• Show Date: 05/08/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Wendy Pickup Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

National Gundog Association

Breed: Retriever (Golden)



Thank you to all who made it possible for me to judge at this prestigious show, I thoroughly enjoyed my day. I had some superb examples of the breed to assess, temperament was exemplary, all were willing and able to perform their task in spite of the heat of the day. Good health and presentation was apparent throughout the entry. Thank you to the exhibitors for bringing your lovely dogs under me, and for accepting my decisions in such a sporting way.

VETERAN (7, 2 abs).  1st Thurm’s BELDONBURN FAIRPLAY ShCM. Well constructed dog who was a pleasure to go over. Masculine head with kind eye and appealing expression. Good length of clean and muscular neck flowing into very well placed shoulder and good return of upper arm. Straight front, good bone, strong pasterns, neat, catlike feet. Ribcage long and deep, short, strong loin. Well muscled throughout, nicely presented mid golden coat. Lost out to the beautiful Veteran Bitch for BV as she moved better in the heat of the day. 2nd Youngson’s TREEVEVILLE ENDEAVOUR. Balanced outline, compact and deep bodied, pleasing head with kind expression, correct width between forelegs, good width across second thigh, good length from stifle to hock, neat hind pasterns. Excellent tail set, excellent feet and strong pasterns. Straight legs both standing and moving. Well handled. 3rd Taylor’s ROSINANTE LOVERBOY BY TANNADICE JW.

MINOR PUPPY (6, 1 abs).  1st Chapman’s KIDSTON WEAVER. 7 month old with light golden coloured coat which was clean and well presented. Good length of neck, ribs reaching well back and with good depth, loin short and strong, tail well set on and carried level on the move. Plenty of width across second thigh which allows for space for more muscle as he matures. Sympathetically handled, biddable and eager to please. Moved very well for one so young. 2nd Edwards & Joy’s CHALEUR UNDERSTUDY (AI) (imp AUS). 7 month old with beautifully presented profuse cream coat which sometimes made him look slightly bum high when stacked but upon examination he has a level top line. Very attractive head with dark pigment and dark eye, appealing expression. Ribcage just right for age, short, strong loin, excellent angulation which was equal at both ends, moved particularly well, especially when going away. Well handled. 3rd KJ Williams’ CATCOMBE CHRISTINGLE OF BUSHEYHALL.

PUPPY (12, 1 abs).  1st Archer’s HAYDENGOLD ROCK STAR AT SUNANDAIR. 10 months old and shaping up really nicely. Beautifully balanced, well made dog who surely has a promising future. Attractive head with kind expression and ears set level with eyes. Clean neck of good length which was well set on to correct shoulder placement and level top line, ideal tail set. Straight front, good bone, strong pasterns, neat cat like feet. Strong second thighs which have plenty of width, short hind pasterns which allowed him to drive round the ring. Profuse mid golden coat, loved his attitude, he responded well to his sympathetic handler. BPD and Best Special Beginner in Breed. The Best Puppy Bitch is an exquisite example of the breed and she just tipped the scales today for BPIB. 2nd White’s NINELL INDIANA JONES OF ALANDIAGOLD. 9 month old with correct double coat of cream colour. Beautifully presented, clean, and in good condition. Balanced outline, good length of neck, level top line, correct tail set. Head coming along nicely, soft expression from dark eye, black pigment, slightly rounded skull, muzzle long, wide and deep. Straight front, neat cat like feet, nice short toes. Moved well, exceptionally well handled. 3rd Mrs DMA Gorse’s TASHSHEEN SKY SURFER.

JUNIOR (11, 2 abs, 1 wd). 1st Maynard’s CHINNORDALE CUE CARD. 16 month old with correct double dark golden coat which was clean and very well presented. Handled to advantage and moved exceptionally well, at one with his handler, eager to please, in hard condition which made a difference in this lovely class. Head is coming on nicely, dark eye, kind expression, black pigment. Straight front, strong, quality bone, neatest of cat like feet. Strong, neat pasterns both fore and aft, pleasing body properties with excellent ribcage, ideal tail set. A lovely example and a pleasure to judge him. 2nd Brown’s CAILLOCH MAKAR VIA IPCRESS. 15 month old cream coated young man with clean outline, attractive head and dark pigment. Beautifully made, good shoulder placement and return to upper arm, ideal width between forelegs, not the heaviest of bone but plenty enough to keep his masculine appearance. Well ribbed back and good depth and spring to ribcage, stifles well let down with good width across second thigh. He was very well presented and in full double coat. Just lost out to the winner as not as steady on the move in this class, although he had settled later on. I heard afterwards that a win in his later classes gave him the final points for his JW – congratulations! 3rd Zubair & Loach’s CARNAVAL DORADO DELUXE STYLE (imp ESP).

