• Show Date: 04/01/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Yvonne Hull Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Boston & District Canine Society

Breed: Whippet

This was my first CC appointment. I sincerely thank the Boston Committee for the invitation, the exhibitors for their record entry here and to my very efficient stewards, Jayne and Janet, who kept the ring running smoothly. As an overview, I believe that the average size of exhibits is reducing and it's pleasing to be going in this direction and that there is a lessening variation of type and the range of interpretation of the standard is becoming closer, making judging decisions closer. On the negative side there does seem to be a lessening of depth of body. My judging priorities were to follow the breed standard aligned to the fundamental functional requirements for speed, stamina, to move accurately without using excess energy, the ability to course and to remain uninjured.  

MPD (8, 2) 1 Wood's  Ardencote Dating Destiny. Fawn of pleasing type, quality and condition. Forward type with much potential. The best for layback of shoulder, topline, body depth to elbow overall balance. Well developed and solid body for a young puppy, neat in front with well positioned topline. Moved accurately and purposefully in the class but was somewhat uncooperative in the puppy dog challenge. 2 Mowbray's West Chelan Quilted Caviar. Brindle. Another very forward and elegantly made, racey shaped puppy of pleasing proportions, covering the ground with ease both standing and moving. Beautifully shaped head on a really elegant neck. Pleasingly angled front assembly with developed quarters.  Has a well defined and well shaped rear. Made a pair of really pleasing correct size classy pups. 3 Mitchell's Anndonmill Majestic Prince.  

PD (12, 1) 1 Dennis-Smith's Nuit D'ete Des Plaines Des Bruyeres At Brynnsimeon (Imp Fra). A strong class of puppies at different stages of development. Headed by this pale brindle youngster, showing a very elegant pleasing profile shape, covering the ground without exaggeration. Very well put together proportions, good depth, neat front and shoulder placement with spring of pastern. Really moved out well with control and accuracy. Adequate depth and firm body and spring of rib and well forward for age. Very promising. BPD. 2 Purvis & Johnston's Danluke Death By Chocolate For Rheagar. Red fawn with a good covering, was equal to the winner in most criteria and has very pleasing, flowing stride. Perhaps not as forward as the winner in profile shape today. 3 Rodgers' Wentvalley Romeo. 

JD (11) 1 Poole & Winkley-Balmer's Edenwhip Quantum Of Solace. Excellent fit, athletic racy brindle of very pleasing size. Very neat in front with excellent width and infill. He has great head and neck flowing uninterruptedly into layback of shoulder.  Return of upper arm and length of ribbing very pleasing all round. A classy young male who won this class with a very forward going free, easy, controlled and accurate free striding movement. Well developed muscular definition and sweeping rear assembly with rear pasterns square to the ground. Ended up RDCC for the quality of conformation and accurate footfall. 2 Ellis' Railfield Rainmaster. A pleasing sized brindle. A little overshadowed by the winner because whilst has many excellent attributes lacked the maturity and finish of the winner. He has a pleasing head, neck flowing neatly into well laid back shoulder assembly. Good depth of body and length of ribbing. Not as settled both standing and moving as one would hope, but deserved his place here. 3 Newton's By Design Of Nevedith.  

YD (8, 2) 1 Glithero, Philo & Waugh's Layways Northern Lights Over Coppershell. Brindle who has a racy profile shape, similar to my previous winner. Neat in front, good infill, bone and feet with the pleasing layback of shoulder and return of upper arm. He moved with a forward going low free accurate and effortless movement with drive from rear. Well developed and sufficiently angled rear assembly. Accurate footfall won this class for him. 2 Shepherd's Citycroft Sundae With Oxana. Fawn with a lot to like being different type to winner and in some ways has still to fully develop, strengthen behind and mature. Clearly has a pleasing profile and attracts the eye. In front has pleasing width and infill, good bone to the ground and neat feet.  Covers the ground standing and has just enough depth and substance. 3 Dargue's Supeta's Just Call Me Special.  

