’ Kenquartz Teal Tweed, quality bitch, well made and presented, not as enthusiastic as 1 on the move. BORDER TERRIER – P 1, BP, RBOB & PG4, Pile’s Heading For Home at Moleschamber, 11 months, correct otterlike head, keen and alert expression, spannable, harsh coat, moved out well. PG 1 & BOB, Phipps’ Tufterslodge Tea N Cake, nice head and expression, ears carried well, well ribbed back, tail set and carried well, moved out well; 2 Pile’s Earthtaw Jasper Carrot at Moleschamber, a tad heavier in head than 1, good neck and body, harsh coat, smaller mould than 1, harsh coat. O 1 Pile’s Tarkaswell Dr Zhivago at Moleschamber, moderate size, nice head and neck with correct expression, racy hindquarters, tail carried well on the move. BULL TERRIER – O 1 & BOB, Malden’s Louka Masked Maiden, strong head and jaw, dark eye, correctly set ears, strong in neck, well muscled hindquarters, moved out well. STAFFORDS – P 1 BP & PG3, Marshallsay’s Fergustaff Tudor Queen, confident bitch, feminine yet still strong, good expression, well set ears, well muscled, moved well; 2 Marshallsay’s Fergustaff Staff Sergeant, strong head and neck, well made, just didn’t make the best of himself on the move. O 1 & BOB, Marshallsay’s Fergustaff Jack Frost, in good hard condition, masculine head and expression, well ribbed, good quarters, moved out well; 2 & RBOB, Moore’s Tiades Black Prince, dark eye, good expression, good front assembly, well muscled, good set-on of tail, pushed winner hard; 3 Moore’s Tiades Black Magic. LAKELAND TERRIER – O 1 BOB & G3, Evans’ Eskwyre Red Mist to Ralphina, alert expression, on her toes, good head, powerful jaw, ears well set, well coupled, good harsh coat texture; 2 BP & PG2, Evans’ Ralphina All About Kevin, promising puppy, confident and moved out well for age, correct coat, alert expression, presented well. JACK RUSSELL – P 1, BP & RBOB, Phipps’ Chatmoss Chatterbox at Tufterslodge, smart puppy, sharp expression, ears set tight to head, strong neck, compact body, well let down hocks, moved well. O 1 & BOB, Phipps’ Jarot Call My Bluff at Tufterslodge, alert expression, good front, well ribbed, well set tail, moved well; 2 Phipps’ Fair And Brave Great Glen at Tufterslodge, smaller bitch, good head and neck harsher coat, needs to mature but very promising. WEST HIGHLAND WHITE – P 1 Ash’s Hillcloud Torrent, 7 months outgoing puppy, correctly domed shaped head, distrinct stop, dark eyes, short coupled, moved out well. O 1 BOB & G4, Minett’s Duskhunter Diamond Lil, impressive bitch, good expression, well let down hocks, short coupled, tail carried well, stylish mover; 2 Ash’s Hillcloud Monsoon, bigger bitch, good head and powerful neck, well ribbed, not as positive as 1 on the move; 3 Donachowska’s Domedna Little Minx. NOT SEP CLASSIFIED – 0 1, BNSC & G1, France’s Miss Sophie Di Luna Caprese at Torbrae, Dandie, stylish bitch, moderate in size, eyes dark and well set, inquisitive expression, strong jaw, correct arch over loin, well let down hocks, harsh coat, moved out with purpose; 2 & RBNSC, Satherley’s Ch Silkcroft Sky Full Of Stars, SCWT, strong head and bite, strong neck, good quarters, well ribbed, moved out well; 3 Lewis’ Janki Philosopher Dajaces. TERRIER GROUP 1 Dandie; 2 Bedlington; 3 Lakeland; 4 WHWT. PUPPY GROUP 1 Bedlington; 2 Lakeland; 3 Stafford; 4 Border. Best RBOB SCWT. AV TERRIER – V 1 Lewis’ Komidion Nickleodeon avec Dajaces, Cesky, 8 years, well muscled lad, strong head, dark eye, well ribbed, strong quarters, carries tail well on move; 2 Malden’s Louka Kolor Koded, Bull T, 7 years, strong head, punishing jaw, well put together, not as settled in movement as 1. GRADUATE STAKES 1 Moore’s Odivane Mummy’s Boy at Fillipers, Schnauzer, impressive boy, good head and expression, put together nicely, good coat texture, stylish mover; 2 Parkhouse’s Sandaluga Magic Spell for Shivani, Cocker, good head and expression, compact dog, sound mover.