• Show Date: 18/01/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: WENDY MANNING Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Manchester Dog Show Society

Breed: Retriever (Labrador)



Thanks to the Manchester Show Society for the opportunity to judge my first championship show. Also, to the exhibitors who gave me a lovely entry of 245 dogs. The last time I judged I made comment that there were a lot of dogs with poor rear quarters, namely ‘cowhocks’. I was pleased to say that this didn’t seem to be an issue today. I did find a few dodgy mouths. However, I found that my main concern was movement and my placings reflected this.

MPD (15 Entries) Abs: 3

1st: LESLEY Steeleigh Miracles Happen

7 month old black puppy, just as he should be at this age. Interestingly, sired by the RCC winner. A lot to like about this pup. Good outline and in proportion. Balanced front and rear angulation. In good coat. Level top line with tail coming straight off the back, held nicely standing and on the move.

2nd: CAMPBELL Kimbajak Bollinger

A yellow of nearly 9 months old, sired this time by my Limit dog winner, with similar qualities to winner. Balanced head with good pigment. Clean outline, good length of leg to body ratio. Well off for bone. Good bend of stifle. Level top line and good tail set. Would like to see a tad more length to upper arm, which winner had. Moved a lot better in the puppy class.

3rd: HARVEY-MAJOR Linjor Portofino

PD (14 Entries) Abs: 1

1st: LITHERLAND Oakhouse Oscar Pistorius. Best PD & BEST PUPPY IN BREED Rich coloured chocolate, nearly 12 months old and developing well. Quality exhibit. Balanced head with kind expression. Good eye colour and pigment. Clean neck into well placed shoulders and front angulation. Good fore-chest. Level top-line, with good length of leg, which were well boned and forelegs well under body. Rear quarters balancing out his front, nice otter tail which he used to advantage. In good coat. One of the better movers in this class and could not overlook him when it came to Best Puppy.

2nd: CAMPBELL Kimbajak Bollinger

as per Minor Puppy.

3rd: BROWN’s Ramsayville Rest My Case

JD (9 Entries) Abs: 2

1st: MACLEAN Afinmore Absolut

Black dog of decent size. Everything in proportion about this dog displaying a very balanced profile. Pleasant head. Kind eye. Good bone and good depth to chest. Hindquarters straight when viewed from the rear. Good turn of stifle and well let down hocks. Neat feet. Otter tail which didn’t use to his advantage, rather flat in ring today, which was a shame.

2nd: BRADDON Trendlewood Born To Run JW

Unlucky to meet winner today. A lot to like about him. Alert head with good pigment, pleasant expression. Clean in neck. Good fore and aft angulation. Moved well, keeping a level top-line. Just preferred rear-quarters of winner.

3rd: LOGAN Madgack Mulberry

YD (7 Entries) Abs: 1

1st: LITHERLAND Oakhouse Ortomobile



Another nicely put together chocolate dog from this kennel. Close decision between this and 2nd dog. Won this class on shape of front assembly when viewed from dogs front and also had slightly more upper arm. Was a happy showman and moved well. 2nd: BAILISS Tissalian Hi Jack

Lighter coloured yellow dog, who had the most appealing head and expression. Another well put together dog, who I am sure he will continue in his winning ways. Just not as positive in his front movement today as winner.

3rd: ROWLEY Treantagh Rainbow Warrior JW

GD (4 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: MACLEAN Afinmore Absolut

as per Junior.

2nd: ROWLEY Treantagh Rainbow Warrior JW

A good 3rd in the previous class. This yellow dog was of a type I like. Of good size and shape. Pleasant head, of good proportions with good pigment. Carrying the correct amount of weight Decent front. Good depth of chest. Level top-line with tail straight off his back.

3rd: MCCRORY Millroseglen Make My Day

PGD (19 Entries) Abs: 6

1st: HEPPER Mardas All Blacks JW Best Dog/CC winner.

I was really taken with this black dog, of nearly three years. Although a bit of a handful I think it was all part of his charm. Once settled he could be seen for what good breed type he is. He had a well proportioned head, with good eye colour, good stop, could have used his ears a little more. Masculine but nothing overdone, giving that gentle expression. Lovely in profile showing how well balanced he is. Level top- line with a good otter tail straight off his back, which he used to advantage. A real showman. Good depth of chest and matching ratio to legs, Moved with purpose around the ring. Very pleased to award him the CC.