SPECIAL BEGINNERS (8) 1st Archer’s H ROCK STAR AT S. 2nd Gorse’s TASHSHEEN SKY SURFER. 11 month old light golden coloured with attractive dark pigment on nose and eye rims. Lovely type, straight legs front and back, neat feet, short toes, ideal width between forelegs, level top line, short hind pasterns which were parallel when viewed from the rear. Pleasing head with good skull, attentive to handler, would just prefer a slightly darker eye. 3rd Black’s GUNHILLS PUSS IN BOOTS DEL AVRAIN

YEARLING (5, 1 abs) 1st Randall’s KELVERQUEST PORTLAND BILL.  JW Very promising, and at 23 months of age is starting to mature well. Masculine head without coarseness, kind eye and appealing expression. Clean and muscular neck, set well onto level top line and level tail set. Good depth to body and plenty of width across second thigh, good bone, neat pasterns both fore and aft, tight cat like feet. Well muscled which enabled him to move well. In mid golden correct double coat, well presented and handled. 2nd Griggs’ MULFIELD SEA OF DREAMS.   Was placed VHC in the strong Junior class but had settled better here on the move and deserved his place. Was unlucky to meet the winner here in such good form. 15 months old and in good quality cream double coat. Good length of neck, excellent layback of shoulder, with correspondingly good angulation behind. Excellent bend of stifle and width across second thigh, straight front and back legs. He is a kind and gentle natured dog, is obviously keen and willing to please. Handler please watch his top line on the stack as at times he can look as though he slopes off. 3rd Ignatieva & Heiremans’ FINE ART RUDGIERI PRIMETIME.

MAIDEN (11) 1st Archer’s H ROCK STAR AT S. 2nd Chapman’s K WEAVER.  3rd Jackson’s TERRA DI SIENA LORENZO AT SWANAVON.

NOVICE (13) 1st Brown’s C MAKAR VIA I. 2nd Archer’s H ROCK STAR AT S. 3rd Jackson’s T DI SIENA LORENZO AT S.

UNDERGRADUATE (7) 1st Brown’s C MAKAR VIA I.   2nd Archer’s H ROCK STAR AT S.   3rd Brigginshaw’s CATENAE HEAD OVER HEELS.  

GRADUATE (9, 3 abs) 1st Vicars’ CATCOMBE CALICO AT PEERSBROOK JW. I gave this dog Best Puppy 3 years ago and I was pleased to discover that he is fulfilling his early promise. Mid golden coloured profuse coat, clean and well presented. Loved his head, dark, expressive eyes, used his ears well, attractive, dark pigment. Balanced outline, good neck and shoulders, excellent top line and tail set, ribcage with excellent length and spring, strong, well boned legs, strong pasterns fore and aft, neatest of feet. Has a biddable nature and accepted a change of handler very well, moved true coming and going, excelled in profile movement.   2nd Seamons’ MESSANO BLUE SUEDE SHOES JW. Well put together dog in clean and nicely presented cream jacket. Pleasing head, kind eye, attentive to handler, moved well and with drive. Ideal length of neck, good bone, excellent front assembly, good bend of stifle and strong second thighs. Expertly handled to advantage. 3rd Angell’s MILLANZA TOY STORY JW.

POST GRADUATE (18, 2 abs) 1st Swatton’s SUNTIDE EXCEEDINGLY GOOD JW.  Won this very strong class on his fitness, ring presence and showmanship, a joy to watch on the move. Well schooled, well handled, just lacking some furnishings today. Head of good proportions, skull in balance with foreface, pronounced stop, dark, expressive eye with kind expression, correct ear set, good length of muzzle. Straight front and back legs, nicely protruding breastbone, deep through the brisket, well sprung ribs, plenty of strength to thighs and hind quarters, good tight feet with nice short toes. Really well put together and built on flowing lines. Dark golden coat which was clean and tidy. 2nd Birking-Green & Gripton’s SANSUE GOLDEN DREAM JW.  Well made dog, appealing head, slightly rounded skull, good length, width and depth of muzzle, kind eye, gentle expression, correct ear set. Neck of good length, really well laid shoulder and return to upper arm, deep through the heart, ideal width between forelegs, good bone, cat like feet. Impressive ribcage which reached well back and had correct amount of spring and depth, firm top line, tail set on well and carried level with back. Strong hindquarters, short rear pasterns which enabled him to drive round the ring. Correct double coat in shades of cream and light gold, well presented, well handled. 3rd Middleton’s HESSONITE TREACLE PUDDING.