GD (10, 2) 1 Newsham's Railfield Rainmonarch. A fawn with the stamp of elegance. Neat front assembly with sound correct bone to the ground with correct feet, elegant neck flowing uninterruptedly into a good lay of shoulder and has a correct return of upper arm, good depth of body and length of ribbing. Strong muscular back end with sweeping unexaggerated bend of stifle and rear square to the ground. Moved out accurately. Not the smallest but deserved his place here in the class. 2 Dargue's Supeta's Just Call Me Special. Brindle and white parti of quality,  super head and expression,  moved soundly but just needed more animation on the move, good for type and size, liked him a lot. 3 Smith's Rivarco Jack Daniel's (Imp Ita).  

PGD (13, 1) 1 Dennis-Smith's Almawhip To Be A Lover At Brynnsimeon. Brindle and white trim of pleasing size. Has a racy profile with substance and quality. Very correct in all front departments particularly spring of pasterns, layback of shoulder, with a deep body, good spring of rib and pleasing covering all over with correct musculature. Excellent and accurate footfall from any angle which was the deciding factor in the class. 2 Wayman's Crème Anglaise's One More Knight At Scartletfair (Imp NLD). Fawn and white. Very neat type with no exaggerations and a pleasing profile shape. Typical shaped head with long enough neck flowing into well placed shoulder blades & a correct return of upper arm. I liked him a lot but not as positive in front on the move as first. 3 Dillon's Danluke Ladyboy At Runforest.  

LD (16) 1 Matthew's You Tube Star Of Gentle Mind. Fawn of quality with appealing pigment. Did look a little immature in this class but was so well put together. His quality could not be denied for this placing.  Great for size and type, super profile shape, well covered throughout. Neat and balanced head flowed very well through his long arched neck into very well placed shoulder, matched well to his correct return of upper arm, correct spring of rib. Great overall balanced length, topline placement with matching underline. Moved with uncomplicated accuracy, drive.  2 Glithero & Philo's Layways Court Jester At Coppershell. Brindle and white.  Very pleasing to go over. More mature than the winner. Has a racy shape with a well held topline over the loin and not falling away. Excellent front angles and infill. So very sound moving. Just not the nit picking refinements of the winner, it was a very close decision. 3 Cuthbert's Whipplei Body Of Proof At Lunaire.  

OD (15, 2) 1 Whitehead's Ch Citycroft High Society. A well known fawn champion of undeniable quality now reaching full maturity. Great example of type, shape, proportions and balance. Excellent in all departments carrying super muscletone in all the right places, topline shape and placement with no hint of falling away and no exaggerations. He stands four square over the ground from any angle, strong, straight and true behind. I have never seen this male look and move so well and gave such a polished performance. DCC. In the BOB challenge could not match the class and performance of the bitch. 2 Bristcoe's Ir Ch Collooney Easy On The Eye.  A very pleasingly sized racy type brindle with pleasing conformation.  A good example of fit for function. When standing covered the ground well with a smooth flowing outline, stood four square from all angles without any weakness. Moved out with a reaching stride and driving from the rear with accurate footfall and maintained a firm topline. Considered for the RCC. 3 Allen's Ch Zoraden Gingerbread Latte.  

VD (3, 1) 1 Russell's Ch Willingwisp Star Trooper. Fawn and white, pleasingly sized quality boy of over 11 years old. Been around a while now and always gives his all. A well deserving champion. Still shows his perfect profile shape and correctly placed topline. He certainly showed some of the youngsters how to show and move. 2 Gibson & Harries' Cedarridge Viscount At Whistljacket, Fawn and white. Similar type to winner with good covering and a pleasing profile shape if just a bit taller. Moved out well and looked as if he enjoyed himself.  