2nd: BROWN’s/ FARQUAHARSON Ramsayville Texas Rising

Not as big a dog as winner but of good quality, and everything in the right place. Also had the gentle expression to head. He wasn’t the showman as winner and just thought he could have had a little more length in leg and did not move as positive as winner.

3rd: MACLEAN Afinmore Azufral

LD (18 Entries) Abs: 3

1st: FINNEY & CALLENDER Carpenny Ship To Shore JW

A dog which had a lot of ring presence which you could not overlook. Very good in profile, clean outline, athletic, fit for purpose. Balanced, alert, intelligent looking head. Angles front and rear complimenting each other. Good depth to body, with well sprung ribs and decent length of leg. Well boned. Good bend of stifle and well let down hocks. Did consider him for top honours.

2nd: CAMPBELL Binnaig Burberry

Well constructed, short coupled 20 month old yellow, who had good proportioned to head, good stop and eye colour. Nice in profile, good width of thigh, good tailset, good bone and neat/tight feet. Good movement.

3rd: MACLEAN Afinmore Alain JW Sh.CM



OD (12 Entries) Abs: 7

1st: WOODLEY Sh Ch Secret Moment At Alkhamhurst R.C.C.

A lot to like about this yellow and can see why he has done so well in the show ring. Gentle expression to well balanced head, clean in neck onto well laid back shoulders, Good depth to chest, matching angulations to front and rear. Overall well balanced dog, standing foursquare. In good coat and moved well.

2nd: HARVEY-MAJOR & MERRILL Linjor the Squire JW Sh.CM

A good dog to go over to appreciate his qualities. Masculine head, but not overdone. Similar to winner regarding neck and shoulders. Good in fore-chest. Won over third on confirmation and showmanship

3rd: NUGTEREN Int Ch Dutch Ger Ch Mocnys Knoxville

VD (4 Entries) Abs: 2

1st: CALLENDER Parbuckle Blue Spruce

Seven years of age. Very fit, athletic looking black dog of good size. One of the few dogs here today whose coat was harsh to the touch. Well muscled, good bone. Showed well, used ears to good effect. Only criticism was would like to see a little more length of muzzle to complete the picture.

2nd: MORLAND Grandad Pig at Tishkenna

Another seven year old black but of different type to winner. A little heavy over shoulders, which seems to make his neck look shorter. Decent head, good depth of body, well boned. Moved better than some earlier exhibits.

MPB (28 Entries) Abs: 8

Large class with some nice exhibits going card-less, as they were going through their ‘puppy stages’.

1st: FLOCKTON Dylsonleigh Miss Muffet

A yellow of just over 6 months old, very much built on clean lines. Skull equal to foreface, with good pigment. Liked her profile, good depth of chest and body/leg ratio. Decent front with good angles to rear. Level top-line. Well boned with typical otter tail. Showed and moved well round the ring.

2nd: HARVEY-MAJOR Linjor Sarafina

Another yellow of similar age and qualities as winner, with very sweet expression. The more I looked at her the more she grew on me. One who also moved well round the ring.

3rd: COLLINS Carromer Worth A Glance At Kaspair NAF

PB (14 Entries) Abs: 5

1st: LEWIS Ramsayville Rags To Riches At Crammondkirk

10 month old black, who stood and showed well, as do all the dogs from this kennel. Pretty and attentive head. Clean in neck with well placed shoulders and good angulation to front. Deep in chest, standing foursquare on well boned legs with good feet. In good coat. Only minor criticism would be that I would like to see tail a tad longer, however pleased to give her Best Puppy Bitch.

2nd: GREEN Meadowline Mothers Secret

Hattie I believe, as per your catalogue. Similar comments apply as to winner, except top-line and tail carriage not as good winner. Won her place on front assembly.

3rd: MINCHELLA & HUGHES Abbeystead Hope



JB (14 Entries) Abs: 3

1st: O'BRIEN Maxfield Arabella

This dog impressed me with its movement, one of the better ones during the day. Good drive from the rear and good reach to the front when viewed from the side. Kept her top-line whilst moving. Only criticism really was she was a little short in muzzle for my liking.

2nd: MCLELLAN Saranden Seaton

Similar to winner, but preferred winners front and front movement. Good level top- line, width and bend of stifle, good bone with neat feet.