MID LIMIT (12, 2 abs) Some tough competition in this class, I had to make tough decisions, well done to everyone. 1st Bawden’s GOLDLEIGH MACLOUD AT DARTHILL JW. Balanced outline, compact body properties, deep brisket, plenty of heart room, very good angulation at both ends, good depth and length of ribcage and good length of leg, short, strong pasterns. Level top line and correct tail set, strong hind quarters. Masculine head without any coarseness, kind eye, deep muzzle, head set well on to muscular neck of good length for balance. Profuse cream coat with correct undercoat, clean and well presented, well handled. 2nd Loverock & Waldron-Smith’s LOVISSA SPACE DUST ShCM Presented in golden coloured well presented double coat. Well moulded head, excellent neck and body, level top line, straight front and back legs, short hind pasterns. Built on finer lines than some but could not be denied his placing for overall good conformation, his natural ring presence, natural posture and showmanship. Well schooled and well handled. 3rd Kipps’ WHEATCROFT WHITE FLAME JW.

LIMIT (16, 3 abs) 1st Loverock’s THORNYWAIT CRACKERJACK AT LOVISSA.  My star of the day! A wonderful example of the breed, eye catching on the move and good to go over, plus he has the most wonderful temperament, was in marvellous condition and showed his socks off for his expert handler. Dark golden coloured double coat, balanced head, skull broad but not coarse, muzzle wide and deep, ears set on level with eyes, kind expression, thin leathers, clean neck, excellent lay back and length of shoulder blade, correct return of upper arm, plenty of forechest and nicely protruding breastbone. Straight front, very good bone, sound pasterns, cat like feet, deep through the heart, elbows well tucked in, good spring of rib, short, strong loin. Perfectly level top line and ideal tail set. Hind quarters broad and with equal merit to the fore quarters, well muscled second thigh which has good width, very good bend of stifle, short and strong hind pasterns. Beautifully presented and very well handled. DCC and on Referee’s decision BOB. 2nd McDonald’s LAMANCHA JUST MEANT TO BE JW Double coated cream dog, perfect presentation , not a hair out of place. Well moulded head, dark pigment, skull in balance with length of foreface, good stop. Clean and muscular neck, pleasing shoulders and forechest, straight legs both front and back, good bone, strong pasterns, neatest of feet, short toes. Level top line and correct tail set, good bend of stifle, well muscled throughout. Moved well for his quiet and sympathetic handler. Considered for the RCC but was just pipped at the post on outline today. 3rd Gibb’s GIBBGLEN LAST CHANCE.

OPEN (9, 1 abs) 1st McCormack’s Sh Ch FLYNGALEE ALONSO. Alonso Symmetrical and balanced outline, broad and muscular all through. Loved his head, kind, dark eye, intelligent expression, dark pigment, ear set just right and in line with eye, used his ears well. Straight front, good bone, short, strong pasterns, well shaped feet. Ideal forechest, correct depth through brisket, similar depth from elbow to ground, elbows close fitting. Excellent spring of rib, short and strong loin, level top line and good tail set, well bent stifles. In full mid golden coat, well presented, moved actively and at one with his handler. RDCC. 2nd Broadhead’s Sh Ch MONCHIQUE PURE IMAGINATION JW, ShCM. Standing on good legs and of balanced appearance, moved like a dream, handled to advantage, beautifully presented cream coat of good texture. Typical head, dark pigment, kind eye, good length of clean and muscular neck into balanced front angulation. Good spring of rib, level tail set, strong second thighs, strong pasterns, neat cat like feet. 3rd Wild’s Sh Ch FENWOOD ELL MASTERPIECE AT BLUEWATERS JW.

GOOD CITIZEN (6, 1 abs) 1st Jackson’s MAVISTAN NEARCO AT SWANAVON. Was unlucky to also be in the strong PG class. Well handled and nicely presented, clean and in good condition. Masculine head but no sign of coarseness, broad skull, intelligent expression from kind eye, muzzle wide and deep. Head set well onto clean neck which flowed to level top line and pleasing tail set. Straight front, good bone, strong pasterns, cat like feet, plenty of forechest with good muscle tone, deep through the heart and good spring of rib. Mid golden coat. 2nd Todd’s TODDROSA SPRINTER SACRE. Light golden coat on balanced outline, broad and strong all through. Appealing dark pigment and kindly expression, head set on well to good neck, ideal body properties, correct tail set. Strong second thighs, good bend of stifle, well handled. Slighter lighter bone than some but still enough for a male. 3rd Rose’s RULER OF THE WORLD OVER AZTECA.

JUDGE Wendy Pickup