GCD/B (2) 1Webber's Zoraden Darkest Wings. Black. A pleasing size female showing a racy shaped profile with a gleaming coat. Good bone and body covering for her stature along with brisket depth to elbow, well made rear with pleasing second thigh. She has good layback of shoulder and return of upper arm. Won this on her accuracy and reach of movement. 2 Jothryn Bjorne To Party With Bunehug. Brindle, very similar in attributes to the winner just not quite the positivity of movement.  

MPB (15, 4) 1 Mowbray's West Chelan Quick Look At Me.  Super brindle heading a pleasing class of young females. This was a very forward and stylish youngster who put in an excellent display once she got going both moving and is a picture in profile. Litter sister to MPD who was second and can see now the similarities and the same remarks apply. Very elegant and racy outline covering the ground with ease and not having to be stretched. Stood four square from all angles with no weaknesses. Long elegant neck flowing into the best shoulder and upper arm placement. Very promising. 2 Brown's Ardencote Sweet Destiny For Bluestreak.Fawn and white. A very pleasing nice sized youngster. Showing a very correct profile outline, well covered, comfortably stood over enough ground and moved well for age.  Elegant neck which flowed into a pleasing angulated front assembly. On the day she was not as up together and forward going as the winner but her time will surely come. 3 Whitehead, Smith & Mixides' Citycroft Nightsong.  

PB (21, 4) 1 Meakin's Oakbark Little Mix. Brindle and white. Another lovely class of young females at varying stages of development I was spoilt for choice. As with all the classes, I judged them for their performance on the day and not their future potential. I chose the winner for her size type, construction and the performance she gave. She was one of the most mature and finished in the class so had the edge on the others. Has more old fashioned racy features and profile outline with no exaggerations. Classic head and elegant neck which flowed without interruption into unobtrusive shoulder with was matched to angle of her upper arm. Her ribbing was well set back which gave her pleasing amount and placement of topline. Moved out freely with accurate footfall. I found her quite endearing BPB & BPIB. 2 Lain & Alexander's Lolani Tennessee Honey. Very pleasing fawn, good for size and type, she gave a good performance. Different more lengthy type than winner.  Has the same virtues and very close up to winner making this a difficult decision. I was quite taken with her. 3 Lancashire's Danluke Dark Chocolate Drishaun.  

JB (16, 2) 1 Wheeler's Ranveli Sandy Shores.Brindle. A very pleasing exhibit, loved her attitude and a real showgirl. Good for size and flowing overall profile shape and covering. Excellent in head and expression. Stood four square from all angles with particularly pleasing front angles with depth and infill, also with a strong matching rear. Moved with accuracy, enthusiasm and true footfall. 2 Kirkby's Kelsmonk Hawaiian Sunset. A very pleasing fawn exhibit for type, size and performance. Very correct profile shape with long elegant neck flowing into well placed shoulder and front assembly. Has strong well covered rear assembly. Moved with purpose and drive. 3 Hoare's Tormor Many Clouds.  

YB (14, 3) 1 Yacoby-Wright's Cobyco Candy Crème.  An elegant fawn and with a racy profile construction. Such a beautiful head and expression with a long elegant neck, flowing  into a neat and correctly angled front assembly, smooth and clean with no interruptions, perfect infill. In profile she showed a sweeping picture of quality, scope, topline, covering the ground with rear pasterns vertical to the ground and without exaggeration throughout. I really liked her movement with her low, purposeful extension in front and the flexing driving rear movement and perfect footfall. Unlucky to meet the CC winner who was on spectacular form. RCC. 2 Home & Fisher-Home's Ch Citycroft Crème Caramel Of Jasarat. A young fawn with some considerable class as is shown by her champion status. She has an elegant and flowing profile shape, well covered with good shoulder placement and angles. Close up to winner but for me she has still some maturing to do. 3 Waller's Crosscop Glittering Prize To Wrennalla. GB (9, 2) 1 Whitaker-Crosby's Cobyco Could Be The Last At Mulcair. Racy type brindle of pleasing size and shape with attractive head flowing into elegant long neck, on into neat well placed shoulders and correct front infill. In profile has pleasing body depth and length which flows into a developing topline and matching rear. Somewhat at an inbetween maturity stage at present. Flowing movement keeping profile shape. 2 Whitehead, Smith & Mixides, Klaruchart Ailama With Citycroft.  A fawn of pleasing shape and size. Pleasing head and good front assembly, shoulder placement, return of upper arm and infill. Quite immature as shown so there will be other opportunities. 3 Hamblings, Mossbawnhill You Got Th Look From Chaseover.  