3rd: MCCRORY Meadovillabs Shooting Star

YB (18 Entries) Abs: 7

1st: WOODLEY A Sense Of Pleasure's Yvli At Alkhamhurst (Imp)

Black bitch of medium size, displaying good conformation all round. Still maturing. Lovely head and expression. Very clean in neck to well laid back shoulders. Level top- line and good spring of rib. Good bend of stifle, leading to neat feet.

2nd: REYNOLDS Carromer Shimmering Satin

Liked the construction of this bitch. She had the most sweetest, feminine of heads, with great pigment. In my opinion her neck is an example of how it should be in a Labrador, extending forwards and upwards from the shoulders, creating that smooth flow from top-line to neck.

3rd: BRAIMBRIDGE Hannabee Queen Of Hearts

GB (20 Entries) Abs: 10

1st: HEPPER Mardas Black Silk JW

Two and half year old black, sister to my CC winning dog and another good example of a Labrador from this kennel. A substantial bitch, on the quieter side to her brother, but nevertheless still showed to advantage. Balanced head, with strong neck, onto well placed shoulders. Good spring of rib. Strong rear quarters assisting in good movement around the ring.

2nd: HODGE’s Naiken Carinsia

Very similar to winner and just splitting hairs as to who came out on top. Well presented bitch, of good breed type and clean in outline. Very feminine head with muzzle of good length.

3rd: DODD Bonnieburns Bubblegum At Carriegame

PGB (15 Entries) Abs: 5

1st: MITCHELL Afinmore Ardmore

Chocolate bitch of nearly four years. Clean outline, giving a strong appearance to this bitch, but nothing overdone. Good proportions to head with correct colour eyes. Strong in neck, well laid back shoulders, correct front with matching rear quarters. Strong over loins, with level top-line and her otter tail coming straight off her back. 2nd: MCLELLAN Saranden Rock Your Baby

Preferred the type of winner to his exhibit but could not deny that it was nicely put together giving a good example of the breed. Not as clean in profile as winner.

3rd: BEAN Celtwood Rose Quartz


LB (18 Entries) Abs: 4


Very nice class with quality exhibits running right through, difficult decisions, on another day places could easily change.

1st: PLATT Newhorizons Special Edition R.C.C.

A black bitch I have judged before as a puppy, who I did well. Liked her then and still do, at nearly fours years of age. Very stylish, with balance to her head, being hyper critical could be a little softer. However, when standing still portrayed a lovely outline, good reach of neck, well laid back shoulders, good front and matching angulated rear quarters. Good spring of rib, short coupled, strong over loins, level top-line. Good double coat, typical otter tail. Moved true. Happy to award her the R.C.C.

2nd: CARPANINI Carpenny Portia

Quality black bitch, unfortunate to meet winner today. Did have the best of heads, feminine, with kind expression. Well constructed throughout.

3rd: MILLS Lembas Go Gentle JW

OB (19 Entries) Abs: 10

1st: COODE Warringah's Gurley JW C.C. and Best of Breed.

A black bitch of nearly 5 years who you have to go over to appreciate the quality this dog has. Nothing is overdone about her. Very typical of the breed, steady and unassuming. Lovely in profile, in good condition, carrying the correct amount of weight, well muscled. Excels in front assembly. Level top-line, short coupled, otter tail steadily wagging. Head of good size and proportions with the most gentle of expressions and true to type. Moved at a correct pace to show off herself off to advantage. Pleased to award her the CC and Best of Breed.

2nd: HODGE’s Naiken Alize

A well presented lovely coloured chocolate bitch of nearly 5 years. Unfortunate to meet winner today. Strongish bitch, well bodied and muscled. Nicely proportioned, moved positively around the ring.

3rd: O'BRIEN Maxfield Maybelline JW

Class 1990 VB (3 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: BEAN Naiken Celtic Jeweler At Celtwood

10 years young, rich chocolate, who was giving away three years to her fellow competitors. Nicely proportioned head with good eye colour. Well laid back shoulders with good front angulation and forechest. Well boned. Good bend of stifle with well let down hocks. Although a little heavy over the shoulders, won the class on movement over the other two younger exhibits.

2nd:MACLEAN Afinmore Alexandrova

Didn’t think she was on top form today, but still a worthy second.

3rd: WILMSHURST Mandamay Beyonce Sh.CM

Judge Wendy Manning (Overmarsh)