• Show Date: 19/06/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Adrian Bicknell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Cheshire Agricultural Society

The Royal Cheshire County Show 2018 


Judge Adrian Bicknell 


Bernese Mountain Dog 


1. Mrs V Caswell. Santala Rose Quartz. Correct but feminine head, tight dark eyes with correct expression. Good ear placement and correct stop. Good length of neck and a deep chest. Correct markings. Pleasing overall shape and with just enough bone, good angulation front and rear. Strong topline which she held on the move. BP 


1. Mr & Mrs Wilson. Blumental Jack Jones. A good-sized boy with correct amount of bone. Correct head and stop, dark clear eyes with correct markings on head. Good reach of neck leading to well laid shoulders. Correct depth of chest and spring of rib. Strong back and nicely rounded rump. Moved well with drive. 


2. Mrs E Wood Cegshes Cadmus. Well-developed head, good stop and expression. Deep broad chest and good bone. Tight feet, up on his pasterns. 



1. Mr A & Mrs J Fairclough. Monalou Spirit of Discovery ShCM. Well developed with a typical head. Good stop, dark almond eyes and correct ear placement. Correct deep chest and good spring of ribs. Well-rounded rump with a correct tail set. Strong legs with tight cat like feet, moved strongly with reach and drive. BOB 


2. Mrs V Caswell Lowcroft Protos Hector. Correct head type with a good stop and eye. Correct front and rear. Moved well. RBOB 


Bouvier Des Flandres 


1. Mr C Evans Avice Tempest.  Good strong head, dark eyes and well-placed ears. Nice straight front with good bone. Strong well ribbed body. Well angulated on the rear and well muscled for age. Moved well when settled. BP & RBOB 

2. Mr C Evans Avice New York Times. Feminine with good head type with dark, oval eyes. Correct neck leading to well laid shoulders, good straight front with ample bone. Nice outline in profile, thick harsh coat. Moved well with drive from the rear. BOB. 



1. Mr & Mrs Rushby Amathus Especially For You Jocolda. An elegant young girl with correct proportions and angles. Well balanced correct head, clear dark eye and correct set ears. Good neck leading to well laid shoulder, straight front with tight feet. Strong topline for one so young which she held on the move. Correct rear with the right amount of bone for age.  Moved with drive and purpose. BP & RBOB 

Post Grad 

1. Miss Bennett Leosrus Just Remember. Please outline in profile, correct head type, good dark eye and well placed ears. Nice reach of neck leading to correctly placed shoulders, good straight front with correct depth of chest. Strong level topline with good spring of rib. Well muscled and correctly angulated rear. Moved well with drive. BOB. 


2. Mrs Mousldale Brynarian Ballimory. Masculine male with correct head and dark eye. Good neck and shoulder placement. Well held topline and muscular rear. Moved well. 


3. Mr & Mrs Ackerman. Leosrus One Vision. 


Pyrenean Mountain Dog 


1. Mr P Dickson Kalkasi Fields of Gold. Well proportioned boy of correct size. Good head type with a good sloping stop. Clear dark eye and correct bite with well set ears. Good reach of neck and lay of shoulder. Good straight front with plenty of bone and tight feet. Good topline which was held on move. Good depth of chest and spring of rib, well muscled rear. Was unsettled at first but when he did move you could see his natural soundness. BOB. 

2. Mr C & S Bowker 7 Gibson. Sajobein Gastons Girl Avec Febus. A good sized girl, pleasing head with correct stop and eye. Good front assembly and level topline. Moved well. 

Post Grad 

1. Mr P Dickson Kalkasi Fields of Gold