• Show Date: 30/09/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: William Lambert Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Miniature Bull Terrier Club

Breed: Bull Terrier (Miniature)

The Miniature Bull Terrier Club Championship Show 

The Doubletree by Hilton Hotel, Waldesgrave Triangle, Coventry 

Sunday September 30th 2018 

Wow, what a show! The committee are to be congratulated on managing to turn a hotel into a Mini-Bull Terrier heaven for the weekend, it must be a lot of work but it is so worth it and appreciated by everyone. With posters, banners and signs everywhere it was impossible to not know where you were for the weekend, and those hotel guests who had not come for the show must have wondered what had hit them. Such a great friendly atmosphere- thank you for inviting me it was a great honour.  

I felt the quality of the dogs was outstanding, whilst there is still a wide variance in type, all looked like what breeders should be aiming for “Bull Terriers in Miniature”. We are also starting to see a reduction in those faults that were once very apparent; poor fronts and upright shoulders. Yes granted these faults are still there, but far less that was once the case. Size has also vastly improved, and whilst there were one or two big ones, the majority of the animals being under or just over the measure.  

I thought my bitch line up was phenomenal, certainly the best I have ever seen and with most of them of champion quality, I will watch with interest to see how many get made up.  

I was asked straight afterwards if I had enjoyed judging and my immediate reaction was “No!” as some of my decisions were agonising, with some top quality animals going cardless and I know that on another day I could easily have placed some of the dogs differently, the margins really were that fine. But later and on reflection, I felt very pleased to have had the chance to go over such a great entry of beautiful dogs. Who could possibly not enjoy that? Thank you to the exhibitors for giving me that opportunity. 

 Class 1 Minor Puppy Dog (0) (0 absent) 

Class 2 Puppy Dog (5) (1) 

1st. Graber’s Little Forest Bulls Afrojack – Compact black brindle dog. Very good head, packed up and turned. Perfect mouth. A shade loose in front, and a little long cast. Well under the measure.  Not sound on the move but his type and quality won him the class  

2nd. Peakin’s Alf of Godlike Step at Byzantine – Smart tall black brindle. Very showy. Strong head with a smooth profile. Both canines misplaced. Good length of neck and well laid shoulder. Straight front and shapely bodylines. A bit over the measure, but an honest, sound, well made dog who moved well very.  

3rd . Twyman’s Laronbelle’s Baracus   

Class 3 Junior Dog (8) (0) 

1st. Bromont-Lothary’s Queequeg Bonsai Amadis – Typy and square dark brindle dog. Very strong, blocky wide and strong head with an exceptional roman finish. Perfect mouth. Small well-placed ears, a little round in eye. Moved parallel and with drive. Happy chap who showed well. Still a baby, just needs more time.  

2nd. Harper’s Chatanooba Choo Choo – Sorry no critique- left the ring before I could write any notes 

3rd . Oxberry-Roger’s Mysibuls Lightmeup  

Class 4 Novice Dog (5) (0) 

1st. Oxberry-Roger’s Mysibuls Lightmeup – Smalt and compact red dog, well under the measure. Excellent profile, with a good expression. Straight front with nice tight feet. Very terrier type and a little fine throughout. Showed really well and moved soundly.  

2nd. Plumley’s Queixada Espantallo Tuskenada Very compact and typy white dog. Excellent head and expression. Good bone. Not quite so good in front. Short compact body, with excellent well sprung ribs and excellent well-muscled hindquarters. If he overcomes his shyness he could go far.  

3rd . Vickers’s Postu De Notsu Veni Vidi Vinci at Duvessa  

Class 5 Post Graduate Dog (5) (0 absent) 

1st. Donaubauer’s Veit Von Kaiserstuhl Quality white dog of excellent type. Lovely head, good length and strong muzzle. Tiny eye and well placed ears. Correct mouth. Lovely heavy bone. Rather long and loose in topline. Moved well, parallel both ways and with drive. 

2nd. Humme’s Unique Fellows Crumble  Nicely made brindle of good size. Very showy with a strong head but lacking a classic profile. Good front and feet short cobby body. Very muscular hindquarters. Another who moved well and really drove well behind. 

3rd . Neverceral’s Little Duke of Slanting Shore –  

Class 6 Limit Dog (6) (0 absent)  

1st. Donaubauer’s Veit Von Kaiserstuhl   

2nd. Dittrich’s Nobody The Warrior - Square dog with a deep wide head, strong but lacking profile. Correct mouth. Good strong neck but upright in shoulder. Very good type and substance. Excellent hind angulation, with well bent stifles. Moved with drive and determination. 