PGB (16, 3) 1 Perkins' Silkridge Whispering Grass. A well put together brindle, racy type of ideal size and substance. Caught my eye for her profile shape & well balanced proportions of length and depth with good muscular condition. Moved accurately with drive and purpose. 2 Lain & Alexander's Lolani Light Up The Room. A smart brindle and a very close decision between her and the winner. Very similar in their virtues. Pleasing profile shape from all angles. Moved accurately with reach and drive, good proportions and condition all through. Just slightly more of her but not a disadvantage in his case. 3 Spencer's Chelridge Lady Guinevere.  

LB (23, 5) 1 Green & Place's Collooney Queen Of Dragons With Brochinbelle. Fawn and white. My star of the day, beautifully handled and she never stopped showing, what a little gem. Having now read the BIS judges critique I felt the same about her so have quoted Pam Blays' words "After a thorough examination and moving them I could not get passed the young Whippet bitch, beautiful balance and sympathetically handled to perfection, she was quality with her pretty head and expression, beautiful front construction and lovely topline and tailset, correct hindquarters and size, she caught my eye from the beginning. It was when she moved up and back and then round that I knew she would be the one to beat. Her footfall was correct with her lovely head carriage, keeping a strong topline yet retaining her femininity. Despite strong opposition, she could not be ignored, hence she was my choice for best in show." Pam Blay.  "Wow''. I felt the same way about her, for me she optimises the standard. BCC & BOB. Congratulations and I hope that others can see her qualities. 2 Smeath's Willingwisp Moment Of Love. A very pleasing fawn of good type, a size bigger than the winner with more body covering. Has the balanced proportions to match her height and stood four square presenting appealing profile shape from all angles. The most elegant of heads with long neck flowing into very clean, correctly angulated shoulder placement and return of upper arm. Correct depth of body to elbow with correct infill. Moved out accurately with purpose and control. 3 Meakin's Oakbark Miss Bossy Boots.  

OB (10, 2) A stunning class of Open Bitches of varying types. Not one anymore less acceptable than the other which made placing them difficult. Some stunning bitches had to go cardless and on another day the placements could change. 1 Morris & Waddell's Ch Nothing  Compares To You At Crosscop. A very well know fawn with a big reputation. She has a most appealing flowing outline with the most elegant head neck and complete front assembly. Here coat gleams and she is back from puppies in tight fit condition. She stands over the ground well showing her scope and profile shape and accurate rear angulation. In the CC challenge I just preferred a slightly different type, with a little more covering, more defined rise in topline and moving at a less animated pace. 2 Bayley's Whisterfield As If By Magic.  A very pleasing fawn type with more body covering than the winner.  Has the shape and substance I look for. She has similar attributes to the winner, appealing profile shape, the most elegant of heads with long neck flowing into very clean, well positioned shoulder and return of upper arm. Correct depth of body to elbow with correct infill, very pleasing topline.  Stands over a little less ground than the winner. Moved out very well, controlled and accurate. Close up to winner and was very unlucky. 3 Short's Ch Collooney Tartan Tease.  

VB (3, 2) 1 Peacock's Linalkin Meadow Lark.  This is a really superb quality brindle bitch standing alone. She is such a gem and only looks half her age, excellent type and size. Moved with purpose, accuracy and drive.  Very difficult to find anything I did not like about her and I don't want to. 

Yvonne Hull