• Show Date: 17/06/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Adrian Bicknell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Whitstable & District Canine Society



1. Mr & Mrs Willy Jeamaras Norwegian Skyline at Sensha (Imp Nor). A feminine bitch with an excellent head type. Perfect dentition, dark clear eyes and well-set ears.  Strong neck leading to correctly angulated front. Straight legs with tight feet. Correct topline and tuck up and moderate rear angulation. Thick dense coat, excellent tail set. Moved well with drive. BOB. 


2. Mr & Mrs Oorloff Claudmist Dionsus Be Wild.  Of good size and heavy bone. Very typical head, Strong thick neck. good front with correct length of leg. Excellent feet, strong firm topline with excellent tuck up giving the dog a very stylish look when viewed from the side good rear angulation with plenty of upper thigh. Moved well.   RBOB 




1. Mr & Mrs Healey Doshaburi The Cloud Dragon at Hebemor JW. Masculine male with the correct head type and good ear set. Correct amber eye with good pigmentation. Well arched neck into defined withers, nice deep chest with well sprung ribs. Correct topline which was held on the move, well-muscled throughout with correct angulated rear quarters. Moved with reach and drive. BOB 


2. Miss Pace Big Addo. Head of good proportions, correct eye and good ear carriage. Good straight front with correct shoulder placement. Correct topline and rear angulation. Moved well. RBOB 


Min Schnauzer 


Post Graduate 

1. Mr & Mrs Newconb Hawkwell Park Thunderball. Pleasing head type, good forechest and strong well ribbed body. Presents a pleasing outline with his good topline and tail set.  Nicely angulated hindquarters. Moved well 


1. Mr & Mrs Cherryman Ruddlands Chop ‘N’ Change ShCM. Strong masculine head of good length and proportions. Correct spring of rib and depth of chest and correct short strong loin. Excellent hindquarters and he moved out well with both reach and drive from the rear. BOB 


2. Ms C & Mr A Johnson & Slater Marnimica Sorcerer. Good head type with correct length and proportions. Good neck and shoulders, muscular well ribbed body with strong short loin. Moved well. RBOB 

3. Mr & Mrs Newcomb Hawkwell Park Goldfinger. 

Shih Tzu 


1. Ms J & Mr G Beer & Tilley Miracey Sea of Love for Tilbe. A well-proportioned girl with a correct head and expression, good reach of neck set into well placed shoulders, good ribcage, correct coat texture, good tail set and very stylish on the move. BP 


2. Mrs D Swift Thaisu Jenny Wren. Well balanced throughout, feminine head, nice dark eyes and nice expression, a well-made body and a good tail set. Moved well. 



1. Ms M & Ms S Carter & Leigh Gladmin Soweto Storm. Correct broad head with well pigmented dark correct eyes. good length of neck, level topline and well angulated rear. Moved well holding his outline. 


2. Mrs Aldous Konatian The Showman. Well-furnished correct head nicely set dark eyes with a good expression. A well-made body with good topline and tail set.  


Post Graduate 

1. Mrs F Yorke Middletune Wildest Charmer. Excellent type and very well proportioned throughout. Correct head and arrogant expression with wide square jaws and well-placed nose with open nostrils. Good pigmentation and mouth, strong well arched neck which is set into good shoulders. Body of correct depth and level back, well angulated rear with high set tail. Moved with drive and reach. BOB. 


2. Mrs D Swift Senoble Happy. Well balanced throughout, pleasing head and expression, well set eyes and good pigmentation, good body and spring of rib, held topline on the move. 


3. Mrs E Montero Aiyanna’s Jasmine Sky.    



1. Mrs F Yorke Minfaa Dancin Cheek To Cheek at Midletune. Well balanced with a correct head type and dark expressive eyes. A well arched neck of good length leading into good shoulders with a level topline and high set tail. Moved well with ease. RBOB 


2. Ms M & Ms S Carter & Leigh Gladmin Inala. A feminine bitch with a broad head and large dark eyes, nice arch to neck, deep chest, level back, well rounded thighs, moved with reach and drive. 


3. Ms J & Mr G Beer & Tilley Miracey All You Need Is Love for Tilbe JW Shcm.  

Tibetan Terrier 


1. Mrs m Smith Araki Lilly Belle for Yeshi. Correct shape and well made, good head with correct eye, nice front, good angulation front and rear. Correct body proportions with a correct topline and tail set, good turn of stifle. Moved well. BP  


1. Mr & Mrs Chessell Araki Magic Snowflake for Stylaxian.   Well made with correct profile. Correct head and eye. Good front, good angles front and rear. Nice turn of stifle. Good topline and tail set. Moved well. 


2. Mrs L White Trytez Back to Black.  Nice head with correct eye. Correct angles front and rear. Nice outline on the move.  


Post Graduate 

1. Mrs L White Akari Fabulous Figtail.   Correct head type in proportion to body, correct bite with a good stop. Nice clear dark eyes or correct shape and correct ear set. Well placed shoulders and straight front, correct spring of rib and depth of chest. Moved well with drive. RBOB. 


2. Mrs m Smith Snoanda Whoops a Daisy at Yeshi. Nice dark eyes and correct bite. Well laid shoulders and correct tail set. Moved well.  


3. Miss R & Mr S Inwood & Price Lasang Mr Dick at Bedivere.  



1. Mr & Mrs Chessell Araki Areu Ready For This at Stylaxian.  A well-presented feminine bitch, very square and sound, correct dark eyes, good stop and correct bite, good reach of neck into well laid shoulders, nicely ribbed up, good rear angulation, correct tail set and in excellent coat. Moved with ease showing drive and reach. BOB 


2. Mrs S Gardner Aiylys Yeats. Correct head type with good dark eyes, nice stop and correct bite, well laid shoulders and depth of chest. Moved well. 


3. Barnes & King Kyipos Hot Totty Shcm.