3rd . Robb’s Bullysoul Condition Red  

Class 7 Open Dog – (9) (0 absent) 

1st. O’Neill and Hohmuth’s Bullyon Redifining Measure With Kholander  Very smart and elegant red/white dog, teeming with quality, Good strong heard with very good profile. Perfect mouth. Lovely strong neck, Good solid bone and nice tight feet. Shapely bodylines with a nice tuck up. Moved extremely freely and was shown and handled well. Great to see him up against his brother in the challenge, and whereas he has a better mouth and stronger quarters, I would like to see him carry just a couple of more pounds and I preferred the overall type, substance and better ear placement of the white dog. RCC 

2nd. Roman’s Machiaquito De Lcossta – Eye-catching compact and typy white dog. Well under the measure.  Great head, filled right up and turned over, completely egg shaped. Tiny eye lovely well placed ears.  Stunning expression. Lovely neck and well laid shoulder. Short back and excellent hindquarters. A tremendous dog who pressed very hard for the top places. An easy champion; I hope we see him back over here. 

3rd . Dittrich’s King Lui The Warrior  

Class 8 Champion Dog (5) (0 absent) 

1st. Phillip’s Ch Bullyon Ready to Measure  A dog I have long admired, and so I was delighted to have the chance to evaluate him in a show situation. A great balance of type and quality he has a tremendous head, wide and filled up, with a tiny eye and well placed ears giving him a dynamite expression. Mouth just off. His bone is strong and round with nice tight feet. He has a good length of neck and a short body with tremendous spring of rib and the shortest of backs. A little light in hindquarters he nevertheless moves parallel and with purpose. To top it off he is in then peak of condition and was presented and handled to perfection. A truly great dog he was top of the pile amongst some outstanding Miniature Bull Terriers. CC and Best in Show 

2nd. Scherzer’s Ch Shooter Von Der Alten Veste. Nicely made black brindle of high quality. Very sound throughout with a good head with plenty of fill with a smooth profile. He front is straight and he has good bone. Nice shapely body lines a well-placed shoulder and good length of neck. Slightly over the measure he moved well in front but a little close behind. 

3rd . Grabbar’s Ch Little Chilli Peppers I’m Innocent  

Class 9 Veteran Dog (2) (2 absent) 

Class 10 Minor Puppy Bitch (3) (1 absent) 

1st. Farmer and Stephens’s Duvessa Rose of Tudor Seayess - Very pretty and feminine red bitch of high quality. Sweeping profile to her head. Excellent eye and expression. Very straight front with tucked in elbows and good tight feet.  Rather loose in topline and not the greatest of movers.  

 2nd. Kettleborough’s Bullysoul Someday. Substantial red bitch. Strong head with plenty of fill under the eye. Plenty of bone for her size but I would prefer a little more length of leg. Moved freely, but pinned in when coming. 

Class 11 Puppy Bitch (5) (1 absent) 

1st. Phillip’s Lafenice Hyacnt Bucket of Bullyon - Typy black brindle bitch, well under the measure. Power packed head with a deep wide underjaw. Well made with good bone for her size. Decent neck but a little upright in shoulder. Grew in confidence as the class progressed and ended up by showing like a pro. Best Puppy in Show. 

2nd. Graber’s Little Forest Bulls Addicted to Love Tricolour bitch, very feminine and well under the measure. Long, well filled head with an excellent finish. Deep forechest, but rather light in bone Very well made but a little fine throughout. Good hind angulation. Well-presented and showed well. 

3rd. Twyman’s Laronbelle’s Germanica 

Class 12 Junior Bitch (8) (0 absent) 

1st. Stewart’s Duvessa Port Ellen - Quality white bitch. Bang on the measure. Well-shaped head. lovely bodylines with a beautiful strong neck and the shortest of backs. Excellent make and shape throughout with very good quarters. Movement was a bit close behind but she flowed nicely when viewed from the side. 

2nd. Graber’s Little Forest Bulls Addicted to Love 

3rd . Whittaker’s Wengormick Petite Firenze  

Class 13 Novice Bitch (4) (1 absent) 

1st. Malchanova’s Shacals Sugared Almond - White bitch of high quality. Just over the measure. Well-constructed with a good front and nice tight feet. Nicely shaped head with a perfect mouth. Very good quarters, showed well.  

2nd. Schulz’s Unchain My Heart Georgina – Brindle/White bitch similar in type to winner. Strong head of good length with good strength of muzzle. Good spring of rib and deep forechest. Excellent mover; all in one piece and with drive. 

3rd . Pennington’s Sarramitch Wooly Bully  

Class 14 Post Graduate Bitch (10) (2 absent) 

1st. Clark’s Pixar of Slanting Shore at Grandopera - Red quality feminine bitch of excellent size. Very good head with well-placed eye and ears. Very good bone. Lovely neck and well placed shoulder. Short back. Good wide quarters with well bent stifles Very full of herself and showed well. Expertly handled. 

2nd. Salewski and Mielchen’s Lynn of Slanting Shore Des Molosses De Celebra White bitch, built on bigger lines than my winner but well made and sound. Very good bone and a substantial body. Slightly over the measure but moved soundly. 

3rd. Schroder’s Bullcreek’s Double or Nothing  

Class 15 Limit Bitch (11) (0 absent) 

1st. Newberry’s Ukusa Lil’ Daredevil – Beautiful eye-catching and shapely black bridle and white bitch.  Lovely long head with a sweeping profile. Very well made throughout.  Swan like neck and excellent well laid shoulder. Very good straight front with excellent round bone. Strong muscular quarters with well bent stifles. Moved freely both ways with long powerful strides. In stunning condition, she never stopped showing and took the CC in exceptionally strong competition. 

2nd. Peakin’s Byzantine Blanche – A beautifully made bitch of the highest quality, Outstanding in profile she has a good strong head. One misplaced canine. Lovely neck and shoulder and excellent top line, well angulated both front and rear, and she moves soundly. Her make and shape is exceptional. Unfortunately she is somewhat over the measure which held her back in this company. Nevertheless a bitch out of the top drawer who was a pleasure to go over. 

3rd . Salewski and Mielchen’s Lynn of Slanting Shore Des Molosses De Celebra  

Class 16 Open Bitch (9) (2 absent) 

1st. Dance’s Decadance Destinee Bullypins Small and compact black brindle bitch. Under the measure. Excellent head and expression. Very typy and substantial but in a small package. A little light in bone but moved extremely well both coming and going. Won this class by a whisker on her compact size and great ring presence.  

2nd. Tominey’s Seayess Mistyrious- Substantial and shapely brindle and white bitch. Powerful egg shaped, feminine head. Lovely flowing and well-rounded bodylines. Plenty of substance and extremely well-muscled throughout. Really nicely made with a super long neck and good layback of shoulder. Appears bigger that she is but is actually only a tad over the measure. High quality bitch who was well-handled and shown in super condition.  

3rd.  Cox’s Ir Ch. Ukusa Maleficent -  

Class 17 Champion Bitch (4) (2 absent) 

1st. McGregor’s Ch Opium Bonsai Von Amadis - High quality black brindle and white bitch. Smart as paint with a well filled head, strong and deep throughout. Perfect mouth, Good straight front with round bone. Shapely bodylines and in excellent condition. Well-muscled hindquarters. Moved extremely well in front and held her topline well. A calm showgirl who was presented and handled to perfection. RCC 

2nd. Salewski and Mielchen’s Ladybug of Slanting Shore Nicely made brindle bitch, strong head with good width. Lovely neck and shoulder. Decent front with excellent bone.  Exceptional long neck with good layback of shoulder.  Very good quarters nicely made. Moved well, well presented and handled.  

Class 18 Veteran Bitch (6) (3 absent) 

1st. Kaestner’s Tiffany Bonsai Von Amadis Extremely well balanced bridle and white bitch of the highest quality. I judged this bitch as a youngster and I said at the time she was one of the best mini’s that I had seen and I still hold that view today. Beautifully balanced throughout she has an egg shaped head with a perfect mouth, round bone with nice tight feet and lovely flowing balanced bodylines. At 8 years old she is still highly competitive and I seriously considered her for the top placings However when push came to shove I just felt she is starting to show her age in eye and top line and so just had to give way to the  youngsters. I am sure her breeder and owner will be proud, she truly is one of “the greats” Best Veteran in Show. 

2nd. Schroder’s Charming Trouble Maker Betty Boop Tall, black brindle bitch. Well shaped head with a good mouth. Good straight front and ample bone. Good bodylines showed in exceptional condition and expertly handled. But rather fails in top line and quarters.  

3rd. Plumley’s Nabultique Holy Moly Tuskenada. 

Bill Lambert (Judge)